Strings of love Starlife update Friday 15 December 2023

Strings of love 15 December 2023: Ajith asks Santosh about Seerat and asks her to bring Seerat out as everyone are waiting for her to visit gurudwara for wedding. Taiji informs that both Seerat and Keerat are not at home. Ajith asks what is happening. Santosh says Keerat called and informed that they both are together. Taiji asks him to calm down as they wil return soon. Ajith says they should go out and keep the guests busy in talks. Santosh agrees and walks out with him. Sahiba thanks Seerat for visiting Brar mansion and revealing truth in front of everyone.

Seerat says she may face dire consequences for revealing truth. Sahiba says nothing wrong will happen and asks whom she is marrying. Seerat says Karan. Sahiba asks her school friend Karan? Seerat says let her face the face this time. Sahiba says she supported truth, so nothing wrong will happen to her. Seerat hears horn sound and walks out. She notices Garry standing wiping his blood and tells him that he had left her once and today is in a same situation.

Garry says there is a difference between them as she is a middle-class girl from Shimlapuri and he is Garry Baweja. Seerat taunts that his family kicked him out today, so they are same. She walks away leaving him fuming.

Angad breaks down recalling Garry’s betrayal and breaks his, Garry, and Veer’s photo frame. Sahiba walks to him and asks him to be careful. Angad says she must be happy that she is proven right and would like taunt him that his most trusted brother backstabbed him. Sahiba says she can understand his pain as even her sister had backstabbed him similarly. Angad says he had asked her to leave the house if she can’t proves Garry wrong, now she doesn’t have to leave the house. Sahiba asks him not to punish himself.

Angad holds Sahiba’s hand, pushes her out of his room, and asks her to leave. He then continues to cry recalling the quality moments spent with Garry and Veer. Manveer walks in. Angad without noticing her shouts to leave him alone. Manveer asks how can she and comforts him.

Guests ask Ajith to call the bride. Ajith says they should visit gurudwara and starts wedding rituals till Seerat reaches there. Neighbors taunt if Seerat eloped again. Santosh says no. Neighbors ask where is Seerat then. Seerat walks in and says she is here. Ajith asks where was she and where is Keerat. Seerat says she sent Keerat to gurudwara to cancel the wedding. Santosh and Ajith stand shocked. Seerat tells Karan that he is really good and decided to hold her hand when everyone rejected her, she can’t ruin her life and hence will not marry her.

Sahiba carries her bags to Akaal’s room and asks if he called her. Akaal says she broke everyone’s heart today. Sahiba says sorry. Akaal asks her not to say sorry as she just exposed truth, Garry backstabbed them and ruined Seerat’s life, he ruined their dignity. Japjyoth says she and Akaal wanted to keep their family united, but their biggest fear came true and their family is shattering, etc. Sahiba informs them that she wants to leave Brar mansion forever. They are shocked and ask if they did anyting wrong. Sahiba says they gave her the most respect in this house and is thankful to them, but she can’t stay here. She walks out. Angad stops her and says she can’t go. Akaal asks Angad to stop Sahiba at any cost.

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