Strings of love Starlife update Friday 2 February 2024

Strings of love 2 February 2024: Jasleen says she has seen the world, but never saw someone saying sorry with so much attitude. Sahiba says there was no attitude in her sorry but truth and she is not ashamed to apologize her elder sister.

Akaal shouts enough enough and says Japjyoth let’s go from here. Police forcefully walks in. Akaal asks what are they doing here at this time and asks Angad to call police commissioner. Lady inspector says he can call anyone he likes. Akaal asks who is she. She introduces herself and asks constables to protect Sahiba.

Inder walks down and asks what is happening. Inspector says they came to arrest Akaal on Sahiba’s complaint of domestic violence. Angad shouts at Sahiba how can she file a false complaint against Akaal. Sahiba says she didn’t file any complaint. Inspector says she need not worry. Jasleen accuses Sahiba followed by others. Veer says Sahiba can never file such a complaint. Inder checks arrest warrant and says it looks genuine. Angad asks Sahiba what she wants to say now. Sahiba says she really doesn’t know about it.

Inspector shows handcuffs and says she is arresting Akaal in a domestic violence case. Angad stops her. Inspector warns him that she will arrest even him for interference. Akaal says he is in deep shock seeing Sahiba’s accusation towards him just for stopping her. Sahiba says she never filed a complaint and requests inspector not to arrest Akaal. Angad says it’s a false case and his lawyer will speak to her, but lawyer doesn’t pick his call. He sends Veer to go and bring their lawyer. Seerat asks Sahiba if she is not ashamed to stoop so low and tries to slap her. Constable stops her and warns her of dire consequences.

Inspector arrests Akaal and takes him away. Angad with Inder and Hansraj rushes behind police jeep. Japjyoth collapses. Gurleen informs them that Japjyoth collaped. Inder asks Angad to go to police station while he checks on Japjyoth.

Family continues to accuse Sahiba and verbally abuse her. Inder warns Sahiba that he will not let her attack his family and challenges that he will get Akaal out of police station within 24 hours and kick out Sahiba out of this house.

Sahiba decides to visit police station and solve this issue. Seerat tries to stop her. Sahiba says even god can’t stop her now and heads towards police station. At police station, Angad tells inspector that she should be lenient to Akaal as he is a senior citizen. Inspector asks if Akaal didn’t think about his age when he physically and verbally abused his DIL. Angad assures Akaal that he will get him out soon. Lawyer reaches there. Angad says its a false case. Lawyer checks FIR and says Sahiba Kaur Monga has filed complaint. Sahiba enters and says its her and she didn’t file any complaint and never visited this police station before . Inspector says she was nervous even when she had visited police station and shows her signatures on FIR. She asks Sahiba’s ID card and matches signatures.

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