Prisoners of love Season 2 (Telemundo series) spoilers and teasers.

Believe it or not, Prisoners of love does have a season two. But of course this should be expected based on the cliff hanger that ended season one. While everyone was busy jubilating about the capture and arrest of the great Centauro, he had luck waiting for him.

We all rejoiced over the thought that Yolanda Acousta could now finally breathe easy and live a normal life with Gerardo and her daughter; and that Gerardo had finally lived up to his quest to revenge his brother and wife’s killing not knowing what we had in store.

But did we rejoice too early? Yes of course we did. While El Centauro was already feeling defeated and pained over the betrayal of his wife, son and mistress, in addition to the bullet wounds and the long prison sentence awaiting him, his illegitimate son Emilio had his escape plan all sorted out.

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At the episode finale of prisoners of love, Emilio had managed to infiltrate the police and taken up the identity of one of them, even managed to get their assistance. Coincidentally, he was already waiting in the van that was to take El Centauro to his life sentence, but ironically, it was to his freedom.

 Sandra Echeverría starts in prisoners of love 2

Sandra Echeverría as Ana Velazco the new main cast in prisoners of love 2


  • Revenge: el Centauro would make it his life purpose to hunt down and exact his revenge on people who thought they could bring him down. Most especially Yolanda Acousta and Gerardo.
  • Betrayal: according to an article I stumbled upon; Emilio would later gang up with another main character (Ana) to betray his father EL Centauro. He would probably become greedy and detest the stuck up attitude with which Bernardicto runs his business. But whichever way, I can’t wait to see how that plays out. *anticipation*
  • Mental disorder: sadly but Yolanda Acousta would suffer mental breakdown, amnesia and post-traumatic stress after she learns of El Centauro escape and ploy to end her life for good. She would therefore be in constant fear, trying to evade el Centauro and his men till the final showdown where it all climax.
  • Longer episode: yeah! This means more action and drama for the fans because unlike the first season with only 51 episodes, prisoners of love season 2 has whopping 90 episodes.

  • New allegiance. Ana played by Sandra Echeverría would also form alliance with the enemies of Centauro starting from Gerardo to Emilio and others that would follow. And yeah, Gerardo would have sexual intimacy with the new girl Ana Velazco! And I can’t wait to see how that ends.
  • Tragedy: expect a tragic end and death of two of the main characters of the series. But notwithstanding, there are also going to be births. Ana would give birth to a son and Christina, Yolanda’s daughter, would give birth to a daughter who she would name after her mother.

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And in conclusion…

We await Telemundo Africa to bring back our darling Prisoners of Love season 2 to our screen and hopefully on the same time slot (8pm WAT and 9pm (CAT). Fortunately, the chances of that happening seem optimistic since they had successfully run two seasons of Woman of Steel and currently running the third. Who’s to say it would happen with prisoners of love?

Watch this space for when the show returns and tell us who your favourite characters are.

 Prisoners of love season two is back! But starting in August. Click to see the casts for the show.   


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