Strings of love Starlife update Friday 8 March 2024

Strings of love 8 march 2024: Inder asks Sahiba if she remembers Manveer’s conditions that he can’t reveal anyone that he is Simran’s father and can’t have any contacts with Simran. He says Simran will feel about when she learns about it.

Sahiba says Simran will feel her father is a coward and hence is trying to run away with her. Inder says he is not a coward. Sahiba says if he really cares for Simran, he will not think of escaping from here and instead let Simran live a dignified life with family; he will hurt even Manveer and Angad because of his act. Inder agrees to stay back.

Sahiba then returns to her room and sees Angad feeding water to Simran. She tells him that she wants to talk to him. Angad asks if it’s regarding Simran. Sahiba asks why can’t Simran be known by Inder’s name and why can’t she stay with them. Angad says looking at the present situation at home and Manveer’s condition, he doesn’t want to talk about it. Sahiba asks doesn’t he think Simran should get her father’s love, but fears Inder may take a wrong step out of frustration. Angad says he already took wrong steps.

Sahiba informs him Inder’s decision of leaving Ludhiana with Simran and she convinced him to drop his plan somehow. Angad says let him go if he wants to, it may get peace n Manveer’s life, he doesn’t care.

Next morning, Japjyoth and Gurleen get ready and walk to living room. They are surprised to see the decoration. Jasleen makes party arrangement to welcome Kiara. Japjyoth asks Jasleen why didn’t she inform her that Kiara is coming. Jasleen says the incident after which Kiara left for London, she feels family hasn’t forgiven Kiara yet; she wants to welcome Kiara home with daughter’s day celebration.

Japjyoth wishes her happy daughter’s day and says everyone makes mistakes, that doesn’t mean Kiara is not a daughter of this house. She wishes happy daughter’s day to other females. Sahiba walks in and is surprised to learn that Kiara is coming. Jasleen asks her to enjoy the decoration now itself as she doesn’t want her to stay here when Kiara comes. Sahiba asks why can’t she welcome Kiara. Jasleen says she doesn’t want Simran to be around when Kiara comes here. Sahiba asks what is Simran’s mistake in it. Jasleen says she doesn’t know all that and doesn’t want the celebration spoilt because of Simran. Sahiba says Jasleen doesn’t have any right to badmouth about Simran as she is also a Brar.

Jasleen says when Inder himself refused to give his name to Simran, then Sahiba also shouldn’t bother. Inder gets angry hearing that. Simran walks to Inder and feels excited seeing the arrangements. She asks who is Kiara. Inder says she is Jasleen’s daughter, her elder cousin. Jasleen yells at Simran and warns her not to attend party as only Brars are allowed in it. Simran asks why can’t she. Jasleen yells at her not to argue and go away. Sahiba takes Simran to kitchen to prepare cup cake. Kiara walks in. Jasleen and whole family welcome her. Kiara asks about Sahiba. Jasleen asks her to forget Sahiba. Kiara says he can’t forget what Sahiba did to her and goes to kitchen to meet Sahiba. Sahiba happily hugs and welcomes her. Kiara describes how she is ready to start afresh with Sahiba’s help and thanks her. Simran greets her. Kiara asks who is she. Sahiba hesitates to introduce Simran. Simran asks Kiara if she can attend her party. Kiara agrees. Sahiba tries to stop her and keep her busy in cooking. Simran walks out to party.


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