The Rules of Love update Monday 22 April 2024

The rules of love 22 April 2024: Kamna requests that Harsh pledge to her that he will always trust her. Maitree requests that Harsh refrain from doing so. Harsh ignores Maitree and swears on Kamna that he will never suspect her and that if he does, they will only see his dead body.

Nandini queries Maitree about her involvement in the conspiracy. Maitree informs Nandini that she already knows who is with her. Nandini continues to urge Maitree for an answer. Ashish steps forward and claims to have been with Maitree. Ashish accuses Kamna of lying while defending Maitree.Harsh asks Ashish whether he is not embarrassed to promote such lies.

Ashish tells Harsh that Kamna is taking advantage of him. Harsh had Ashish’s collar in his grip. When Ashish notices this, he slaps Harsh for grabbing his collar. Harsh and Ashish are gripping each other’s collars. Both are separated by the Tiwari family.

Nandini asks Ashish not to meddle in other people’s affairs. Maitree tells Ashish that raising his hand at Harsh is inappropriate. Nandini stands up for Ashish. Kamna warns Ashish not to touch Harsh again. Nandini apologises to Kamna on Ashish’s behalf. Sona applauds her family’s entertainment act and comments that if the elder of the house slips away from the house, disregarding his responsibilities, this is what happens to that house. From there, Harsh departs. Nandish appears and informs Maitree that he has returned from school. Maitree requests that Nandish change his clothes.

Kusum requests that Ashish refrain from interfering in Maitree’s family matters in the future. Ashish remains silent. Nandish shows up. Kusum puts Ashish’s hand on Nandish’s head and tells him not to become entangled in Maitree’s problems. Ashish concurs.Maitree calls Harsh, but he does not answer. Maitree begs God to help her solve her situation. Kamna questions Madan about why he didn’t give Ashish a lesson. Madam claims he is not a wrestler and cannot compete with Ashish. Kamna vows to seek justice for herself and her kid.

Harsh is constantly called by Maitree. Harsh is seen returning home. She tries to approach him, but he locks himself in the room. Maitree knocks on the door and asks him to open it. Kamna shows up. She walks outdoors with Maitree. Maitree inquires as to why she brought her outside. Harsh will die without Kamna’s help, according to Kamna. She walks away.

Maitree ponders why no one believes the truth. Sona takes Maitree’s hand in hers and leads her to her room. Sona tells Maitree that she understands her anguish and that she will not let Kamna win by destroying Tiwari’s home. She claims you are correct now and previously, and that my son died as a result of his drug addiction, not because of you. Maitree embraces her. Sona expresses regret to Maitree. She expresses a desire to never see her as a widow again.

Sona encourages Maitree and declares her support for her in the fight against Kamna. Sona instructs Maitree to utilise whatever measures she has at her disposal to win this war. Maitree uses a Mahabharat example. Maitree tells Sona that she is fighting this struggle to save her husband, family, and virtue. Maitree welcomes Sona’s assistance in her fight against Kamna.

Harsh is awakened in the morning by Maitree. Harsh is still tired. Harsh is awakened romantically by Maitree. Harsh awakens and realises he has been dreaming. Harsh remembers what happened and realises that he locked the room from the inside and Maitree stayed out all night.Nandini splatters water on Maitree’s face and mocks her for sleeping the entire night outside her room. Nandini compares Maitree to a garbage can.

She accuses Maitree of being shameless for refusing to leave Tiwari Sadhan. Maitree chastises Nandini and tells her to quiet up. Nandini makes fun of Maitree for ignoring her marital counsel. Harsh pushes open the door. Nandini greets him with a good morning. She requests that Maitree enter the room before it closes. She walks away.

Maitree informs Harsh that she wishes to speak with him about something. Harsh says he needs to talk to her as well. Harsh suggests to Maitree that they keep their distance. According to Maitree, distance in any relationship is bad. Harsh says this room is yours, and I’ll make the necessary arrangements. He goes to change his clothes. Kamna arrives and begins packing Harsh’s luggage. Maitree inquires as to what she is up to. Kamna declares that she will keep them apart forever. Maitree says she won’t be able to accomplish it. Kamna says she can do it and invites Maitree to watch how she does it. Maitree says she trusts Harsh and will explore how she can back up her husband’s trust.

In terror, Sona yells “Fire!” Everyone emerges. Nandini consoles Sona and inquires as to what transpired. Sona signs Maitree and tells Nandini, “She saw a dream where a fire broke out at our place.” According to Madan, this is a negative omen. Sona says she’ll meet with Pandit to find out what the solution is. She requests that Nandini join her to the pooja.

Sona then does Havan puja. Madan and Kamna arrive. Madan inquires as to why she phoned other Pandits while he is at home. Sona comments on it and invites them to join the Havan. Everyone takes part in the Havan. Pandit said there is demonic energy in this location, and I shall reveal who it is after Havan. The Havan puja is finished, and Pandit claims Maitree is a sinner, and everyone at home is sick as a result of her, and Maitree living at their house is unsafe for them. Everyone is taken aback. Maitree advises Sona not to believe Pandit’s remarks. Sona claims she is unlucky, which is why her son died shortly after marrying her. Maitree flees the scene in tears.

Harsh is later seen by Sona. She misbehaves with Maitree and mocks her. She requests that Maitree never enter the kitchen. Harsh has a keen eye for detail. Sona has cleansed the kitchen and has asked her not to enter the kitchen or Puja’s room again. She requests that Nandini not allow Maitree to enter the kitchen. Harsh stands up for Maitree and says she can go wherever she wants.

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