Strings of love Starlife update Tuesday 28 May 2024

Strings of love 28 may 2024: Sahiba escapes from Rumi and runs in a jungle. She gets tensed when she finds someone holding her duppata and relaxes seeing it stuck to a tree. She pulls back her dupatta. Dupatta piece gets stuck to the tree.

Angad thanks a man who rescues him from mob. Man says he could get back his earing source/auto because of Angad and asks where to drop him. Angad tracks wrecked plane’s live location asks him to drop him into a nearby jungle and guides him. Rumi searches for Sahiba. Sahiba hides on a tree and cries feeling guilty for not trusting Angad.

Her tears fall on Rumi’s shoulder. Police reaches mob and asks about Angad. Mob informs police that they had caught Angad, but an auto driver took him away saying he will hand over Angad to police. Inspector asks if they noticed auto number and where did they go. Man shows him auto’s name photo and shows him direction. Inspector asks constable to circulate pic and trace that auto.

Auto driver plays FM. RJ plays Jab Tak Jahan Mein Tera Naam Angad remembers Sahiba. Inder and Manveer then speak on FM and tell that their son is innocent and can’t kill anyone. Inder requests Angad to hand over himself to police as truth can’t be hidden and will be out soon. Santosh fumes hearing their announcement and says Manveer is a liar and trying to protec ther son, Angad should be punished for murdering Sahiba.

Auto driver asks Angad if he would like to return home after listening to his parents. Angad asks him to switch off FM as he wants to search for his wife. He notices police following them and asks auto driver to speed up.

Sahiba distracts Rumi and ties him down with a rope. She starts running again. Rumi frees himself and searches for Sahiba again. He says he is coming for her and she can’t hide from him. Auto driver notices police surrounding the auto and asks what to do now. Angad asks him to take a right. Inspector shoots at them, but fails to stop them.

Auto driver stops auto and there is a drain ahead. Angad thanks him for helping him and asks him to escape from there before police catches him. Auto driver wishes him good luck and escapes from there. Police continues to search for Angad. Rumi threatens Sahiba to get back to him or else he will kill her.

Angad reaches Sahiba’s area. Mob notices him and tongue lash him for brutally murdering Sahiba. They catch him and drag him towards Santosh’s house. Angad says he didn’t kill Sahiba. A glass piece pierces into his foot. Sahiba also steps on a stone and falls down. Rumi hears her voice and rushes towards her.

Sahiba falls down while running away from Rumi. Rumi rushes towards her hearing a sound. Sahiba covers herself with dry leaves. Rumi says he did a lot to get her and will not spare her so easily.

He walks away searching for her. Sahiba relaxes. Ajith’s neighbors catch Angad and drag him to Ajith’s house. Santosh cries that she considered him as her son, but he brutally murdered sahiba. Keerat tongue lashes him next for killing Sahiba.

Neighbors beat him up and demand to kill him to avenge Sahiba’s death. They bring weapons and ask Ajith to hit him with a hammer and kill him. Keerat also encourages Ajith to kill Angad. Angad pleads Ajith to let him go and save Sahiba first, he himself will surrender to police after that. Ajith raises hammer to kill Angad but drops it.

Angad asks Ajith why did he spare him. Ajith says he can’t be a monster like him. Mob continues to demand Ajith to kill Angad. Police reaches there.

Inspector Gagan points a gun at him and warns him to surrender himself or else he will shoot him. Angad grips Keerat and threatens to break her head with a hammer if they don’t let him go. Everyone plead Angad to spare Seerat. Angad warns them to let him go or else he will break Keerat’s head. He tells Keerat that Sahiba is alive and he will surrender himself after finding her. She asks if he is sure, where she must be now. He says Rumi is back and he doubts Rumi kidnapped Sahiba. She hopes his doubt is right and helps him escape.

Jaspal, Gurleen, and Jasleen visit Veerat at police station. Gurleen shows her concern for her son. Jaspal says Gurleen overheard him and he couldn’t stop her from coming her. Jasleen tells Veer that his blind trust on Angad got him into jail. Veer says he still blindly trusts Angad and can do anything for him. Sahiba determines to punish Rumi and returns to wrecked plane. She gathers broken glass, sticks, etc, and waits for him. Rumi returns after failing to find her and gets happy seeing her there. He laughs on her and says it’s good she accepted him and returned.

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