Ring of fire update Thursday 4 March 2021


Ring of fire 4 March 2021: Anurag speaks over phone to his contractor and informs his family that goons attacked construction site and broke things, police caught them, but he needs a lot of time and money to repair machinery, so our contract is gone.

Vidhvan says how will to go so easily and asks Ragini to accompany Anurag to construction site and solve issue. Revathi says Ragini will help her in household chores while Shristi will rest as she is unwell. Vidhvan tries to speak, but as usual Revathi wins. Ragini cleans Vidhvan and Revathi’s room while Shristi suggests Vidhvan that Vishu and Brij should take care of construction work and Anurag returns to London.

Ragini comes to her room and throws their names pillow on floor. Anurag realizes Ragini is upset. He asks did you make this Anu Ragini. Ragini says yes and says don’t know when I will come to his room. Anurag says I will make Revathi understand. Ragini tells him that Revathi wants to send him to London. Anurag says I will not go without Dabangg girl. She reminisces that once she killed an animal in jungle and says she is thinking to hang it here with grass filled. She then laughs and says she is joking. Anurag romances with her. Ragini asks him to take NOC from Revathi.

Revathi serves food to Anurag and says she wants him to return to London. Anurag says I realize about my responsibilities and says ups and downs come in business, and says his strength is his family. Revathi asks him to make his father proud. Anurag thinks he is sandwiched between Ragini and Revathi.

Shristi and Vishu plan to go out and enjoy. He says you didn’t play in childhood. Shristi asks him to teach her. They spend some good time and make plan to enjoy. Anurag tells Ragini that he couldn’t tell her anything as she was upset. Ragini says I understand. They think to go in the morning and tell her.

In the morning, They come to Revathi while she is doing aarti of God. He says we want to tell you something. He says Ragini and I love each other a lot and was just pretending to fight. Revathi don’t hear him as she is wearing head phone. Anurag tries to tell her again, but Vidhwan comes there and calls Revathi. Revathi says she is talking to Anurag. Ragini and Anurag make excuse. Vidhwan asks Revathi to come and sit. He gets Chandani’s call. He then informs his family that he got call from Saheb ji’s daughter Chandani and she invited them. Revathi asks him to send Vishu and Shristi and says Ragini and Anurag will fight there also. Vidhwan says they are fine. Revathi asks everyone to get ready. Ragini thinks how to tell everyone about our love.


Anurag and Tejaswini return home after getting dacoits arrested. Family praises their bravery. Revathi also praises them, does their aarti, and asks Dulari to bring dry chillies and fire bowl to perform their nazar/ward off evil. Dulari says she did aarti already, what is the use of nazar now. Revathi asks to do as she says. Dualri brings chill and fire bowl. Revathi asks Anurag to throw chilli in fire and blow fumes on her eyes. Anurg is shocked. Ragini tries to speak, but Revathi yells at her to stop interfering between her and her son, she does not need her permission. She yells at Anurag that he acted like fighting with Ragini and fooled her. She continues yelling that they betrayed her and does not let Anurag and Ragini speak.

Vidhvan walks into Revathi’s room and nervously (afraid of his wife) says what Anurag did was wrong, but she should forgive him. She warns him to shut his mouth and he walks away folding his tail. Dulari puts oil in fire and provokes Revathi. Anurag with Ragini walks in and says whenever he used to do mistake, maa used to punish him. He does sit ups with Ragini and requests Revathi to forgive him. She continues yelling again that he betrayed her and hid the fact that he was not fighting with Ragini. She shouts at them to get out, and they walk out sadly.

Ragini sits on rocking chair and fumes. Shristi takes dinner for her and requests to have food. Anurag tries to convince Ragini to have food, and she says she will not until sasuma forgives them. Vishu takes food and requests to have it as Shristi has taken food for maa.

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