Anupama starlife update Sunday 28 April 2024

Leela gives Anupama’s bangle back. Anupama asks Leela what she is doing. Anuj convinced Leela to keep the bangles. He says that since Anupama earns, she will get the new bangles. Anuj refuses to take the bangles back. Anupama makes Leela wear the bangles. Leela says every rich man is not rich by heart. She wishes Anuj and Anupama would stay together always.

Anuj asks Anupama if she is tired. Anupama says she doesn’t get tired. Anuj asks Anupama why she lies. He further notices that Anupama’s hands are swollen. Anuj helps Anupama. Malti spots Anupama. She gets angry at Anupama for turning Anuj into her servant. Malti quotes Anupama as being only loyal to the Shahs. Back to reality: Malti decides to hit Anupama slowly. Ankush demands tea. Anupama decides to prepare. Malti Devi brings the tea.

Anupama asks Malti why she prepared. Malti says there is no shame in serving the family. Anupama and Anuj drink the tea. Malti Malti says no one is loyal to the ex the way Anupama is. Anupama says she has spent 26 years with the Shahs; thus, she is attached. She says the Shah house is now her maternal house too. Anupama says Anuj understands her relationship with the Shahs. Malti sits irked. Anuj and Anupama discuss the old age home. Malti thinks she feels Anupama wants to send her to the old age home.

Leela prepares sweets. Hasmuk helps Leela. He asks Leela what is bothering her. Leela says she has a problem with Titu. Hasmuk asks Leela what problem she has. Leela expresses that she doesn’t want society to question her because of Dimple. Hasmuk asks Leela to stop overthinking.

Pakhi sees Dimple and Kavya’s picture. Adhik tries to console Pakhi. Pakhi replies rudely. Adhik says they can go for surrogacy or adoption. Pakhi says she wants her baby. Adhik tries to convince Anu by giving Anu’s example. He says no one can say that Anuj and Anupama are not her parents. Pakhi says she is not Anupama. Anupama overhears Adhik and Pakhi’s conversation. She tries to make Pakhi understand. Pakhi asks Anupama to stop her fake concern. She quotes that at least Malti understands her.

Malti spends time with Anu. She asks Anu if she would like to be around her. Anu nods. Malti decides to make her place in the Kapadia house. Anupama remembers Pakhi’s words. She tries to understand Malti’s intention. Malti cooks for the Kapadias. Anupama indirectly taunts Malti.

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