what are the quantico team up to?

For lovers of action and adrenaline rushing thrillers, there is another reason to smile as Quantico season 3 is set to premiere on April 26 by 10pm on ABC.

As a gear up to that comeback, Alex Parish (Priyanka Chopra) shared some pictures on her Instagram page to show how busy the Quantico recruits have been.

Well, obviously having fun right? 

The trailer to the show reveals that Alex Parish life which had hithero being idyllic at a quiet village in Italy  would be disrupted by a need to yet again solve a conspiracy (Doesn’t it always?)

Not a new development  of courses since this has been the main theme of the show since its inception. But this time around, there is a time jump of three years and we would probably be treated to events that occurred between the time jump, Quantico style.

Except for a few cast that had left the show in its second season, other main players are reprising their role and ready to keep viewers on their seat through a blend of action, drama and love triangles. In all, we can’t wait for the show to begin!

So, who is/are your favourite characters?




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