Ring Of Fire Update Wednesday 14 April 2021

Ring Of Fire 12 April 2021: Baiju wearing modern attire waits for Shristi outside car. Shristi comes wearing his gifted shift dress smiling. He gets mesmerized with her beauty. She says she did not identify him in modern attire and kissing his cheek says let us go. He says he can do anything for that kiss again.

They get into car and head towards night club.Anurag gives religious book to Ragini and asks to read it. Ragini says she knows by heart. Anurag asks read it for their child’s better upbringing. He then sees Solid guard and asks Ragini what is he doing. Ragini says she does not know. He walks out. Select walks in and informs that Ragini’s doubt was right, Vikral’s party people want to kill him, now her babuji’s life and dignity is in her hands now.

Ragini takes pen from him and thinks she has to protect her babuji now. Anurag returns and asks what was he telling and why she is holding pen. She says she did not have one here. He says there are many here.Vishu takes Shristi to disco and says these people are dancing like we dance after drinking bhang. He insists her to dance with him and teaches her steps says she just has to act as turning spoon, changing bulb, etc. Someone asks Shristi if he can dance with her. Baiju says Shristi is his wife and he should go and dance with his girlfriend. Man leaves. Baiju says this song is very boring and requests for Bollywood song. DJ speaks and says this song is dedicated to that loverboy. He comes in light. Shristi is shocked to see Vishu as DJ and shouts Vishujii. DJ leaves.

Shristi searches him and drops someone’s glass. She tells Baiju that she saw Vishuji here. Bouncer asks them to come aside and pay for glass.Vikral’s party people inform Parag that they have to file nomination form elections and decide who will represent them. Ragini enters and asks what to think in it, Parag will stand in elections in place of babuji as so has right on father’s property and duty to protect father’s dignity. Parag says that is fine but. Ragini continues convincing him. He agrees. Anurag comes takes Ragini in to to give milk. Party workers frighten Parag that this time competition is tough and opposite party people are distributing liquor among people to garner votes.

Parag asks to give then double liquor and make them vote him. Ragini excuses Anurag saying she is going to sleep and interferes party workers and says they will not distribute liquor as people will forget after they get sober, they have to do something else.Shristi returns home panicking that she really saw Vishu and requests Baiju to find her Vishuji. Vishu/DJ walks into hotel telling someone over phone that he is hotel owner seth Dhanraj’s son. He tries to open Shristi’s room. Shristi says Vishuju has come, she will open door. Receptionist calls DJ and he leaves. His scarf falls down. Shristi opens door and seeing scarf says this is Vishuji’s scarf, Baiju as a friend should find Vishuji at any cost.

Baiju says yes. Receptionist says DJ will come to lobby in the evening. Shristi with Baiju eagerly waits for DJ in lobby. Shristi eagerly waits for evening and reminisces Baiju promising him to help her find Vishu ji. DJ is seen still sleeping.Anurag teaches yoga to Ragini. She silently walks out when he closes eyes. In living room, party worker says he will take over party and be its representative. Ragini hears that warns that his true color is out, only Parag will take over Vikral’s party. Party worker warns he will bring opponent for Parag. Parag says someone is behind him, who is it. Ragini then goes to Vikral’s room and takes care of him, blabbering what is all happening and cheering him up. He shows her old style photo holding gun, signalling she should takeover his position. She realizes and asks how can she.

Shristi eagerly waits for Vishu. DJ walks down explaining his day’s schedule to his secretary. Shristi runs and hugs him emotionally calling him Vishuji and asking where he had been. He pushes her and says this is not the way she should behave, who is she. She continues crying Vishuji..He leaves. Shristi checks DJ’s details on net, don’t find any clear details. Baiju asks her to relax.

Anurag gets worried for Ragini and thinks why she is taking political tension. Revathi calls him and asks how is Ragini and when are they coming. Anurag says not at this point seeing Vikral’s condition and he will come with Ragini and Vikral there to take care of Vikral by whole family. Revathi thinks he is thinking right. Parag hears Anurag’s conversation and says he failed in his responsibility, so Ragini is doing his duty instead. Anurag suggests him whatever he does, he should do by heart, if he wins he wins, if he loses he learns lesson and not loses actually. After sometime, party workers ask Parag’s decision. Parag says he will not take babuji’s place. Rival worker says then he will take over and takes Vikral’s watch that signifies party presidentship, says this means a lot. Ragini walks in her old avatar holding gun and warns to return her babuji’s watch and she will take over Babuji’s responsibility now. She asks Vikral if she is looking her old daring daughter.

Vikral smiles in proud. Anurag stands in a shock.Ragini walks in in her old don style holding gun and warns Vikral’s party members to return her babuji’s watch, else she will shoot them. They return. Ragini says they are chameleons who change color with situation, if tiger is injured, male cub will take over his place, but if male cub does not want to, female cub will and not let her babuji’s dignity in danger.

She announce she is taking over party presentship and if anyone can dare oppose her. Party member says she took right decision. Ragini orders to go and inform her rivals that she is her babuji’s political heir. Anurag angrily leaves. Parag asks amma to bring sweet curd for Ragini.

Ragini asks Vikral how was it, she could not roar liked him, but tried. Vikral sheds tears, amma wipes his tears.Shristi pleads DK Shanky/Vishu’s secretary to let her check DJ’s room. Secretary agrees and says only for 15 min. She searches room. DJ walks in with his father. She dies behind curtains and imagines Vishu in DJ. DJ says he is going on London tour and will return after 6 months. Shristi walks out and says he cannot go away for so long from her, why don’t he remember he is Vishu and she is his wife. His father ask how did this psycho woman come here. DJ pushes her towards door. Baiu comes and holds her.

Ragini goes to Anurag and seeing him tensed thinks she knows how to console him. She wears veil and tries to cheer him up. He says he does not like her to be in politics and wants her to return home. Ragini says she will not leave her babuji’s side and he has to decide now.Shristi continues trying to convince DJ that she is his wife. Baiju says DJ will believe soon and says his friend will come and tell truth. He reminisces meeting DJ’s driver and knowing all the info. He brings driver. DJ’s father gets tensed. Baiju asks to tell truth. Father says he found DJ unconscious on Mumbai-Jaipur highway and when woke up, he had lost memory, since his family died in an accident a few months ago, he gave Vishu his son Shanky Dhanraj’s identity. DJ is shocked. Shristi says she knew it is Vishuji. Baiju says earlier he thought it is coincidence, but seeing Shristi’s determination, he enquired and found truth. He asks DJ to relax, they will return after sometime and takes Shristi with him.

Ammaji prays in home temple. Shristi joins her and asks to pray that she takes babuji’s responsibilities well. Anruag walks in and says he wants to take Ragini home. Ragini says she wants to stay here. Ammaji says it is sin. Anurag says both houses are Ragini’s she can visit here anytime, he wants to take babuji to his home and take care of him. Ammaji says they don’t even drink daughter’s house’s water. Anurag says Babuji’s life is in danger here, he will take care of Babuji personally. Ammaji agrees and says Ragini is so lucky to get such a supporting husband.

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