Strings of love update Thursday 10 August 2023

Strings of love 10 August 2023: Sahiba tells Angad that needs 2 party passes instead of money for her art work. Angad says why would he let her enter his house. Sahiba asks him to bring his house walls here then. Angad continues his arrogance. Sahiba leaves murmuring he is really an ATM/arrogant. Nikka requests Angad to agree, but Angad saays he will give whatever money she asks and convince her. Brar family anxiously waits for Angad to return with artist. Javjot tells Jaspal that Akal is very angry and Angad doesn’t bring artist no time, Akal would be more angry. Inder says Angad is just running like a visionless horse on Akal’s order and Akal just knows to make everyone dance on his tunes. Jovjot asks him to stop badmouting about his father.

Sahiba’s assistant asks her if she really doesn’t need money. Sahiba says she needs passes for Santosh and Seerat. Reporters throng outside Brar mansion speculating if paat and senior Brars’ anniversary party will not happen this time. Akal questions Gurleen who spread the news in media. Jasleen says must be servants or Angad gave an official statement. Darji leaves. Jasleen tries to manipulate Jaspal against Angad, but Jaspal gives her a befitting reply and says he knows she is trying to promote her son Garry.

Angad and Nikka reach home with Sahiba. Jaspal asks where is the artist. Nikka shows Jasleen. They take her to their paat room. Family follows in. Jasleen and her team ask Angad if he brought a roadside artist to make an artpiece. Kiara tries to humiliate Sahiba. Sahiba gives them all a befitting reply and shuts their mouth. Akal asks her to go ahead with her work. Jasleen evaluates the site and images what she wants to do. She uses materials around and starts preparing artwork.
Garry tells Jasleen that Angad brought a cheap artist to humiliate himself. Jasleen says one’s loss is another’s opportunity.

Akal hears that and asks if she wants to promote her talentless son. Garry asks him to give him a chance to prove himself. Akal asks him to gather whole family at poolside to find out who leaked the info. Garry gets tensed. Akal then walks to his room and apologizes Javjot for failing to gift her desired gift. Javjot says he is more important to her than his gift. Nikka jovially sings Ranjha Ranjaha.. song. Javjot asks Akal to cheer up listening to his grandson’s song. Akal smiles. Sahiba completes her artwork and informs Nikka that she completed art work.

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