Radha Mohan Zee world update Friday 8 March 2024

Radha Mohan 8 March 2024: Mohan starts calling Radha while standing outside the cold storage, along with Ketki and Ajeet. Radha is not able to hear, while Mohan exclaims he has come to find her so she should give him some sign. Mohan requests Bihari jee to not give such a severe punishment for his crimes and tell him where is Radha, Mohan not being able to control himself starts crying.

Radha after getting a bit warm falls asleep beside the fire.

Kadambari is really worried thinking Mohan ahs also not come back, and he is not answering her call nor calling him back so she cannot understand what is going on. Gungun asks why is her Dadi so worried because Mohan promised he will bring back Radha so he will always fulfill his promise, Kadambari replies she is worried wondering why has Mohan not been able to find Radha till now, Gungun replies she once asked Radha how would she stay here when no one loves her including Mohan, Ketki bua and Dadi but Radha said that she loves everyone, and said even if all the doors close there is still the option left to pray to Bihari jee, and now everyone loves her including Ketki bua who has even gone to search for her. Gungun asks Kadambari to also pray with her, they both hold their hands together to pray to Bihari jee.

Radha while sleeping unknowingly pushes her arm towards the fire, which is covered in the card board covering, Radha after waking up is shocked to realize that her hand is on fire, she stands up screaming trying to remove it, she starts screaming for help while trying to push the card board and even calls the name of Mohan jee.

Mohan feels as if Radha has called him, he turns back in shock thinking she is around here, meanwhile Radha in the cold storage is asking someone to help her vowing to never lose hope since she ahs to live for her husband and daughter. Radha prays to Bihari jee to show her some way with which she can escape. Mohan starts calling the name of Radha, Ketki explains they have searched for Radha everywhere but have not been able to find her, Mohan informs he has felt Radha and knows she is in a very big trouble. Ketki agrees explaining they must find Radha very soon.

Ketki informs there is just one way so Mohan agrees to use any means, Ajeet replies he knows that Mohan is not informing the police because they might lose the case but there is no other option left. Mohan accepts that they must inform the police since it is necessary to save Radha, mentioning if both Radha and Mohan are together then no one would be able to snatch Gungun from them, Tulsi thinks if Mohan is feeling Radha will be around here somewhere then she will surely be here, Tulsi wonders where could she search for Radha.

Mohan while running rushes to sit in his car along with Ajeet and Ketki, they start driving away while Radha is asking for help, she keeps calling the name of Mohan who suddenly stops the car, Ketki asks Mohan what has happened, he replies it feels as if Radha has called him for help. Mohan once again gets out of his car shouting the name of Radha to find her, Tulsi gets suspicious thinking why is Mohan constantly feeling that Radha is around here.

Radha in the cold storage tries to stop the fire by pushing her hand against the shelf, Mohan while running to save Radha falls and at the same time Radha also falls in the cold storage. Ketki and Ajeet both run to help him stand up, meanwhile Radha tries to raise her hand. Mohan explains Radha called his name and needs his help, Ajeet however informs Radha is not here but Mohan while getting emotional explains Radha is here and has called him for help, Ketki says she would have also heard Radha screaming if she was here, Ajeet requests Mohan to stay calm explaining they have to inform the police as they are losing time, Ketki explains they are going to lose precious time.

Radha while lying on the floor starts reciting the Mantar after which she is rolling to try and end the fire, she is doing her best when she hits the shelf due to which the ice cube tray falls over her. Mohan after opening the door of the cold storage hears the sound of something falling, he asks if Ketki and Ajeet also heard the sound, he is shocked.

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