The Rules of Love update Sunday 17 March 2024

The rules of love 17 march 2024: Sachin inquires as to what Maitree does with her 50% profit. According to Maitree, I will send you to a good university for further studies. She says she will ask her father to retire.

Ashish arrives and asks if she requires a legal advisor for her company. Dinesh believes Maitree does not require cheaters in her life or company. He inquires as to why he has come. Ashish claims he came to pick up Maitree’s phone. He hands Maitree the phone. He expresses satisfaction that Maitree is progressing. Dinesh says you might not come here very often, so tell us why.

Vasundhara inquires of her brother as to what they are doing in Nandini’s room. According to Vasundhara’s brother, they came to bless Nandini. Vasundhara delegated his work to Dr. Bakshi. Maami requests that Dr. Bakshi be diverted.

Maama attempts to divert Dr. Bakshi’s attention, but Vasundhara stops him and instructs Bakshi to check Nandini’s vitals. Maama becomes concerned that they will be exposed.

According to Ashish, I have one request. Dinesh claims to be aware of your existence. Ashish claims that I am selfish in my family matters, and Vasundhara is willing to go to any length to win custody, so please support the truth. He requests that Maitree support the truth rather than him. Dr. Bakshi pulls out a saline bottle. Vasundhara hides behind the file. Vasundhara’s brother inquires. Dr. Bakshi replaces the saline bottle. Dr. Bakshi requests that Vasundhara not reveal his name or he will lose his licence. The saline bottle is changed by Vasundhara’s brother. Vasundhara assures him that everything is fine. As Doctor becomes concerned, Maami inquires as to what is in the file. Vasundhara believes she is ready for victory and must complete her task.

Dinesh refers to Ashish as a cheater. Vasundhara dials Maitree’s number. Maitree answers the phone and puts it on speaker. Vasundhara requests that Maitree appear in court and give the best testimony possible for Nandini. Dinesh takes the phone from Maitree and tells her that Maitree will not be arriving and hangs up. Sadhna asks Ashish to leave because Maitree isn’t coming and Vasundhara won’t be able to use her against you. Maitree wishes him the best of luck with the case. The ashish leaves.

The following day, the judge orders Vasundhara and Ashish to begin the procedure. Ashish is patiently waiting for Maitree. Maitree arrives with her mother. Dinesh inquires as to why she has come. Sadhna says she’ll walk to the meeting.

Vasundhara tells the judge that the Tiwari family tried to kill her daughter. It’s a lie, according to Ashish. Vasundhara summons Maitree to the witness stand. Vasundhara requests that Maitree inform the court whether Sona caused trauma to her daughter. She makes fun of Sona. Sona sets up a scene. The judge warns Sona to stay away from the courtroom. Sona walks away. Vasundhara claims Sona tried to kill her before and has no idea how she tortured my daughter. Vasundhara requests a yes or no response from Maitree. Ashish requests that the Judge

Ashish inquires of Maitree whether Nandini is content with her marriage. Nandini, according to Maitree, is happy with her marriage and has severed ties with her mother because she did not accept her marriage. Ashish claims Vasundhara is unaware Nandini is pregnant and is staging this drama to exact revenge on him.

Vasundhara questions Maitree ‘about why her friendship with Ashish got broken’. She wonders if it’s because he hid his brother’s drug addiction and forced you to marry Saransh. Maitree nods yes. Vasundhara inquires about Maitree’s upcoming marriage and her life as a widow.

Maitree is upset and departs from there. Vasundhara claims Ashish wants to take my property, which is why he married my daughter and caused her to have an accident. Maitree informs her parents that she will attend the meeting. Ashish requests that Vasundhara refrain from making any further accusations. Maitree tells her father that Vasundhara is using her accusations to trap Ashish. Dinesh claims she is not required to assist him. Maitree insists on assisting Ashish in order to help Nandini and Nandish. She appears in court and informs the judge that she wishes to make her statement.

Vasundhara telling the judge that she can hire the best nanny money can buy to look after Nandish. Maitree questions Vasundhara about the point of Nandish being in her home if he does not receive his grandmother’s love. Ashish takes that as a queue and tells the judge that Vasundhara is not interested in raising this child and that Vasundhara is only interested in winning this case to satisfy her ego. Vasundhara argues with Ashish, reminding him that in his house, only Maitree looks after Nandish, not them.

Vasundhara takes Nandish to court and tells the judge that they cannot separate a child from his mother. Maitree notices the child sobbing. Maitree takes the child away from Vasundhara and comforts him. The judge, seeing this, decides that Maitree will look after Nandish and asks Maitree to decide in whose house she will look after Nandish. The judge adjourns the court for 5 minutes to allow Maitree to make a decision.

Dinesh and Sadhana chastise Maitree for failing to inform the judge that she is unable to care for the child. Vasundhara appears and issues an ultimatum to Maitree, stating that one wrong decision.

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