Ring Of Fire Update Tuesday 6 April 2021

Ring Of Fire 6 April 2021: Ragini takes bridal sari to Shristi’s room and tries to convince her to accept her fate and agree to marry Baiju as he risked his life to protect her often. Baiju walks in and says nobody will force Shristi to marry him, he just protected her from villagers, even if he gets 1000 lives, he cannot compare himself to Shristi, she is much more superior to him, he is a goon and she is a well educated advocate, so he will leave this house right now. Shristi stops him and showing bridal sari says she is ready to marry him.

Anurag and Ragini decorate house for Baiju and Shristi’s wedding. Their romantic nok jhok starts. She points flower at him and says she is target practicing and does not want to forget what Abhimanyu… Anurag stops her and asks not to take Abhimanyu’s name again in life. Ragini says she does not have time other than taking Anurag’s name, why will she take any other person’s name. He gets romantic. She says Daadi is calling and runs away..Aftere sometime, Ragini and Anurag’s romantic song starts. Lahoo muh lagggaya…song plays in the background. Daadi calls them this time really and they part ways nervously.

Baiju and Shristi’s haldi ceremony starts. They both come wearinng beautiful dresses. Surekha asks Revathi to apply haldi on Shristi first. She does followed by other. Dulari and Baiju’s ammaa’s jokergiri start. Whole family applies haldi on her. Baiju stares Shristi while she gets mehandi applied. Their wedding rituals start next. Pandit calls Purshotam and Surekha for kanyadaan. They say Shristi’s real parents Vidhvan and Revathi will do kanyadaan. Rest of wedding rituals complete, and they are pronounced husband and wife.
Shristi and Baiju’s wedding rituals continue. Pandit pronounces them husband wife and asks tot take elder’s blessings. Anurag and Ragini head to their room after Shristi and Baiju’s wedding. Anurag gets romantic with Ragini and holding her from back says tonight that moment will come at last. She asks what moment. He says to spend quality time with her. She says let us speak then and lies on bed. He says he felt so proud of her seeing her fighting for Shristi, he gets jealous of himself, she is so beautiful and lively. Ragini falls asleep. He asks if she heard what he told. She says she looks beautiful when she smiles and falls asleep again. Anurag makes her sleep properly and continues looking at her face.

Shristi waits for Baiju in her room with milk glass. Baiju walks towards Shristi’s room. Dulari stops him and says he considered her as sister, so he should give her gift before entering Bhabhi’s room. He gives his salary and says just today sahab gave it. She says sahab is his FIL now, so he should stop calling Vidhvan badke phupa as sahab. He walks in. Shristi touches his feet as respect and says she respects him more now and kept the thread he tied on her forearm till now. He says even he wants to gift her something in returns and gives her a tight slap. She falls on bed in a shock. He reminds her of slapping him and insulting him. He leans on her and says he wanted to punish her brutally and planned all this. Her slap hit his heart than cheek, so he planned that snake incident with Revathi first, then entered house, and then took her to brothel hotel sending opportunity, rest she knows. He is protecting her from others, but who will protect her from him. He continues revealing his evil plans while she cries sitting near bed.

Next morning, Anurag wakes up and laughs seeing mustache and design he made on Ragini’s face. Ragini asks if he means she is looking beautiful even now. Dulari knocks door. Ragini opens it. Even Dulari laughs. Ragini asks if she is looking bootiphool. Dulari says she should ask her husband and came to invite them for breakfast. Ragini checks herself in mirror and gets angry on Anurag. Anurag continues laughing.

Ragini looks her face into mirror and fumes seeing mustache and flowers drawn on it. She scolds Anurag that he did it and runs behind him to confront. He holds her and says he wanted to talk to her, but she slept, so what could he do. She apologizes. He says tonight will be very special for them. Ragini gets missed calls, but her phone switches off. She keeps it for charging and leaves room.Shristi dreams of Baiju’s betrayal and him torturing her and telling he married her to take revenge and it was all part of his plan. She walks down thinking of Ragini, Anurag and whole family. Baiju serves breakfast to family. Daadi stumbles. Baiju helps her and says he respects daadi to the core and cannot see her like this. Daadi says she was fasting. Baiju insists to have food. Daadi says she will if he accepts Vishu’s part of half property which Vidhvan wants to transfer in his name. Baiju says how can he accept sahab’s propery.

Anurag asks not to call Vidhvan was papa. Vidhvan says he is doing father’s duty and gives property papers to sign. Baiju signs them and smirks at Shristi. Shristi is shocked seeing property going into evil Baiju’s name. She runs to her room and cries. Baiju enters with food for her and closing door tortures her verbally and physically by strangulating her throat. She coughs. Ragini enters to call them for ritual. Baiju acts as worried and gives water to Shristi.B Baijuand Shristi walk down. Ragini with whole family explains them of finding ring in mild bowl ritual. Baiju acts and says he already accepted defeat and wants madam to win. Anruag encourages him to participate and win while Ragini suppports Shristi. Shristi hold ring. Baiju snatches it from her and thanks Anurag for his support. Shristi says Baiju must have cheated.

Ragini returns to her room and sees missed calls again. She picks calls and worried rushes out. Anurag stops her and asks where she is going. She says her friend needs her. He says she can go, but should return soon as he has planned a lot for their evening. She agrees and leaves.Shristi returns to her room and cries thinking Baiju will divide house. Baiju returns, tortures her and leaves. Shristi walks to Baiju’s mother/amma’s room to inform about Baiju’s heinous act.

Shristi walks into Baiju’s Amma’s room. Amma gifts her bangles and other gifts. Shristi says Baiju has not changed at all and slapped her. Amma is shocked and asks if she slapped her soft rosy cheek with his powerful hand. Shristi nods yes. Amma calls Baiju and scolds him how dare he is to slap Shristi, then changes toneand asks how can he without her. Shristi stands shocked. Amma says not to be surprised, it was her and Baiju’s plan and explains how Baiju insists to teach Shristi a lesson. Amma reminds Shristi is a lawyer and he has to handle situation diplomatically and marry Shristi, then they both will punish Shristi. She continues that once school teacher hit Baiji with stick and was not able to even walk. Shristi drops gifts in a shock. Amma warns to keep them and obey them like a slave, else they will divide this house as 50% house is in Baiju’s name.

Ragini returns to her room and sees Anurag’s gift with “to the most beautiful woman of his life” note written on it. He video calls her and asks her to get ready with this sari as she has more surprises awaited for her, he is sending her address.Baiju and his Amma continue torturing Shristi. Revathi walks in and asks what is happening. They get tensed. Seh says she knows Shristi is refusing gift and forces Shristi to accept her MIL’s gift. After sometime, Baiju and ammaa continue their drama. Revathi receives courier and gives it to Baiju. Amma says Baiju ordered red bangles for Shristi as per their village ritual. Shristi tries to leave. Revathi insists her to get bangles. Baiju puts bangles in her forearm and injures it. Amma and Baiju continue their evil deeds.

Ragini meets Shrist. Shristi asks if she did not get ready yet, Anurag has made special arrangements for them. Ragini says she is going. Shristi says they went through so much and now have reunited, they should not part ways again. They chat about past emotionally. Ragini then gets ready and tries to leave. Revathi stops her and asks to prepare dinner. Ragini walks towards kitchen sadly. Revathi laughs and says she was joking, she knows Anurag has made special arrangements for her and asks to go soon. Ragini walks out happily.

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