Strings of love Starlife update Monday 22 April 2024

Strings of love 22 April 2024: Angad stumbles. Seerat rushes to him and asks if he is feeling drowsy. Angad asks her to leave or else he will vent out his frustration on her. Seerat says he can and says if she had not eloped from wedding, he wouldn’t have married Sahiba and suffered like this.

Angad asks her to stop it. Seerat says she can’t see him like this, it’s not Sahiba’s mistake this time. Angad asks if she is supporting Sahiba. Seerat says he made a mistake of over trusting Sahiba, but she broke his trust; he tried to change for Sahiba, but Sahiba made a joke of his feelings; Sahiba is stubborn since childhood and will not change; Angad has to understand that Sahiba is not made for him; he is wrong if he thinks he will express his feelings to Sahiba and she will understand it.

Angad asks how does she know that he expressed his feelings to Sahiba.Seerat thinks she can’t tell him that she heard his feelings and not Sahiba, says he told Sahiba that he expressed his feelings and she disrespected it; he is a good man who helps others; he helped Sahiba get admission in arts college, but Sahiba dumped him to fullfill her dreams; when Bebe gave responsibility to Sahiba, she wrongly accused Angad and left home as she knows she can’t fulfill her dream if she gets stuck in responsibilities; Sahiba is enjoying hostel while Angad is torturing himself here; his decision may harm others. Angad asks what does she mean.

Seerat says Manveer is not having food and medicine since he left home and her health will deteriorate more if this continues; Sahiba left home and Manveer is worried for Angad and she fears Manveer will take a wrong step. Angad asks her what does she mean. Seerat says Manveer is in deep pain because of Sahiba as she earlier got Simran home and then left Angad and hurt Manveer. She requests him to return home and lessen Manveer’s pain. Angad agrees.

Angad drives towards home with Seerat and feels sleepy. Seerat offers him chocol ate and says he will not feel sleepy. Angad accepts choc. He stops car at a traffic signal. Sahiba crosses signal and drops her bag. She picks her stuff. Angad notices her and gets out of car. Seerat follows him. Sahiba notices them together and stops him from helping her, notices choc on Angad’s lips and asks him to finish choc first and asks Seerat if she didn’t feed him choc properly. Angad helps her even after her refusal. Yaar Bedardeya… song plays in the background. They both stand looking at each other. Signal turns green. Seerat alerts Angad. Sahiba walks away from there. Seerat provokes Angad against Sahiba again and asks him to wait while she helps Sahiba cross the road. Angad follows her.

Sahiba without looking at the traffic coems in front of a speeding car. Angad pulls her away on time. A bike heads towards Seerat. Seerat jumps on Angad. Angad gets sandwiched between Sahiba and Seerat. Sahiba gets angry seeing that. Seerat asks Sahiba to stop her stubbornness and get into car and let them drop her to hostel. Sahiba says she will manage. Angad says it’s late night, he will drop her on Seerat’s request or else he is not interested. Sahiba says he follows Seerat’s orders now. Angad says as Seerat told, she is stubborn and arrogant woman. Sahiba says he made an opinion based on Seerat’s opinion, he should go and listen to only Seerat. Angad gets angry.

Seerat stops him and says let it go as Sahiba won’t understand him. She says it’s better to part ways instead fo carrying a burden of dead relationship. Sahiba walks away from there teary eyed. Seerat leaves with Angad in his car and grins at Sahiba.

Sahiba waits for an auto. Rumi stops his jeep near her. Sahiba gets afraid and runs. He drives jeep behind her. She drops her bag and he crushes it and thinks Sahiba shouldn’t have met Angad and held his hand, why don’t she understand that Angad is unfit for her who gives her pain and she has to forget Angad.

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