Prisoners of Love Season One Final episode teasers

Yesterday’s episode left fans feeling on edge as the drama seems to be nearing its climax. Why? Centauro’s wife has captured both Yolanda and Christina and we can be sure that their lives are one minute from ending if Gerardo or Centauro do not catch up to them fast.

By a stroke of luck and sheer bravery, Gerardo creeps unto the roof of Emilio and records incriminating conversation between him and Centauro, but that victory is short lived as Christina calls Centauro informing him of her kidnap by his son and wife and of the death of one of his trusted men.

She describes her whereabouts to him and luckily for her, he is well aware of the location. That episode ends with him asking Emilio to call for back up, murder  his wife contacts and pacify the Presidential Candidate’s secretary while he goes on to take of his betraying wife and son.

Prisoners of love final episode summary
Yolanda Acosta

Fast forward to the final showdown, which by the way ends in a cliff hanger…

EL Centauro will discover that Duarte is alive and has been in co-hot with Vicente and Tania; he is informed of this development by Sargado. And through Sargado manipulations he will discover where Duarte and Bianchini are, he goes on with his men to attack and capture them, a shoot-out will ensue between them and will lead to Bianchini getting shot. He will however be found and rescued by Aguilar and taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

Emilio has discovered that Duarte has a recording of him and he would chase it down to the shanty house they live in, there he would find his boyfriend tied up and Lucho and Gato watching guard. In a frantic search for the USB containing the recording, he would threaten Gato with a gun causing Lucho to surrender the phone to him. But in a final attempt to kill the boys, his boyfriend who had miraculously untied himself would wade in and in the tussle gets shot to death.

Emilio would later shoot the landlady and flee when he hears the police catching up on him.

la querida del centauro telemundo
Yolanda and Centauro

Centauro discovers he was betrayed by all those he trusted and housed (Yolanda, Christina, Tania and Vicente).

Through series of action and rescue mission, Cesar is free from the wharehouse by Christina and then goes to confront his father. He is however killed by two of Centauro’s men immediately after he aims a gun at his father, and in revenge Centauro kills the two men who shot at his son. (Blood is indeed thicker).

Along the line, Emilio calls him to warn him of a police chase leading right to his ranch but Centauro is more concerned with getting his revenge on the one who had betrayed him the most – Yolanda. He discovers that they had escaped during the time he had been distracted and he immediately goes to hunt them down.

During a shoot-out, Christina gets shot on the leg, after which Centauro captures them all (Tania, Yolanda and Christina). But as he was about to kill Yolanda, Gerardo shoots him instead. Centauro is therefore injured, captured and taken into police custody finally!

Later we find out that one of the policemen reveals his face to be Emilio, Centauro’s illegitimate son.

This makes us know that El Centauro is most likely to escape with his son along the way; he would most definitely come back for revenge on Yolanda and Gerardo and there is definitely a Season 2 of Prisoners of love to look forward to.

So, do you think Yolanda will finally have her happy ending? We’d be finding out in season 2. Click the link below to find out what happens in season two

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