Strings of love Starlife update Thursday 7 March 2024

Strings of love 7 march 2024: Seerat walks to Sahiba’s institute and taunts her that the world is selfish and one they trust the most betray them often. She introduces to the examiner as Sahiba’s elder sister Seerat. Examiner asks if she said those lines for Sahiba’s husband.

Seerat says she heard it in a movie and thought of sharing it among the artists here. Examiner tells Sahiba that she can make Seerat’s portrait and walks away. Sahiba asks Seerat why did she come here when she hates her studies. Seerat says dear ones always come to the rescue in trouble, she knows Angad will not come and hence she came to support her. Sahiba sees Angad coming and feels happy.

Seerat says she got so happy seeing her. Sahiba she felt happy seeing her but not this much. Angad walks to them, leaving Seerat jealous, and asks if he is late. Sahiba says he came at the right time. Angad asks Seerat what is she doing here. Seerat says since he didn’t want to come, she came here.

Sahiba’s classmates introduce themselves to Angad and praise him. Examiner says at last he came on time and suggests him to keep his wife happy if he wants to be happy and tells Sahiba that she has 2 subjects now.

Angad says Sahiba should choose Seerat as she came first. Sahiba says she wrote his name on invitation card. Classmate suggests her to choose Angad. Sahiba asks Seerat to make a way for Angad. Seerat stands up fuming. Sahiba starts making Angad’s portrait and asks Seerat to move aside as she is blocking light on Angad. Seerat sits on a bench fuming. Sahiba tells Angad that she thought he wouldn’t come. Angad says he had to. She smears paint on her her nose while drawing portrait. Angad cleans it and says she acts like a kid sometimes. A romantic song plays in the background. Sahiba measures his face and makes portrait. Seerat walks away from there fuming.

Doctor tests Manveer and says she is absolutely fine now. Jasleen congratulates Manveer. Manveer says Jasleen must be jealous now. Hansraj with Prabjyoth walks in and says they are worried or Manveer though and finished her given task and brought boarding school form for Simran. Inder takes form. Jasleen says Simran will shift to boarding school once Inder signs the form as Simran’s father. Sahiba completes Angad’s portrait. Examiner says it has many emotions in it and asks her to explain. Sahiba explains Angad’s different moods, his kind heartedness, etc. Exmainer feels impressed and says they both have a good bonding. Manveer says Simran’s form will have only her mother’s name in it and father’s name blank. She acts ill and starts emotional blackmail. Akaal forces Inder to accept Manveer’s condition. Sahiba and Angad return home and hear their conversation. After some time, Inder meets Sahiba and informs her that he will leave Ludhiana with Simran as he can’t see his daughter being called an orphan and she hating him.

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