Strings of love Starlife update Tuesday 19 March 2024

Strings of love 19 march 2024: Inder tells Manveer that she is the only person whom he can speak as himself, he was a failure in her eyes and after failing to protect his daughter, he is a failure in his own eyes.

He breaks down on her lap and asks if Simran would get well soon. Sahiba watches it with Angad and questions Angad why do circumstances have to get worse for 2 people to reconcile their relationship. Angad stands silent.

Doctor calls Brar family to her cabin and informs them that Inder can’t donate his liver to Simran due to alcoholism, Gurleeen and Jaspal’s blood groups don’t match, only is a match but can’t donate as she is anemic and may face complications. Sahiba insists. Angad says she can’t be a donor due to her medical condition. He asks doctor to put Simran’s name in a donee list. Inder asks what will they do now, it’s difficult to find a liver donor.

Veer and Keerat visit Simran and inform Angad and Sahiba that they have sent their blood sample for testing and are ready to donate liver to Simran. Keerat breaks down recalling her first meeting with Simran. Veer comforts her. Doctor calls back Brars and informs them that a patient named Samar got a cadaver donor today and his operation is today. She says Sameer was waiting for a donor since 2 years. Angad says they can also wait for a some more time. Doctor says Simran’s condition is very critical and each passing day is crucial for her. Sahiba asks if they can convince Sameer to postpone his surgery till the next donor is found and let Simran get the transplant. Doctor says usually people don’t agree when it’s a question of themselves and their family members, but they can try.

Angad and Sahiba visit Sameer. Sameer’s wife identifies them as Brar jeweler’s owner Angad and wife Sahiba. Angad and Sahiba request them to postpone Sameer’s surgery for a few days and let Simran get surgery today as her condition is very critical and she has only a few hours left. Couple agrees after much persuasion. Sahiba and Angad return to family and inform that Sameer and his wife agreed to postpone surgery for a few more days, so they can have Simran’s surgery today. Nurse informs them that the couple changed their mind and doesn’t want to postpone the surgery.

Sahiba and Angad reach Sameer’s wife and ask why they changed their mind. Wife informs that they agreed as a humanitarian cause, but a lady named Manveer tried to offer them money and hence they don’t want to help now. Doctor walks in and says they have made mockery out of organ donation, law can forgive them as they are worried fore their dear one, but Manveer’s act is illegal. They plead doctor to forgive Manveer and let Simran’s surgery happen. Doctor refuses to listen and asks them to leave.

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