Complicated Love Update Monday 12 April 2021

Complicated Love 12 April 2021: Radhika was stressed and asks Mishti for the truth, if she broke her engagement with Veer because she loved Rohan. And why she kept it a secret then. She promised to speak to Pari about Rohan, why she then faked to be happy. Pari could have understood her feelings. She wonders if Rohan is like her son, who is unable to understand whom he should be with; and he is betraying both of them in this quest. She says she will be the one to lose everything. No matter Mishti gets the pain or Pari is hurt, she will be the one to die.

She packs the bag once again and says she has decided Rohan can no longer stay here. Mishti takes Radhika’s hands in hers and says she doesn’t love Rohan. Radhika forbids her to lie. Mishti says Radhika must have heard half of the matter with her, Rohan isn’t happy because she is reuniting Veer. Radhika might even not be happy as well, because Veer’s parents were involved in her kidnapping. Radhika shouts why no one shares anything with her, and if Mishti again wants to reunite with Veer amidst all this. She won’t allow Mishit to move ahead with her relationship. Mishti tells Radhika that in the police station, Veer’s parents accepted their sin and Veer was even ready to get his share of punishment. She says Veer’s mother apologized by holding her feet. Radhika says earlier she felt she doesn’t love Veer and now she is marrying him once again. There will be much difficulty in her life.

Mishti clarifies she is sure Veer and her relationship will never break. Rohan took great care of her when she had broken her engagement, and she confided in Rohan a lot during that time; Rohan might have misunderstood. When she watches Rohan and Pari together, she believes they are made for each other. And later, Veer took care of her in the police station. She realized Veer truly loves her. She has thoughtfully taken the decision to marry Veer. And she is extremely happy for Pari and Rohan. Radhika listens to Mishti silently. She says this life isn’t any game. Earlier she took decision against Veer; why she considered him later on. Mishti tells Radhika she has never been with anyone other than Veer, and Rohan is impossible. Veer loves her more than herself; and Pari dearly loves Rohan. She convince Dadi that there are two different people in their lives.

She must let Rohan live here, else how will Pari and Rohan get closer. She asks Radhika what she is thinking about. She can’t let go of Pari’s proposal; they will have to repent if Rohan leaves. She and Dadi will go with Pari’s proposal for Rohan. She shows Radhika about transferring all her property and shares after Pari and Ansh’s name; she doesn’t want them to bear any troubles in future. They will be independent in future. She holds nothing dearer than Pari and Ansh’s happiness. Radhika hugs Mishti. Mishti says her past can never crossroads with her future.
Radhika says she isn’t sure what’s true; what she had seen between her and Rohan or what Mishti is trying to explain to her.

Mishti says Dadi has seen Rohan and Pari take care of each other. Pari has started to feel, but Rohan still has to realize. She will handle everything within a few days, and make Rohan and Pari’s marriage possible. Radhika was convinced and leaves the room. Mishti unpacks Rohan’s luggage. She thinks she lied to Dadi and convinced her somehow, but now is the task to bring Rohan and Pari together. She must convince Rohan that only Pari can keep him happy, Pari must also confess her love for Rohan as early as possible. The next morning, Rohan comes out of his room. He spots Dadi in the kitchen and remembers her warning of last day. He tells her to sit, he will make tea for her as she likes it. He asks Radhika to speak to him if he committed some mistake, scold even hit him as well. Radhika leaves the utensils and says some more ginger and basil leaves will reduce this anger. Rohan at once takes the utensils. Radhika tells Rohan that Pari is extremely sensitive, she likes Rohan as well; he should never hurt her. Rohan thinks she must have heard as he talked to Pari rudely and promises to never hurt her. Radhika replies she is happy that her children get along well happily.

Pari comes to the room. Mishti was leaving. Pari asks for whom she is getting ready. Mishti gets a call from Veer, she was happy and promises to meet him after a meeting and a dinner together. Pari was quizzical, then questions why they are nice to each other, though their relationship ended on a bad note. Mishti replies to Pari that it wasn’t easy, but he is extremely nice, loves her and makes everything easy for her. Pari confirms if she is sure. Mishti replies she is sure, and instead asks Pari about Rohan. She tells Pari to say her heart out. Pari was afraid and says Rohan seems extremely tensed these days, he was irritated yesterday as well. Mishti suggests Pari to share a beer with Rohan as they bond well there, he might share some tensions with her and if he doesn’t, he would realize she is there for him. Pari thanks Mishti for making it easier for her.

They hug and Mishti leaves.Sukhmani brings a photo of a girl to Arnav his mother shared. Arnav was annoyed that he only loved Pari and isn’t ready to marry. Sukhmani convince Arnav that Pari loves Rohan and Arnav has lost her already, he must now give up on Pari. There was a door bell, it was Radhika who walks inside furiously. Mishti speaks to her doctor that after hours of sleep she still feels tired. The doctor advices her to continue her medicines. Radhika was frustrated and tells Sukhmani something is wrong at her house, no one shares the real matter with her. Mishti is re-engaged to Veer although she knows Veer’s parents were responsible for her kidnapping. Arnav and Sukhmani were shocked to hear this. Radhika says they accept that Veer was guilty for his parents and even ready to go to jail himself, but still there is no point in reconnecting.

Sukhmani calms Radhika down, and asks her to let her speak to Mishti. Mishti is sensible and must have thoughtfully taken the decision.She silently thinks that everyone knows Mishti doesn’t love Veer, then why she is marrying him.Rohan was restless on the roof. He thinks Mishti must return to him, his times with Mishti flash in front of his eyes. Pari brings beer for both of them. He silently sips the beer. Pari was hurt and wishes Rohan open ups to her. She asks if he said something, he denies. Veer and Mishti were in a restaurant. Veer convince her that she is doing her best for Pari. She shouldn’t complicate her health and take care of herself. Mishti was afraid what if Rohan tells Pari that he loves her (Mishti). Their efforts will go worthless.

Mishti leaves restlessly. Veer was concerned for Mishti, she didn’t look good. Pari holds Rohan’s hand and says he claimed her to be a good friend. Can’t he share with her what’s troubling him? Rohan holds Pari’s hand and says she has no idea how lucky he is. He leaves his chair. Pari holds his face. She says she wouldn’t inquires the reason of these tears, his worries and tensions; she only wants to reassure it hurts her as well.

Rohan turns his face away and says such is life, it seems he has only pain as fate. It seems no one is made for him, and he will lose his beloved just like he lost his parents. Pari says it wasn’t in his parent’s hands to stay, but their love will stay. She is there as his friend, he can share his problems with her because…. because she loves him. Rohan was shocked. Pari repeats, “I love you Rohan, I really do”. Mishti reaches outside. Pari says she wanted to say this a long time ago, but couldn’t gather the courage. Rohan removes her hands from his face, and thinks about Mishti always worrying for Pari. He realized at once the reason of change in Mishti. Rohan tells Pari that she is his best friend, but he can’t love her.

Pari asks if he didn’t write that card of ‘I love you’. Rohan tells Pari that they are good friends, but he loves someone else. Mishti hides herself at once as Rohan turns to leave.She stops Rohan in the corridor, then says I am sorry for misunderstanding their friendship to love. She requests Rohan to tell her the name of the girl he loves. Rohan asks what would she do, that girl doesn’t want to be with him. Pari asks why? Rohan replies stability, he can’t provide her the financial security, and now he feels she wants to be great as well. Pari holds Rohan’s hand and promises to wait for him for her lifetime, and till he loves that girl she won’t force him to love her back. She hugs Rohan and leaves. Rohan goes the other way.

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