Ring Of Fire Update Thursday 8 April 2021

Ring Of Fire 8 April 2021: Baiju with his amma takes Shristi to red light area. Shirsti gets tensed seeing weird area and asks what place is this. Baiju says he sold house to help Dulari and bought new house here. He takes her to brothel. Amma meets her pr*stitute friend who asks where was she all these days. She sees Shristi and praises Baiju that he got such a beautiful cut piece, she is so beautiful and will fetch 40 lakhs easily. Shristi pleads Baiju not to sell her. Baiju reminds she slapped him when he was gambling with his friends and said he should not stoop so low, now she should tell how will he get money. Revathi calls him. He says Shristi is fine and is sleeping, he will let her talk once she wakes up.

Shristi snatches mobile, but Revathi disconnects by then. Baiju and amma ask Shristi to earn them a lot of money. Shristi pleads not to do that, but in vain.Anurag plays truth or dare with family. Ragini returns. Revath says she must be tired, so she will serve her food. Ragini says she finished dinner at her friend’s house. Anurag asks how is her friend. Ragini says she is fine. Anurag continues playing truth or dare, and bottle stops at Daaadi. Daadi sings item son. Anurag then stops bottle at Ragini and asks if she hid any secret after they reunited. Ragini says she is tired and sleepy and leaves. Anurag thinks Ragini strengthened his doubt more by walking away. Divya says looks like bhabhi is angry with Bhaiya. Ragini goes and acts as sleeping with lights on. Anurag thinks Ragini cannot sleep in light, she is definitely hiding something, she he will install tracking app in her mobile for her safety.

Brothel lady warns Shristi to stop crying, finish food and get ready tomorrow morning with heavy makeup to entertain her guests and earn her a lot of money. Shristi pleads to spare her, but lady continues yelling at her and leaves. Shristi tries to escape at night, but lady catches her.Next morning, Ragini wakes up and searches her mobile. Anurag returns her mobile and says he needed her charger and kept it her. She says not a problem and leaves lying that she is going to meet her friend Chitra. Anurag thins where ever she goes, he will track her now.

Shristi tries to escape brothel at night, but pimp lady catches her and punishes her. Next morning, lady gives ghungroo to Shristi and asks her to get ready for mujras she is most beautiful woman she got till now in her brothel and earn her a lot of money. Shristi throws ghungroo away. Lady slaps her and says they pray ghungroo. Shristi asks her to beat more and beat herself with lady’s hand. Lady shows her 2 male pimps and says they are very cruel and she will leave Shristi with them if she does not agree.

Anurag follows Ragini who goes to hospital and walks in to a room taking food fro peon. She meets a man and feeds him food. Anurag anxiously waits to see who the man is. Nurse walks in and asks Ragini to give man’s file. Raginni bends to get file. Anurag is shocked to see Abhimanyu. He returns home and thinks if he really saw Shristi with Abhimanyu and reminisces Abhimanyu trying to marry Ragini.Shristi gets ready as pr*stitute/dancer wearing revealing clothes and loud makeup. Baiju walks in and taunts she insulted him and now he insulted her so much and threw her in brothel. Lady says he came at right time and should give a special name to Shristi.

He sees 21 number on her hand and says she will be called 21 hereon and will entertain guests. He sits to see her dance. Shristi resists. Baiju promises Shristi that he will take her back to Vidhvan’s house and repay all money taken from brothel, but for that she has to dance only once. Shristi dances on Zaban pe laga namak ishqa kaa….song. and entertains guest. Guests get mesmerized with her beauty and shower money on her. An oldman puts money garland on Shristi and misbehaves with her, forces her to accompany him. She slaps him and runs away. Lady consoles man and says all this is new to Shristi, she will return to him soon.

Ragin returns home thinking of spending time with Anurag. Anurag asks if she already told truth to him. She stands tensed.Ragini returns home and tries to lure Anurag. Anurag reminisces seeing Ragini with Abhimanyu and part ways. Ragini feels sad and thinks what happened to him. Shristi in brothel reminisces brothel lady Chanda mausi forcing her to wear ghunghroo and dance in front of guest wearing loud makeup, etc. She panics and throws all her jewelry and ghungroo. She then walks to Chanda and says she needs to go to washroom. Chanda yells she can go. Shristi shows ghungroo and says she cannot take it in washroom. Shristi in lieu of keeping ghungroo silenty picks Chanda’s mobile and calls Ragini, but Ragini does not pick call. She calls landline.

Daadi picks call. Baiju wakes up from behind and asks her to speak to old lady and tell where she is, else he will send 2 pimps from brothel and inform Daadi. Shristi pleads not to and tells Daadi that she is fine and was busy in muh dikhayhi, so could not talk to her.Ragini continues trying to lure Anurag and asks him to correct her sari pleats and tie blouse lace.

He does silently. She asks if he will fix earring or she should do it herself. He says as she wishes and walks out. She follows him and asks what wrong did she do, why he is ignoring her. He asks if she trusts him. She says yes. He pushes her from balcony railing and holds her hand, asks why did she hide things from him, why she does not trust him yet.

She says she trusts him the most and tells after she left mantap and went with Anurag, Abhimanyu lost his mental balance and was admitted to mental hospital, doctor suggested her to meet him often, so she meet Abhimanyu. She apologizes him. They reconcile.Shristi cries in her room. A girl informs Chanda is calling her. She goes out. Chanda asks her to sit and pampers her and ask where is her mobile. Shristi sits nervously. Chanda says she is running brothel for 23 years and notices everything. She orders pimp to tatoo a new name on Shristi’s hand. Pimp tattoos Munni on her forearm. Chanda laughs that Shristi’s new name is Munni bai..

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