Jhanak starlife update Tuesday 28 May 2024

Jhanak 28 may 2024: The Episode starts with Vinayak defending Jhanak and Urvashi. Shrishti asks him to stop it. She gets angry on Jhanak. She says Urvashi had prepared Jhanak to do this. Nani says I will deal with them my way.

Arshi wishes Jhanak all the best and goes. Shrishti asks what is Jhanak doing here. Arshi says let her dance. Jhanak walks down the stage. Bharat says good, she knows the stage isn’t for her. Jhanak goes to take blessings from Brij. He smiles and blesses her. Urvashi is at home. She worries.

Tejas says I love Jhanak, I will make her my wife. The man says her mum is defamed. Tejas says so what, I m more defamed than her mum, I will convince her mum, else who will hold her hand, its Arya’s daughter tomorrow, I will get the alliance tomorrow. Jhanak performs on Bumroo song. Rushali says I didn’t know we will find such a talented dancer in Kashmir. Brij thinks I feel like I m seeing Urvashi dancing. Anirudh sees Jhanak’s feet bleeding. The judges also notice this. Everyone claps for Jhanak. Arshi says I didn’t know Jhanak is such a good dancer. Bipasha says she is good, but we know you will get the trophy. Anirudh and everyone praise Jhanak.

Arshi thanks Anirudh for making this possible. He says the credit goes to you. Anirudh says Jhanak won’t get beaten, she danced so well when her foot is hurt, she will dance better when she gets fine. Arshi says you can’t change her life, she has to put efforts, she should understand else things will be same. Urvashi says she might have stayed there. Radha says everyone wants to just scold you. Urvashi says there is another reason, why I didn’t want Jhanak to go there. Brij stops Jhanak on the stage. The lady says we saw your foot bleeding, how did you get hurt. Jhanak says an accident happened. The lady says you might have much pain. Jhanak says no way, when I dance, I go away from this world, I just dance. Everyone claps.

Shrishti thinks Arshi performed better than Jhanak, they didn’t focus on her. Jhanak goes. Rahul says Jhanak will win, she performed well despite the pain, she answers those who insulted her. Vinayak says Jhanak got the talent in her blood. Shrishti says Jhanak can’t get equal to Arshi or me. Vinayak says talent can’t be hidden. Shrishti argues.

Radha consoles Urvashi. Urvashi says I don’t want anyone’s property, it wasn’t my mistake, I couldn’t wipe that stain, I want Jhanak to get a nice guy, I will get her married, she will go away. Tejas asks Jhanak to have coffee. He says your performance was amazing, you are our Kashmir’s pride, I will help you showcase your talent. She refuses to take his help. He says my focus is set, I will marry you. Urvashi says Radha, maybe my bad fate doesn’t let Jhanak get married. Radha asks her the name of the person who cheated her.

Anirudh says we should call Jhanak in cultural meet. Arshi says I got the invite, it will be crossing line, you are thinking to call Jhanak to other city, it will have issues in the family. He says everyone will know about it. She says its not our work to show her the world, our work ends here, we are getting married, we should focus on that. She goes.

Bharat sees Jhanak and taunts. Jhanak thanks Arshi. Arshi says your performance was amazing. Anirudh says everyone liked it, go to a doctor, you can get an infection. Jhanak says it will get fine, pressure is build on foot while dancing.

Arshi says I know, I m also a dancer. Jhanak says sorry, thanks a lot. He says thank me also, I worked hard. She says idea is main thing, all thanks to Arshi. He says fine, go and get the dressing done. She says no, mum was waiting, she might get the news. He says we will talk to her. Arshi says yes, go, take rest. Jhanak goes.

Anirudh asks are you okay, are you angry on me. She says I m fine, I m not angry, why. He says sorry if you felt bad. She says think and speak next time, its my family, I know how to deal with them, end Jhanak’s matter here. She goes. Rahul and friends praise Jhanak. Jhanak says friends again.

He says when did we separate, don’t know who called Tejas here. Jhanak says he has sent food for me, I fed it to the dog, I m not scared of anyone, except my mum. Shrishti says we should invite Brij in Arya’s marriage. Bharat says good idea, we will go to hotel and invite him. Shrishti is called on the stage to announce the winner. Shrishti checks the card. She announces the winners. She says there is a tie in winners, I feel proud to announce the first name, Arshi Mukherjee. She asks the man to announce the other name. The anchor asks how. He says the joint winner is Jhanak Raina. Jhanak gets happy. Everyone claps for Jhanak.

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