Ring Of Fire Update Friday 5 March 2021


Ring of fire 5 march 2021: Anurag continues his drama acting as inebriated and requests Revathi to forgive him. Revathi resists a bit and then forgives him. He comes down. She beats him that for troubling her and drinking alcohol. He says it was black tea and he acted to gain her forgiveness.

Ragini also apologizes her, and she forgives. Revathi then rests in her room. Dulari walks in murmuring how can she forgive Ragini. She wakes her up. Revathi yells what happened and yells at her. Dulari asks how can she forgive Raigni so easily. Revathi beats her with broom and Dulari runs. Revathi then calms down and says she has not forgiven Ragini and is planning to throw her out of Anurag’s life cleverly as Anurag has fallen in Ragini’s love now. Dulari that is like her wicket bua. Revathi runs behind her again.

Revathi gathers Vishu, Shristi, Anurag, and Ragini and says she is happy that everything is sorted out, so she has taken oath and according to it, both couple will not star their family life for 7 days. Vishu says they are already married, what is the use now. Shristi says she does not believe in all this, but believes sasuma and will do anything for her. Ragini says sasuma forgave her and misterji, so she will also do as she says. Anurag tries to speak, but Daadi asks to do as badki says. Dulari thinks Revathi will separate Ragini and Anurag within 7 days.


Vidhvan’s sister bua enters. Vishu gets happy seeing her. Daadi emotionally hugs her. Revathi yells why did she come when she challenged she will not enter this house, she was boasting about her goon husband and should stay with him itself. Bua says her husband is a contract and has gone on a business trip, Vidhvan invited her so she came. Vidhvan backs her. Dulari walks in yelling. Bua meets each family member and says she brought them gifts. She calls Revathi and shows her sari. Revathi yells, but stops seeing Vidhvan, snatches sari and leaves. Bua then give each family member’s gift and gets emotional with Vidhvan. Family drama continues…

Rohini continues distributing her gifts to family members. She says Vidhvan that in childhood he wanted to buy a karta, but brought earrings for her instead, so she brought kurta for him. Brij angrily leaves. Dulari walks to Revathi’s room and says let us play car game. Revathi scolds her that she is in no mood seeing Rohini back home. Dulari asks how will she get Rohini out now. Revathi says Brij is very angry on Rohini and he will kick her out of house again.


Bua rests on Daadi’s lap and says her room has not changed at all since she left. Daadi says Vidhvan locked this room and even Brij did not tell anything, Brij still loves her a lot, but is angry, soon his anger will vanish. Rohini hopes so. After sometime, Revathi walks into Rohini’s room and says she brought a return gift for her. Rohini happily checks and finds her gifted sari. Revathi asks to check. Rohini checks and gets sad seeing sari cut into pieces. Revathi yells she tore their family’s dignity into pieces, so she will never forgive her.


During dinner, Rohini gets happy seeing jackfruit sabji and says Brij also loves jackfruit sabji. She sees Divya coughing and Anurang/Vishu getting concerned for her. She fills plate and takes it to Brij, requests him to have food giving her promise. Brij says he will have it, but will not have food from hereon. Rohini leaves crying. Ragini notices it and tells Shristi they should reunite brother and sister. Shristi says Ragini is mastermind and should plan something like she united Shristi and Vishu.

Ragini tells her plan to provoke brother and sister against each other to reunite them. Ragini goes to Brij’s room and provokes him against Rohini while Shristi provokes Rohini against Brij. Both Brij and Rohini scolds them and walk out saying what they know about brother and sister’s love. They notice each other. Shristi and Ragini apologize them and request to forgive each other. They both forgive each other and express sibling love. Ragini and Shristi shake hands. Drama continues..

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