Ring Of Fire Update Tuesday 13 April 2021

Ring Of Fire 11 April 2021: Baiju walks into Shristi’s room. Shristi reminisces Baiju warning her about Rocky and asking to accompany her to bring Divya. She thinks whether to forgive him or not. She throws pillows on him and shouts who is he, the one who threw her in brothel, tortured her, eyed on property or the one who got her out of brothel and burnt property papers, who is he, why did he come into her life, she will not forgive him. She repeatedly hits his chest. He stops her and says she can relax and start again, today he saved Divya as a brother and not to seek her forgives as he does not deserve forgiveness. Her goodness changed him and made him save Divya, but he is afraid of his loneliness.

Shristi says a human should not be afraid of truth and will get a partner if he tries. He asks if she will and says they are friends from today, shakes hands with her.Shristi cooks in kitchen. Ragini walks in and says she is craving for jam and searches it. Dulari walks in with jam smeared on her lips, sees jam bottle empty, shouts Dulari stole her jaam. Dulari says she did not want to eat full, but could not control. Ragini scolds she is pregnant, but Dulari ate jam, she is hungry now. Shristi says she made special arrangements to fill her stomaach. Ragini asks what… Dulaari says Anurag stopped to tell her and asks to wait on dining table. Ragini excitedly leaves. Dulari sees tattoo on Shristi’s had and asks what is it. Shristi hides it.

Baiju and Shristi sit for lunch. Ragini sits with Anurag and eagerly checks food and gets disappointed seeing dalia/porridge, says this is not her favorite food. Anurag says it is in her diet chart and good for her baby. Revathi says Anurag used to love dalia and used to eat only dalia whole day. Anurag says she used to add lots of dry fruits, etc.., then stops reminiscing Revathi’s betrayal. Dulari says she saw Munni Bai tattooed on Shristi’s hand. Shristi asks where is it. Dulari insists. Shristi shows her hands and it is clean, she says Dulari reads spy novels and imagines things. She reminisces hiding tattoo with makeup. Dulari apologizes her.

Back to room, Ragini sees Anurag playing with doll and asks what is he doing. He says he is trying to practice making baby wear diaper. She asks to demonstrate. He tries but fails. Ragini asks to check in latpot and try. Anurag says it is laptop and even he is pronouncing latpot because of her. Vikral calls him and asks how is she, he wants to become grandfather soon. She asks why is he speaking so slowly. He says he is in hospital. She asks if amma and Parag are fine. Vikral says yes, he came to meet his friend and got his routine checkup, he found maternity room good here and booked it for her. She asks to send his reports and after disconnecting informs Anurag.

Anurag says he does not want any favor from Vikral as he does not like his lifestyle, but if she wants he will budge for her sake. She asks to check maternity room once.Shristi looks at her hand tattoo. Baiju feels guilty and says he wants to erase tattoo from her hand someone and wants to take her to Mumbai for laser treatment. Shristi reminisces Baiju betraying her and selling her in brothel and sits silently. Baiju pleads again to agree as he wants to clear his guilt. Shristi agrees and asks to book ticket, but what will they say family. Baiju says not to worry about that and walks away to book tickets.

Ragini sees Revathi punishing Dulari and making her do situps and asks what did she do. Revathi says she kept gas cylinder on terrace instead of kitchen. Baiju says he will bring it. Revathi says she asked Brij instead, he need not worry. Shristi says she is going to her friend’s wedding in Mumbai. Revathi permits her and Baiju to go. Anurag walks in scolding Ragini to rest. Brij brings heavy cylinder via stairs and slips. Revathi sees cylinder falling towards Anurag and rescues him. She herself falls. Anurag worriedly asks her if she is fine and hugs her. Revathi emotionally says she was eager to hug him and apologizes him for her sins. Anurag hugs her again and apologizes for troubling her. Dulari says Anurag forgave her, even she should forgave her. Revathi forgives her.

Brij feels guilty and says if something had happened, he would notg have forgiven himself. Revathi says by god’s grace, everyone is safe.Baiju and Shristi get ready to leave for Mumbai with their bags. Dulari gives her long list followed by Divya saying if he has made her as his sister, he should tolerate her tantrums. Baiju says he will happily. They both see off family and walk away. Ragini wishes them all the best.

Ragini gets call repeatedly and angrily picks it shouting who is pestering her. She shatters hearing her father met with an accident and collapses. Anurag holds her. She, Anurag, and Vidhvan reach hospital and ask Ammaji and Parag what happened to babuji. Parag says even they go a message and came here. Ragini insists to see Vikral. Doctor says she cannot enter ICU. She insists.Shristi and Baiju reach Mumbai’s hotel. Shristi requests 2 rooms to receptionist. Receptionist says he has only 1 room, if they are couple. Baiju says yes and shows his ID card. Receptionist says he has only 1 room. They both agree. Receptionist says he has 2 luxury suites, but they cost 15,000 per day. Shristi says they will manage.

Doctor comes out and informs family that Vikral is suffering form paralysis and his body organs are not moving, he cannot hear or answer or walk. Ammaji collapses. Ragini says her father roars, she will not accept this lie. Vidhvan asks her to control herself. She walks into ICU and shatters more seeing unconscious Vikral on bed. Anurag consoles her and says she has to take care of her and their baby.Shristi and Baiju enter hotel room. Baiju asks why did she reject double room. Shristi says she knows he returned Vidhvan’s money and gave Chanda’s money in charity, he does not have much money left. He asks her to sleep on bed while he sleeps on floor and gives her water.

Vikral’s political party members enter hospital and insist to meet him. Ragini scolds them. They ask who will handle party in Vikral’s absence. Parag says he will.Shristi goes for her tattoo’s laser treatment. Doctor picks injection. She gets nervous and pulls Baiju’s shirt and breaks buttons. Baiju comforts her. She asks if she broke buttons. Baiju says yes, he is feeling cool anyways. Doctor says today’s treatment is complete, still she needs 2 sessions and should not put water on her sensitive skin. Baiju says he will take care of her. Shristi asks what will they do till tomorrow. Baiju says shop his sisters Dulari and Divya’s list and roam a lot.

Parag says party workers he will handle party and not let babuji’s hard work go in vain. Ammaji says Vikral’s son will handle it. Parag orders not to let anyone badmouth about babuji. Ragini emotionally says Parag became babuji’s competent son now an hugs him. Shristi and Baiju go on Mumbai’s sight seeing in a taxi. Shristi enjoys cool breeze. They enjoy street food. Parag in hospital signs Vikral’s party papers and assures party workers that work will be done. One worker tells Tiwari that Parag is waste and Virkal is in coma, so they should change party. Tiwari says they should get Vikral killed and take over party. Parag goes out to get medicine. Ragini asks Anurag to drop amma home as she is tired. Anurag leaves. Ragini enters Vikra;’s room and seeing him in coma reminisces his love for her and gets emotional, says he always protected, now it is her turn. She goes out to wash her face.

Baiju sees couple playing with balloons and comment city people are fools to play with balloons. Shristi says even she likes playing with balloons, butterflies, etc. Baiju brings her balloons. Their chit chat starts.Ragini sees hospital empty and hears peon talking to his aide that everyone is clear now, they can kill injured tiger. She runs to Vikral’s room calling bodyguards and fuming she did not get her gun here. She gets Vikral on wheelchair and hides. Peons shoot Vikral’s bed and then realize its just pillow. They think someone took Vikral out and they should kill them before they go out. Ragini runs with Vikral on wheelchair.

Shnristi coughs in crowd. Baiju goes to get her water. She walks a bit away flying her balloons. Baiju returns and gets worried for her. He then sees her and emotionally hugs. Shristi sees someone selling Alfonso mangoes and insists to buy. Seller says 250 rs/kg. Baiju gives 500 rs and asks to keep rest of money. Shristi holding mango box walks a bit says let us go back to hotel via taxi.

Baiju says he gave all money to mango seller. She says she has some money. They get into taxi. Enuch asks them money. Seh says she has money only to pay taxi, he/she can take mangoes instead and gives box to her/him. Baiju thinks he will gain her trust again soon.

Ragini takes Vikral wearing apron and stethoscope. Goons pass by thinking her as doc, but then they see her running and follow her. She hides in morgue, they check and walk out thinking what will they say Tiwari. Ragini runs out again. They find her and point gun on them from both sides. Ragini warns if something happens to her babuji, she will not spare them. They point gun at Vikral.

Ragini warns goons to dare shoot her father, she will not spare them. She opens eyes and sees Parag standing and asks where are goons. In Mumbai, Shristi and Baiju see an old couple fight for taking selfie and help them take their pic. Couple smile at each other. Baiju says they were fighting just now and now they are smiling at each other, what is the secret. Old man asks if they are married. Baiju says yes. Old man says nok jhok is part of married life. Woman takes Baiju and Shristi’s pic.

Parag with Ragini and Anurag bring Vikral home. Parag warns guard to clear all hurdles that come between his babuji’s wheelchair and guard him 24 x 7. Vikral’s trusted guard Solid asks what about the goons who tried to attack Babuji. Parag says he will kill them and stuff sand in their body. Anurag makes Ragini sit and gives her juice, without talking to her much. Ragini asks if he is angry on her. He says she is not taking of herself and risked her life, what if something had happened to her, what about their child. Ragini asks him not to worry,she is fine and calms him down.

Baiju returns to hotel with Shristi. He gets gift for her and thinks he will win her heart soon. In room, he gives her gift box and asks her to wear it for their night outing to a night club. Shristi opens box and gets shy seeing short dress.Ragini chats to Select and says she wants him to guard babuji 24 x 7 and find out who the culprit is who wants to kill babju. Select assures her that he will risk his life and protect babuji and find out culprit. Ragini then feeds soup to babuji and reminds him how he was proud of her shooting skills. Ammaji comes and asks to take care of herself and baby and not exert herself Ragini says she rested well. Anurag scolds her next for being too careless regarding her health, he is worried about her and their baby. She weeps and says he would have informed her calmly. He consoles her and says hormonal imbalance happens in pregnancy. She asks what hormonium. He asks her to forget it and rest.

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