Strings of love Starlife Sunday 17 march 2024

Strings of love 17 march 2024: Manveer prays god to get well Simran soon. Sahiba says she felt good seeing Manveer’s concern for Simran. Manveer says she is not stone hearted like Sahiba thinks.

Sahiba suggests her to accept her mistake in front of family and tell them that she just wanted to send Simran from the house, but never intended to harm her. Manveer is shocked to see Angad hearing their conversation and shouts at Sahiba how dare she is to wrongly accuse her and asks Angad if he heard what his wife said.

Angad shouts he knows she has differences with his mother, but how dare she is to accuse his mother of kidnapping Simran. Sahiba says he should listen to her once before coming to the conclusion. Manveer continues to yell at Sahiba and walks away. Angad refuses to listen to Sahiba and asks her to leave from there. Sahiba says she will not until Simran’s reports come. Seerat interferes and says they both always have issues. Angad warns her not to interfere between them.

Angad gets inspector’s call who informs him that he got kidnapper’s call records and found multiple calls from his family member. Angad asks who is it. Inspector sends call records. Angad is shocked to see Manveer’s number. He walks towards Manveer ignoring family and tells her that he wants to talk to her in private. He takes her to a waiting room where Sahiba is sitting. Sahiba tries to leave. Angad holds her hand and asks her to wait. He asks Manveer how can she think of harming a small kid. Manveer yells if he trusts his wife more than his mother. Angad says he got a call from inspector that her number is found in kidnapper’s all record. Sahiba says she traced kidnapper via an alternate number found in Manveer’s mobile.

Manveer victimizes herself and justifies her act saying she is in deep mental trauma after Inder betrayed him for another woman, accepted his illegitimate daughter and showered the love on her which he never showered on Angad. She describes how Inder had chosen her and Angad over his mistress and was leading a normal life when Sahiba brought Simran into their house and spoilt everything. She accuses Sahiba for ruining their lives and describes all the incidents where the suffered because of Sahiba. Angad stands silent. Sahiba questions him that he also thinks all their problems are because of her. Angad says he is in a dilemma whether to support his wife or mother.

Manveer says he is comparing her to his wife and thinks his wife is right. She walks away yelling. Sahiba questions Angad if he ever thought how she feels when they all blame her for their problems without her mistakes.

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