Faltu Starlife update Friday 8 March 2024

Faltu 8 march 2024: The Episode starts with Faltu recalling Ruhaan’s words and crying. She thinks of Ayaan. She says everything will get fine, where is Ayaan, where shall I find him. Ayaan and everyone worry for Faltu. Doctor comes.

Ayaan says sorry, I couldn’t get the money, I had arranged it, but few goons robbed it, please don’t stop the operation. Doctor says relax, we are starting the operation, don’t worry. Govind says we didn’t deposit the money. Doctor says I know, but we got an order from management, your efforts worked. They get glad. Ayaan asks how did this happen suddenly. Faltu comes and hugs Ayaan.

She asks how did you get hurt. He says I was so worried for you, I arranged money, some goons attacked me and robbed the money, my phone also fell there, sorry, I had to come empty handed, doctor said we can return money later, and operation has started, but how did this happen. She recalls Ruhaan’s words and lies to him. Ayaan hugs Savita. Govind says we should go and have food. They all go.

Ayaan says you didn’t tell me where did you go. Faltu says I went for a walk. He hugs her and says sorry, I didn’t expect this would happen, I m thinking if Sid and Tanu helped us. She says no, doctor would have told us if they did this. Ayaan says you told me about that man’s offer if you leave cricket, did you accept that offer. She says no, go and ask the doctor, trust me, I didn’t deposit any money.

He says I would have never forgiven you if you accepted that offer, because your dream is my dream also, really sorry, I should be happy, but I feel scared. She asks him to go and have food. He goes. She cries. Kanika sees Tanu dressed up in plain clothes. She asks what’s this new drama. Tanu says I want to repent for my deeds and purify my thoughts, maybe everyone will forgive me. Faltu gets Ruhaan’s call and thanks him. He says great, we will meet after the operation completes. She says I will come. He says you have to convince Ayaan and Janardhan to work in JM mart, so that you pay the money and also rent for the house. He threatens her. Servants talk about Tanu.

Doctor says Janardhan and Dadi’s operations were successful. Ayaan thanks him. Doctor says you can meet them soon, take care of their diet, keep them happy. Kinshuk says Ruhaan didn’t give us the house forever, where will we take them. Ayaan says we should go and thank the MD sir, we will tell that we will return the money soon. Tanu gives the aarti to Kanika. Kanika says you don’t need to do this. Tanu says its needed, I want everyone to forgive me. Ayaan thanks MD ad says we will pay the money soon. MD says don’t worry about the money, you can pay it anytime you want, don’t tell this to anyone, else other patients will also expect the same. Ayaan and Faltu leave. MD informs Ruhaan about Ayaan.

Ruhaan asks manager to get details about state selections. Manager asks how will Shanaya play. Ruhaan says just do as I say, I will handle this, I will fulfil Shanaya’s dream and ruin Janardhan. Shanaya comes and hugs him. She says I have to talk to you. He says your pic will come in newspaper and your dream will fulfil. She asks really, but how will this happen. He says I have planned everything.


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