Strings of love Starlife update Saturday 20 April 2024

String of love 20 April 2024: Veer tells Atharva that they need to finalize jewelry designs by evening and asks him to select at least a few designs. Angad says he would if there is something good. Veer asks what he wants.

Sahiba sitting in college’s cafeteria recalls quality time spent with Angad. Her friend asks who is attending painting exhibition with her as they need to issue passes. Angad imagines Sahiba who suggests him to select a simple design as simplicity never goes out of fashion. Main Tere Liye Dunya Choddunga.. song plays in the background. He gets out of imagination, recalls Sahiba’s bitter words, and asks Veer to take away simple designs from his sight as simplicity is a biggest lie in this world.

Sahiba also recalls their argument and thinks Angad doesn’t care for her at all. Her friend asks if she shall send passes to Brar mansion. Sahiba says shhe doesn’t stay in that address anymore and asks her to give 2 passes for the time being.

Rumi walks to Sahiba and asks if he can sit with her. Sahiba says she wants to be alone for some time. Rumi says he is just doing his job as professor asked to click artists’ pics, he finished other artists’ pics and needs her pics.

Sahiba says she will send her pic to the professor and sends them from her gallery. He notices her password and imagines wiggling his finges in her hair. Sahiba says she needs to go. He purposefully drops coffee on her mobile and acting as cleaning it backs her mobile, thinks he can’t hack her heart now but hacked her mobile as an initiative. She asks him to return her mobile. He says it looks fine and asks her to unlock check it once. She checks. He asks if he can click her pic now. She asks him to hurry up. He says he will click pics later then. She leaves checking her mobile. He sees her mobile screen on his mobile.

Seerat walks to Angad in style. Pam tells Angad that Seerat wants to try jewelry designs and help him. Photographer says if model is so beautiful, designs will look really pretty. Veer says in Sahiba’s absence, Seerat solved his problem. Angad asks if he thinks he can’t do anything without Sahiba’s help, he doesn’t need anyone’s support. He asks Seerat why did she come here. Seerat says she is sorry to disturb Brar Jeweler’s CEO, she likes modeling and wants to showcase the designs; she knows that until they themselves love their designs and use them, it’s not going to work. She shows matching bracelet with necklace and says it doesn’t need matching earrings.

Veer says Seerat’s idea is nice. Photographer says it looks elegant. Veer asks models to remove their earrings. Seerat says she wants to contribute in family business.

Rumi looks at Sahiba’s mobile screen and thinks he is getting closer to her. Staff informs him that his father Yash is calling him at the dining table. Rumi walks to dining table and notices his favorite dishes. Yash walks to him and says he is happy to see him after a long time and called his son to celebrate his son’s success of getting admission in a London Business school. Rumi calling him by name says he doesn’t want to go to London.

Yash gets his secretary’s message that Rumi didn’t respond to the business school offer and gets angry. He asks why don’t he finish MBA and join family business. Rumi says he wants to learn photography and is not interested in photography, Yash wasn’t present when he needed the most and says he can be his father but never be his papa. Veer thanks Seerat for her help in photo shoot. Seerat thinks Angad is still lost in Sahiba’s thoughts and gets angry whenever Sahiba’s name is mentioned, she needs to do something and get him out of Sahiba’s thoughts.

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