Strings of love Starlife update Monday 18 March 2024

Strings of love 18 march 2024: Sahiba feels sad recalling Manveer’s allegations towards her and Angad blindly believing his mother. Her friend singer Vandana calls her and asks how is she doing.

Sahiba says she is fine. Vandana senses her pain and asks if she had a tiff with Angad. Sahiba says Angad doesn’t understand her. Vandana says she should discuss her feelings openly with Angad. Sahiba thanks her and says along with singing, she can be a love guru and after her marriage, she will sort out her differences with her husband with a sweet song.

Vandana says she will send her new song to listen and give her honest opinion. Sahiba agrees. Nurse informs Sahiba that doctor wants her to be in Simran’s room immediately. Sahiba informs Angad to reach Simran’s room soon.

Whole family visits Simran’s room. Simran condition continues to worsening with her skin turning yellow. Simran cries with pain and asks Sahiba who gave her to kidnappers when she was sleeping in a room. Sahiba and Angad feel sad while Manveer stands undisturbed. Sahiba tries to divert Simran’s attention.

Simran feels more severe pain and tells Inder that she can’t tolerate it. Doctor rushes in and examines Simran. Specialist informs them that Simran’s liver is completely damaged as kidnappers must have given her some strong medicines, so she needs a liver transplant. Brars ask doctors to find a doctor as they are ready to pay any amount. Doctors say they can’t buy a donor and have to wait for long till they find some voluntary donor or else one of the family members have to donate their liver.

Inder says he will donate his liver for his daughter. Doctor asks if he drinks. Inder says he used to till a few days ago, but doesn’t know. Doctor says he can’t donate then. Angad says his liver is unfit for donation. Sahiba says her blood is O positive and she will donate liver. Doctor asks nurse to test Sahiba. Angad says he will donate his liver. Manveer say she will not permit him to risk his life for that girl. Angad says the way Simran was kidnapped from their house, he feels she shouldn’t oppose his decision. Jaspal and Gurleen also agree to donate their liver. Doctor asks to test everyone.

Angad asks Sahiba to not donate her liver as she doesn’t consume food on time and doesn’t take care of herself properly. Sahiba says when he doesn’t consider Simran as his sister and is ready to donate liver, then why can’t he. Nurse takes them all to be ready for the test. Inder walks to Manveer. Manveer asks if he wants to say something. Inder says he doesn’t want to seek anything from her as she already did a lot for simran, he came to speak his heart out as self. Sahiba asks why 2 people need a reason to express their feelings. Angad walks away.

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