Ring Of Fire Update Wednesday 7 April 2021

Ring Of Fire 7 April 2021: Baiju serves breakfast to family. Daadi stumbles. Baiju helps her and says he respects daadi to the core and cannot see her like this. Daadi says she was fasting. Baiju insists to have food. Daadi says she will if he accepts Vishu’s part of half property which Vidhvan wants to transfer in his name. Baiju says how can he accept sahab’s propery.

Anurag asks not to call Vidhvan was papa. Vidhvan says he is doing father’s duty and gives property papers to sign. Baiju signs them and smirks at Shristi. Shristi is shocked seeing property going into evil Baiju’s name. She runs to her room and cries. Baiju enters with food for her and closing door tortures her verbally and physically by strangulating her throat. She coughs. Ragini enters to call them for ritual. Baiju acts as worried and gives water to Shristi.B Baijuand Shristi walk down. Ragini with whole family explains them of finding ring in mild bowl ritual. Baiju acts and says he already accepted defeat and wants madam to win. Anruag encourages him to participate and win while Ragini suppports Shristi. Shristi hold ring. Baiju snatches it from her and thanks Anurag for his support. Shristi says Baiju must have cheated.

Ragini returns to her room and sees missed calls again. She picks calls and worried rushes out. Anurag stops her and asks where she is going. She says her friend needs her. He says she can go, but should return soon as he has planned a lot for their evening. She agrees and leaves.Shristi returns to her room and cries thinking Baiju will divide house. Baiju returns, tortures her and leaves. Shristi walks to Baiju’s mother/amma’s room to inform about Baiju’s heinous act.

Shristi walks into Baiju’s Amma’s room. Amma gifts her bangles and other gifts. Shristi says Baiju has not changed at all and slapped her. Amma is shocked and asks if she slapped her soft rosy cheek with his powerful hand. Shristi nods yes. Amma calls Baiju and scolds him how dare he is to slap Shristi, then changes toneand asks how can he without her. Shristi stands shocked. Amma says not to be surprised, it was her and Baiju’s plan and explains how Baiju insists to teach Shristi a lesson.

Amma reminds Shristi is a lawyer and he has to handle situation diplomatically and marry Shristi, then they both will punish Shristi. She continues that once school teacher hit Baiji with stick and was not able to even walk. Shristi drops gifts in a shock. Amma warns to keep them and obey them like a slave, else they will divide this house as 50% house is in Baiju’s name.

Ragini returns to her room and sees Anurag’s gift with “to the most beautiful woman of his life” note written on it. He video calls her and asks her to get ready with this sari as she has more surprises awaited for her, he is sending her address.Baiju and his Amma continue torturing Shristi. Revathi walks in and asks what is happening. They get tensed. Seh says she knows Shristi is refusing gift and forces Shristi to accept her MIL’s gift. After sometime, Baiju and ammaa continue their drama. Revathi receives courier and gives it to Baiju. Amma says Baiju ordered red bangles for Shristi as per their village ritual. Shristi tries to leave. Revathi insists her to get bangles. Baiju puts bangles in her forearm and injures it. Amma and Baiju continue their evil deeds.

Ragini meets Shrist. Shristi asks if she did not get ready yet, Anurag has made special arrangements for them. Ragini says she is going. Shristi says they went through so much and now have reunited, they should not part ways again. They chat about past emotionally. Ragini then gets ready and tries to leave. Revathi stops her and asks to prepare dinner. Ragini walks towards kitchen sadly. Revathi laughs and says she was joking, she knows Anurag has made special arrangements for her and asks to go soon. Ragini walks out happily.

Baiju informs Shristi that he has thrown oil on stairs for Revathi to fall down and challenges to save Revathi if she can. Shristi rushes out and seeing Revathi descending stairs stops her and asks not to come down. Revathi says she has to give pooja thali to ammaji. Shristi says there is oil on stairs. Revathi says who will drop oil and walks down. Shristi says she misunderstood. Revathi says she is and walks down laughing.

Ragini walks to hotel and gets happy seeing arrangements made by Anurag. Hotel staff throw flowers on her way and greet her in. Manager gives her bouquet and room keys. She walks towards room. Anurag eagerly waits for her in room. He sees Ragni’s feet from door. Ragini gets a call and runs back. Anurag gets out of room and searches her.

In a room, Baiju tells amma that he read a news of MIL burning her DIL alive. Amma says she wants to try on Shristi. Shristi walks in with kerosene can and locks door. She then throws it on amm and lights match stick. Amma and Baiju panic. Shristi says it is water with kerosene sprinkled in it, she just wanted to see fear on their face. She warns they can torture her, but dare not eye on her family, else she will burn them both alive. She walks out. Dulari walks in and starts her drama seeing kerosene on amma’s clothes and on floor. She asks Baiju to tie his ammaa to cot s she has gone mad. Baiju says amma is fine and dropped kerosene by mistake. Dulari leaves. Ammaa yells whole family is mad. Baiju says he will punish Shristi for her act.

Anurag searches Ragini in hotel and asks manager if Ragini had come. Manager says yes and shows Ragini’s photo. They check CCTV footage where Ragini enters, stops near door, picks phone calls and runs back. Anurag says that means Ragini had come. He calls Shristi and asks if Ragini returned home. She says no. He calls Parag next, who says she did not come even there. Ragini returns with injured hand and says she got stuck in traffic. Anurag gets worried seeing her injured hand. Ragini says her friend met with an accident and it is her blood. Anurag says let us meet her friend then. Ragini says she is fine and surrounded by family members, so he need not worry. He says she must be tired, so let us go home. She says she will stay with him and fulfill all his demands. They enter hotel room and get romantic. Ye Barfani Raatein..song… plays in the background. They consummate their marriage.

Shristi enters her room and sees it decorated with flowers for suhagraat. Baiju enters, locks door and removes his clothes. Shristi wants to stop…Baiju locks door and removes shirt. Shristi warns to stop and stay away from her. He forces on her and says she has to follow her wife’s duty and please him. She resists. He ties her hands and throws her on bed. She resists and pleads to spare her. He asks why should he, she wanted to see fear in his and amma’s eyes, but he is seeing fear in her eyes. He warns her to dare not to frighten amma, else he will show the real picture, this was just trailer. He leaves wearing clothes back.

Next morning, Anurag takes tea and breakfast for Ragini. Ragini draping bedsheet around her on bed with closed eyes hugs pillow thinking it as Misterji. Anurag says he brought toast, fruits, biscuits, etc., for her and recites poem for her. She shies and says she is hungry, let us have English breakfast.Baiju with amma walks back to Shristi’s room. Amma asks him to throw water on her. He throws water on her. Shirsti wakes up shocked. Ammaa yells if she does not want to work and still sleeping. Baiju says madamji is awake and freeing Shristi’s hand asks to touch amma’s feet. Shristi does. Amma says he taught Shristi a lesson. Baiju says she should and says Shristi did 1st mistake by slapping him, 2nd by insulting ammaa, if she does 3rd mistake, she will go to god and herself should apologize god.

Revathi calls panditji to organize Satyanarayan pooja. Baiju writes list. Diya coughs while cleaning pooja utensils. Baiju asks her to rest and cleans utensils. Vidhvan says he will write list. Baiju says he will handle everything. Shristi comes and tells Revathi she needs to talk. Amma asks her to speak here itself. Ragini asks Revathi what is all this. Baiju says Revathi has kept pooja for them. Revathi says for all 4 children. Baiju asks Shristi how is her hand injury, she should go and rest. Revathi asks her to go and tells ammaa that she wants to invite guests for pooja as Shristi and Baiju’s wedding happened in a hurry. Amma says she will invite her friends. Vidhvan says he will call guests.

Baiju takes Shristi to room and says he loves seeing pain on her face and if she informs her family, she will see her family suffering. Shristi warns his fight is with her, so he should keep her family out of it. Baiju asks her to act normal then.Ragini and Anurag return. Dulari taunts them how was their honeymoon suite stay, asks who applies lipstick on neck, pointing at Anurag. Anurag gets nervous. Ragini asks Revathi if she has arranged pooja. Revathi asks yes and asks Anurag to bring pooja items. Anurag reminisces Revathi’s evil tricks and asks Ragini to take list from maa, he will take it from her. Revathi asks if he did not forgive her yet. Anurag tells Ragini he does not want to forgive a mother who tried to separate son and daughter in law. Revathi cries. Dulari consoles her. Anurag walks to his room and throws shows angrily. Ragini tries to console him and asks to get angry on her, but not aonn his mother. Anurag says he will not forgive maa.

Ragini tries to console Anurag and says his mother loves him a lot and he should not get angry on her. Anurag says she does not. Ragini reminds him of their romantic night and asks not to spoil its memories Anurag says that night would not have happened if maa would have succeeded in her evil plan. She asks to forget it. He says his shoulder is pain. She gets worried. He says his whole body and especially his lips are paining a lot, tries to kiss her. She pushes him aside and says she has a lot of work pending and he should get pooja items. He asks what about his pain. She says she will less his pain tonight. He asks to promise. She does and leaves.

Ragini goes to kitchen. Shristi already present there says looking at her glowing skin and smile, her night went really well. Ragini asks what about her night. Shristi says it went well and she is thinking of going to her sasural. She informs Revathi same. Revathi gets emotional and says she considres Baiju as Vishu and will not let her son go away from her. Baiju acts and agrees. He pulls Shristi aside and warns dare not to spoil her mother’s luxuries here and let fool old woman Revathi be in her false world.Ragini’s friend Chitra comes to meet her. Anurag asks how is she, he heard she met with an accident just yesterday. Chitra gets confused. Ragini takes her in and informing her to lie. Chitra says how can she, jijaji will catch her lie easily. Ragini convinces her somehow. Satyanarayan pooja starts. Chitra says she cannot sit on floor as she met with an accident yesterday. Baiju’s amma Vyjayanti’s friends come. Revathi gives them 5000 rs each as shagun. They get mesmerized with wealth and praise Vyjayanti that she is living in luxuries. Shristi watches it and tries to stop. After pooja, Baiju yells at Shristi as usual and says now she will see how will he loot her family. He asks Vyjayanti to give some money to distribute among poor.

Vidhvan gives him money. Anurag aasks Chitra’s mother if she needs any medical help for Chitra. Moth-er says Chitra is fine, he is mistaken. Anurag reminisces Ragini lying.Baiju gambles with his friends. They congratulate him for fooling Shristi’s family and living luxurious life. Baiju bets more money. Shristi enters and scolds him for wasting her family’s money. Freinds provoke Baiju to bet his wife in gambling. He does. Shristi slaps him. Friends laugh on him.Baiju bets Shristi in gambling. Shristi gives him a tight slap and leaves confronting that she stoops so low always. Back home, she does pooja. Baiju returns reminiscing her slap and holding his cheek. Amma sees him and asks if he got bitten by a mosquito, she will get ointment for him. He continues holding his cheek.

Anurag in his room thinks why Ragini lied that Chitra met with an accident when nothing happened to Chitra. Ragini walks in wearing Anurag’s clothes and mimicking him, says his wife is so beautiful and he is not coming to office to spend time with his wife. She asks if her acting was better than him. He says she is looking prettier than him. Their romance starts.Baiju returns to Shristi’s room. Shristi gets tensed thinking what drama he will play now. He takes water from her and silently goes to sleep. She is surprised. Next morning, Baiju packs his bags and walks down. Shristi wakes up nervously seeing him going out and sees clothes missing from cupboard. She runs down to living room.

Dulari says she is so eager to go to her sasural that she did not even get ready. Amma says they are going back home as relatives are waiting to see bahu’s face. Baiju says even Revathi is convinced now. Revathi says Baiju is right, daughter’s real place in her sasural’s home. Ragini emotionally hugs her and says she will miss her. Shristi walks to her room. Baiju says she must be thinking why did not he do any drama, now he will face husband’s love in her sasural. He continues and tris to shake hands. She says she family is waiting for her and goes down.

Revathi and whole family get emotional seeing Shristi ready to go. Shristi meets each family member emotionally. Each deliver their emotional dialogues. Shristi leaves with Baiju and his ammaRagini gets a call from someone and says she will come soon. Anurag hears her, but hides. Ragini thinks if misterji saw her, must be not. She goes down and tells Revathi that she is going to get blouse from tailor and leaves. Anurag thinks he cannot leave Ragini alone in trouble and leaves telling Vidhvan that he is going to bank. Ragini walks on road. Anurag continues following her and clahes with man carrying vegetables. Ragini escapes by then.

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