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Dua tells the family that I will tell them everything about Gazal.. Dua is about to expose her but Gazal tells Hina that just don’t be angry with Dua anymore. Hina says but I am. Gazal says Dua did everything for her brother only. Hina says Altaf deserved all that. Dua says its not about Altaf..

Gazal hugs her and says I know you had to choose between your brother and your friend. I have forgiven Altaf because he saved the family’s honor. She holds Ruhaan’s hands and says I can’t thank you enough for fighting for my honor. Dua says I will tell the truth. Hina asks her to end it, lets’s close this matter. Haider says she is right, let’s just end this matter. He takes Dua from there. Dadi says this Gazal is very smart.

Ruhaan thanks Dua and says I don’t think I did anything wrong by beating up that Altaf. Dua says you should be thankful you are safe, why did you go and beat him up? Ruhaan says because I.. Dua says you can tell me anything. Ruhaan says because he tried to molest Gazal and I can’t bear that because.. I love her a lot. Dua is shocked and says you are joking right? Ruhaan says no, I love Gazal as much as Haider loves you. Dua says no.. you can’t love her, she is not right. Ruhaan says what do you mean? Dua says she doesn’t love you. Ruhaan says who told you that she doesn’t love me? Dua says Gazal told me that she doesn’t love you. She thinks I am sorry for lying. Ruhaan says that can’t be true. Dua says she told me that and you should forget about her.

I know what’s good for you and Gazal is not. Ruhaan recalls his moments with Gazal and says I will go and clarify with her. Dua says no, please promise to not talk to her as she might leave the house which won’t be good for Hina. Ruhaan says this is destroying me. Dua says if you talk to her then this family will destroy, promise me that you won’t talk to Gazal about this. Ruhaan promises her. Dua thanks him so he leaves. Dua says this Gazal has trapped Ruhaan too, I should talk to Haider.

Dua comes to Haider and says I have to talk to you about Gazal, she told me herself that she provoked Altaf. Haider says you started again? don’t go on Altaf’s words, he is taking advantage of your innocence, why would Gazal put her character in danger? Dua says because she doesn’t want to get married and leave this house.

Haider says what? Dua says you can ask Dadi too. Haider says I know Dadi doesn’t like Gazal, I don’t want to talk about this anymore, he leaves. Dua says he is not even listening to me, I have to gather proof against her first. Gazal hides and hears that, she says you can plan all you want but soon Haider will be mine. Dadi comes there and says soon you will be out of the house, what are you doing here at this time? Gazal leaves from there.

Gazal tells Gulnaz that Dua and Dadi are clever. Gulnaz says Dua won’t be silent now, you have to be careful. Gazal says no one can throw me out of the house, no one is going to believe her as my magic has worked on everyone.

In the morning, Dua calls friend Fareen and talks to her. She ends the call, Kaynaat comes there and says if she is here then go and meet her. Dua says she is my childhood friend and we don’t need to meet to keep our friendship fresh. She promotes another show.

Dua tells Dadi that we have to gather proof against Gazal for everyone to believe us. Dadi says we should pull Ruhaan in the plan, Dua thinks I can’t tell her that he has feelings for her. Dua says we have to make some proof against her. Dadi says what will you do? Dua says we have to twist our ways. She calls someone there and Dadi is surprised to see Altaf. She says you? what will he do? Dua says I have a plan, she tells them both. Dadi says this is a good plan. Dua says we will start from tomorrow. Dua promises Altaf to not harm Gazal, he promises her. Dua thinks Gazal’s time will end now.

All family members sit down to have breakfast. Dua tells Hina that after praying, I realized whatever I was saying yesterday was so wrong. Gazal is confused. Dua tells Hina that I can’t say sorry enough but can you please forgive me? Hina smiles and hugs her. Hina says you realized about your mistake so that’s enough, she hints at Gazal. Dua goes to her and hugs her. All smile. Dua tells Gazal that I am sorry, what happened with you was wrong. Gazal nods. She whispers to Gulnaz that she is plotting something. Gulnaz says this is dangerous. Dua hints at Dadi. Dadi says wow.. Dua has cooked such delicious food. All laugh. Dua thinks she is busy in food instead of starting the plan. Dua puts food in her plate and hints at her. Dadi eats more food and starts screaming, she says I have a stomach ache.. I have to go. Rahat and Hina take her to the hospital.

Gulnaz tells Gazal that I don’t know what Dua is up to but I have to go now.

Haider smiles and tells Dua that he is lucky to have her as his wife. He kisses her cheek and says I was thinking to spend more time with you today.. I was thinking to take an off but I have an important client coming. Dua thinks he has to go for my plan to work. She says you should go and maybe you can take Ruhaan with you as he is feeling down.. maybe you can take Kaynaat and Noor with you? Haider says you can come too. Dua says I have a lot of work, I will come some other day. Haider calls Ruhaan and asks him to go with him. Ruhaan says I am not in the mood. Haider says don’t you want to spend time with your brother? Ruhaan says okay I will come with you. They both leave. Dua calls Mumtaz and asks her to go out to watch a movie. She thanks her and leaves.

Altaf comes to Dua’s house. She says Gazal is alone so everything is in your hands now. He nods and goes in the house. Dua says I don’t want to do all this but I have to expose Gazal. She turns off the house lights. Gazal comes in the kitchen and calls for Mumtaz. She says there is not even a candle here. She calls out to Dua and Mumtaz but no one is around. She feels someone’s presence and is scared. Altaf comes there and says how are you? Gazal is shocked to see him.

Dadi is in the car with Rahat and Hina. She says I am feeling okay now so take me back home. Rahat says no, you have to get checked first.

Gazal screams for help but Altaf says there is no one around, you did what you had to so its my time. He grabs him and says you blamed me for molesting you right? Gazal says are you crazy? Altaf says I didn’t molest you that day but I will do it today.. I got blamed so I might as well do it. Gazal says don’t do this, she tries to run but he grabs her and says you lied about me molesting you right? why? Gazal screams and says yes I lied about you.. you didn’t molest me but I lied as I didn’t want to marry you, I am sorry.. the lights turn on suddenly and Gazal is shocked to see whole family standing there. Dadi says I told you all that this girl is a liar. She blamed an innocent Altaf. Ruhaan says how coul you stoop this low Gazal? Rahat asks why did you lie? Dadi says Dua was right but no one listened to her.

Haider glares at her. Gazal rushes to him and hugs him, she says thank God you all came as this Altaf was molesting me. Haider pushes her away and says enough.. we all heard the truth from you only. Gazal says I said all that to protect my honor. Hina grabs her and slaps her hard. All are shocked.

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