Radha Mohan Zeeworld update Sunday 4 February 2024

Radha Mohan 4 February 2024: Mohan mentions this means he was right to suspect her because he knew she had done something wrong but what did Damini think would happen, because she thought he would feel bad after she accepts the truth, Mohan mentions she should not think he would show any sympathy because he had always supported her and refused to believe Radha, he asks if she remembers the vow which he gave her, he says he gave her all the rights of a wife even when they are not married but she still deceived her. Mohan asks if Damini knows how much his mother loves her, since her childhood but she sent his mother to jail and was even about to take the life of Radha so what is the reason.

Kaveri angrily exclaims it is enough while calling to Mohan, she says that he has his relations only think of their own benefits. Radha is tensed when Kaveri exclaims, they turn wherever they see the benefits. Kaveri exclaims he is happy because his mother is free, but her daughter is still locked up, and if he is truly the right person then should free her daughter from jail, Radha is shocked to hear it. Kaveri then goes to Kadambari saying that her niece Damini is locked up in jail, Kaveri asks if this is what Kadambari thinks and she should do something.

Kadambari also exclaims it is all right because wrong deeds only lead to jail, Kadambari explains Damini tried to take the life of Radha so now law is going to decide what will happen. The inspector explains she needs some signatures on the papers after which they can leave with Kadambari devi. Mohan asks Maa to take Radha home since they both need to rest, Shekar also mentions he told Ajeet and Gungun to go back home. Kaveri asks Mohan to at least give her phone as they are all leaving her.

Kadambari asks Radha if she can wait for a moment as she is going to come back, Kadambari goes to stand in front of Damini.

Radha asks if Tulsi is here then should give her a signal since she wants to talk about something important, Tulsi causes the lights to flicker when Radha asks how Damini can accept defeat so easily and she cannot understand anything, Tulsi exclaims even she doesn’t know what is happening because they can neither trust Damini nor her mother, she wonders what is going on in their minds today.

Kadambari tells Radha she is jus going to come back, she walks over to the jail cell when Radha wonders how Damini can accept defeat so easily or is this another plan, Tulsi also wonders what is going on in their heads. Kadambari explains that the desire to attain someone should not be so great that they lose everything, she explains Damini has done a lot for Mohan and even threatened her, Damini recalls the night when she threatened to kill herself if Kadambari does not throw Radha out of the house and she even vowed to die in the Agni on her wedding day. Kadambari says then his Mohan refused to accept his marriage with Radha and gave her all the rights of being his wife but she is still here because of her actions, Kadambari exclaims Damini has done all this to get Mohan but she has today lost everything
and now she would not be able to get even his shadow, she exclaims they are right to say that those who do wrong suffer, she mentions that she said a lot of bad things to Radha but she came here without worrying for her own health while Damini did not do anything as she was being arrested, Kadambari smiles saying they are right to say that one gets what they do, it all happened for the right cause as she finally understood who is her own and who is the stranger, Damini is really furious but does not utter even a single word, Kadambari turns to walk away but stops at Kaveri and she once again turns back asking if Kaveri is still with her daughter and was a part of this plan,

Kaveri hesitantly turns to Kadambari calling her Kadu but she angrily says her name is Kadambari devi, Kaveri once again says she has not done anything wrong but Kadambari explains the police is going to decide it, she informs she is going back home so is Kaveri going to come or stay with her daughter, Kaveri exclaims she knows that Kadambari does not trust her daughter and thinks Damini is wrong but she knows her daughter is innocent so Kadambari should go back while she will stay with her daughter since she is the mother, Kadambari replies Kaveri can do whatever she desires before angrily walking out, she turns to Radha asking if they should go back, Radha thinks that she knows this has not ended and she is surely making a plan but she cannot understand what it is.

Kaveri rushes to Damini asking what has she done because their plans were just related to the house and company however would they be able to protect themselves and what if her plan would not be able to complete, she asks if Damini is sure this plan would work when Damini explains Maa should wait to see that her plan would surely be successful as both Mohan and Kadambari are going to throw Radha out of the house and come back to take her back. Kaveri prays that Bhagwan should listen to the prayers of this widow.

Kadambari enters the house with Radha, she signals her to enter and Ketki also rushes to hug Maa asking how is she feeling, Kadambari inform that she is fine, Mr Trivedi holding her hand explains he was sure nothing is going to happen to her because when she has done nothing wrong then how can they arrest her.

Ketki also asks Radha if she is fine, Gungun explains she got really scared when Radha vomited blood but why did she eat it, Radha replies that Mohan jee would have eaten it if she did not do it. Kadambari explains Radha has surely prove to be the wife of Mohan, Rahul whispers what if he gets trapped because of Damini and Kaveri, Ajeet asks what he is saying. Rahul then goes to Kadambari explaining he was worried if Kadambari stays in jail, but she replies how can she be locked up when she is innocent.

Mr Trivedi explains Shekar informed him what happened at the police station but he is not able to understand how it happened, Ketki explains that Damini can kill their entire family is she desired, Kadambari says that anything which Gungun says would happen, Gungun starts smiling saying that Radha says those who do evil get the same in return but she is sure that now she would live happily with Radha and Mohan. Gungun starts smiling asking everyone to come as they start dancing around Kadambari and Radha, she thinks Damini cannot accept defeat so easily, she is not able to accept it.

Radha is sitting with Gungun so asks what happened, Gungun explains she got really scared when Radha was in the hospital after thinking she will also leave her like her mother, Radha says she would surely stay with Gungun and even Tulsi jee had her way then would not have left Gungun forever, she feels that Tulsi jee is still around her with her motherly love.

Gungun sitting up asks even then what if something happened to her, Radha says she had promised Gungun to always stay by her side, Radha explains Gungun should sit up as she would feed her the good, Radha explains she will always stay with her to correct her room and even tell her what is wrong and right, she explains she would even stay with her when Gungun grows up and studies and even when Radha gets married and has her own children.

Ketki kneeling down explains that not everyone like so special as Gungun, she asks if Kadambari Dadi did not feed her with her own hands, Ketki explains she is talking about Misses Chatterjee, they both do not know about it, Ketki explains she is talking about a movie in which the Norway government took away the children for more then six hundred days, Radha getting shocked asks then what happened when Ketki explains she fought her case with the help of the Indian government, Radha asks why do these people not understand because by feeding the children with her own hands is a way of showing love to the children, Radha exclaims she would not be able to live even a day without her Gungun and what if someone takes her away, Radha shuns the thought when Gungun explains even she wants to see it, Ketki informs they all would see it together as it is releasing on seventeen march.

Mohan is in the police station when the inspector explains they have fulfilled all the formalities and would present Damini to the court on Monday.

Damini stops Mohan when he asks if she has any other poison which she wants to give to him, as he is not interested in anything she has to say, Damini says that someone who does not trust has does not have the right to blame her, Mohan explains he is never going to trust anything which she says but then Damini explains he is going to believe his eyes, she calls Kaveri who shows Mohan the video of Ketki when she was in the kitchen with Maa and Radha secretly ran away from the kitchen. Mohan turning asks why Damini showed him the video earlier, she replies she never had any proof to prove her innocence but is showing him this now as he would understand who the real culprit is. Mohan is furious.

Radha is very tensed in the room so calls Tulsi explaining she cannot believe that Damini has so easily accepted defeat, Tulsi informs even she cannot understand how Damini was ready to ruin her own, Radha leans against the bed when she finally realizes that she had managed to take out the papers from the safe, Radha thinks that it is not just a coincidence that Damini mixed poison in the kheer and she took the papers, she realizes Damini tried killing her so she does not find those papers, Radha is sure she would find the answer in those papers that are related to her death, Tulsi agrees with Radha who explains she needs her help because those papers are in English and Tulsi knows how difficult it is for her to read it, Tulsi agrees to help her understand when Radha quickly sits down to open the trunk, she starts searching for those papers however is not able to fin anything there, she getting shocked wonders where did those papers go, Tulsi is also worried. Radha thinks Damini might have found out she has attained those papers which is why she stole them, Radha is sure Damini would plan something really big, she is very tensed when Mohan starts yelling her name demanding that she should come out, Radha thinks this means Damini has played her game so she agrees to come.

Kadambari asks why Mohan is so furious, Radha also asks what has happened when Mohan explains that Damini had not mixed poison in the Kheer, but it was Radha, the entire family is shocked hearing it. Tulsi questions what is he saying, Kadambari is even shocked and Radha asks what is he saying, Mohan says there is no need to act so innocent because he has the proof of her crimes, Kadambari questions what is the proof when Mohan turns on the video which Ketki made in the kitchen, they are shocked to see that Radha is hiding in the cupboard and trying her best to pick the cap of the bottle.

Mohan says it was all a very big drama, he mentions she managed to create a perfect script as she first blamed Damini and then drank it to indicate both Damini and his mother, Rahul starts smiling. Mohan mentions they all thought she is really nice, but Radha made such a nice plan that even he was deceived. Radha says she aahs not done anything of the sort but Kadambari asks then what was she doing in the kitchen and why was she hiding, Radha is not able to say anything, thinking she was hiding to steal the keys, Radha thinks she cannot tell the truth because then Maa jee would get really hurt and no one is going to believe her, she thinks she does not even have the papers to prove the truth. Kadambari demands that Radha should tell the truth.

Radha is quiet when Mohan asks what she was doing with the poison, because she blamed Damini due to it but what was the cap doing with Radha, the entire family starts smiling when Radha explains it is not as it seems, he says he is not thinking but believing what he can see and he knows she is just lying. Rahul says Radha is really clever because she was making a fool of them by showing the cap but they should ask her where she is keeping the bottle, Radha says she has not mixed the poison and neither has any idea about the bottle, saying when the cap fell from Damini then she would have the bottle. Rahul says he is going to check the kitchen, but Mohan stops him saying the person who can drink poison to blame other people would never leave the proof in the kitchen, he says they should go and check the room. Radha says they both can surely go to check the room, Tulsi explains she knows Radha is innocent and has not done anything wrong.

Mohan and Rahul enter the room where they are searching for the bottle, Mohan sees that the trunk is open so starts removing the clothes from it when the bottle comes over to him from under the bed, he says to Rahul that he explained Radha has become really clever and she was trying to hide the proof.

Rahul smiles thinking when Kaveri asked if he got the bottle and she demanded that he should hide it in the room of Radha, when he suspected that Damini had done it however Kaveri informed Radha made the plan but she has not left any proof, so he has to prove it was Radha. Rahul agreed to do anything for his mother.

Radha is standing when Mohan comes explaining this is the poof for her crimes, Radha is shocked seeing the bottle and not even able to move from her location, the entire Trivedi family is also stunned by it, Tulsi says that Damini and Kaveri would have surely put the bottle in her room. Mohan says that because of Radha his mother was sent to jail, he exclaims now her game has ended, he demands that she should come with her but stops seeing Gungun standing in front of them.

Gungun walks over to Mohan asking where is he taking Radha since she is not well, Mohan mentions he knows Gungun really loves Radha but sometimes they tend to love those people who donot deserve their love and no matter how much they stand by those people, they only tend to do wrong things. Mohan asks fi Gungun knows what Radha did today, Gungun says she drank the poison and was about to go to her mother but she came back after so many prayers and now Mohan is throwing her out of the house. Mohan explains Radha mixed the poison in the Kheer and then blamed both Maa and Damini after drinking it. He says Gungun knows he always sides with the truth so is now telling her that Damini is truthful while Radha is a liar. Gungun refuses to accept it saying that Radha can never be a liar and why would she trap Dadi or Damini.

Gungun explains it is the habit of Damini to trap other people, Mohan says he is going to show her the proof, he rushes to bring the mobile and plays the video, Gungun takes the mobile in her hands and can see that Radha is hiding in the wardrobe. Gungun places the phone on the table before going inside, Mohan explains even she understood the truth of Radha so now she must take back her complain as only then would the police release Radha. Gungun coming explains it would never happen, Mohan turns when Gungun once again says Radha can never do anything of the sort, she walks to Mohan asking him if he remembers what is she holding, Mohan mentions it is the photo of Tulsi. He asks what is Gungun trying to say with it, Gungun says she wants to clarify who is right or wrong.

Gungun asks if he remembers that Damini broke this frame and then blamed it on her, Mohan remembers that day when Damini mentioned Gungun got angry just as she took the name of Mohan and it even caused the photo of Tulsi to break, Gungun explains it was the opposite of what Damini was saying, as she broke the frame. Mohan ask what is she trying to say, Gungun explains Radha trusted her at that moment that she can never break the photo of her own mother so now today she is trusting that Radha can never do anything of the sort. The entire Trivedi family is stunned, Gungun explains it cannot be seen in the video that Radha mixed the poison as this is the trick of Damini because she is a liar and tends to make such evil plans just to trap Radha. Mohan turning to Radha questions what magic has she done on Gungun because she always supports Radha no matter the mistake which she makes, but this time he promises to not leave the side of Damini, Mohan demands Radha should take back her complaint but Radha refuses to take back the complaint, Mohan is furious while Radha seems adamant.

Mohan demands that Radha should come with him to the police station and take back her complaint, Radha refuses to take back the complaint explaining that Damini is in the jail because she has committed a crime and wants to once again trap her after showing this video, Radha goes to Kadambari asking if she thinks that she can do anything of the sort, and get her arrested but Kadambari turns away.

Rahul exclaims Radha can send the entire family to jail if she has her way and then live alone in this house, Ketki explains she always tries to trust Radha however she keeps on reminding her of the true face. Mohan asks what the cap was doing in her hand if Damini is lying and why was she hiding in the kitchen, Gungun asks why they all are talking to Radha like this since she is not lying but Damini is the liar.

Radha runs to Gungun explaining even this child can see the entire truth but why are they not able to see it. Mohan replies because she does not know the difference between what is right and wrong and she loves Radha but he hates her, Radha says this is why he does not see anything good in her, Radha explains he can hate her but even then she is not going to take back the complaint, Mohan explains she has to take back it, he demands she should come with her but Radha is just standing there,

Mohan is shocked but Radha explains that No means No, Damini is bearing the price of her sins and she is not going to protect her, Mohan claims to stand by what is right then she is just going to defend herself today because she is right, no matter if anyone stands by her side. Tulsi explains she and Gungun are always standing by Radha but there is no need to take back the complaint against Damini. Mohan says she must take back the complaint otherwise, Radha replies he can do whatever he desires but even then, her decision will not change.

Kadambari angrily orders that Radha has to take back the complaint, Radha going to her asks why she should take back the complaint when Damini tried to take her life, and even sent Kadambari to jail while causing immense problem to the family, so Damini should stay in the jail. Kadambari exclaims if Damini should stay in the jail then it is wrong for Radha to stay in this house, Tulsi questions what is she saying because Damini is wrong and should remain locked up in jail,

Radha agrees to Kadambari, holding her hands explains she is like her mother and if this is what she desires than Radha says she would leave this house, she would be relieved that the biggest enemy of Gungun, Mohan jee and this family is locked up in jail so she would accept that her work in this house has been completed and she managed to protect her family. Radha explains she can leave the house but cannot take back the complaint. Kadambari is shocked along with the entire family, Radha explains she must not think wrong because she is just doing it for Mohan jee and the entire family.

Radha turns back when Mohan stops her asking what did she say that she is doing this all for him, she accepts when Mohan once again angrily asks what did she say that she has done it all for him, Radha gets scared saying she is doing this all for him and this family, Mohan is furious while the rest of the family is not able to understand anything, Mohan takes off the blet from Rahul’s waist, they all are shocked wondering what is he going to do as he pulls it off, Mohan twists it around his wrist, Radha is shocked as Mohan walks in front of her, Radha is shocked, Kadambari questions what is he doing. Tulsi also warns him to not touch Radha, Gungun also starts crying requesting him to not touch Radha, she stands in front of Gungun, explaining she has a lot of respect for him so he should not even do anything due to which he has to let go of this while she stops respecting him because if he does not anything of the sort then she would be forced to reply. Mohan says that the guilty should be punished, Kadambari once again calls Mohan.

He explains everything is happening because of him so he should be punished, he starts hitting himself with the belt when Kadambari along with everyone request him to stop but he doesn’t listen, Tulsi also questions if he has lost his mind however Mohan does not stop at all. Kadambari noticing Gungun once again requests him to stop, she hugs Gungun but Mohan does not stop, he explains Radha came into this house because of him, she remembers the day when she entered the house. Mohan says Maa wanted to oust her but he brought her back into this house, Mohan keeps hitting himself explaining that when she was blamed for being a thief he stood by her side, and he trusted when everyone kept warning him.

Radha questions why he is hurting himself but he does not listen to anyone. Explaining he allowed her to be a part of his life and that of Gungun and even vowed to take responsibility of her life while even thought of her as his Bhagwan. Mohan is still beating himself when Radha requests him to stop but he makes everyone swear to not interfere, Radha takes the belt questioning why is he hurting himself, he demands she should let go of the belt but he angrily pulls the belt while he keeps hitting himself, Ajeet explains it is wrong when Mohan explains he should stand by the truth and the liar should be punished because he is the one who is wrong.

Mohan explains he brought her into this house and allowed this marriage, because of which his mother went to jail while Damini is still locked up in the cell, so he should die. Radha runs to hug Mohan; he finally stops beating himself. Radha agrees they both should die together if this is what he desires, they all are shocked.

Radha asks him to keep beating, Kadambari is also crying when Radha demands that he should start beating but Mohan pushes her away, she sits in front of him agreeing to do what he asks her to do but he should stop, she explains there is no need to hurt himself and she makes him swear on Bihari jee. Radha agrees to take back the complaint

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