Rebel in love April 2020 teasers

Read April teasers, updates on Rebels in love showing on Eva channel. Things are running smoothly between Vicente and Gracia. Orlando makes Roberta a promise. Laura speaks candidly to Carmen about her feelings for Vicente and Agustin.

Rebels in live April teasers 2020.

Wednesday 1 April 2020:

Luciana has a warning for Sonny, but he tries to convince her of his intentions. Leon reacts badly to Augustin and Carito’s news. Magda takes some extreme measures.

Thursday 2 April 2020:

Magda tries to make Juan Cristobal jealous. Carito makes a heartbreaking discovery. Roberta and Luciana have a heated discussion about Nando.

Friday 3 April 2020:

Vicente turns to Laura for advice on what to do with the ranch. Tempers fly at the anniversary mass for Piedad. A distraught Roberta turns to Nando for comfort.

Monday 6 April 2020:

A new arrival leaves Vicente, Roberta and Pancho unsettled. Leon tries to discover why Laura returned. Juan argues with Magda and she threatens to expose his secret.

Tuesday 7 April 2020:

Laura shares an intimate moment with Vicente, but an interruption startles her. Juan Gabriel makes a discovery about Luciana. Agustin makes a shocking announcement.

Wednesday 8 April 2020:

Pushed to the limit, Magda takes matters into her own hands and speaks to Gracia. Roberta asks her aunt for help. Laura organises a farewell party for Agustin.

Thursday 9 April 2020:

Things are running smoothly between Vicente and Gracia. Orlando makes Roberta a promise. Laura speaks candidly to Carmen about her feelings for Vicente and Agustin.

Friday 10 April 2020:

Laura makes a cake for Roberta’s birthday, leading to a confrontation. Gracia makes an interesting observation. Adriana is shocked to discover her granddaughter’s secret.

Monday 13 April 2020:

Roberta asks Juan Cristobel to help Orlando, but he has an ulterior motive. Adriana makes a shocking discovery and vows to get rid of Gracia. Carito argues with Agustin.

Tuesday 14 April 2020:

Adriana confronts Carmen about her daughter’s behaviour. Roberta apologises to her father. Laura visits Agustin to say goodbye, but things take an unexpected turn.

Wednesday 15 April 2020:

Agustin makes a decision and speaks to Laura about his feelings. Vicente takes desperate measures to keep Orlando away from his daughter. Roberta makes a confession.

Thursday 16 April 2020:

Carito warns Laura to stay away from her man. Leon organises a strike. Agustin asks Laura not to play with his feelings. An emotional Roberta takes a drastic step.

Friday 17 April 2020:

Laura rushes Roberta to the hospital, while Vicente takes his emotions out on Orlando. Leon tells Carito to stop flirting with him. Magda argues with Juan Cristobel.

Monday 20 April 2020:

Laura is upset that Gracia is getting credit for saving Roberta’s life. After overhearing a conversation between them, Carito insists Agustin distance himself from Laura.

Tuesday 21 April 2020:

Gracia and Luciana discuss the relationship between Laura and Vicente. Roberta secretly meets Orlando, despite his protests. Magda shares some information with Adriana.

Wednesday 22 April 2020:

Juan Cristobel is upset that Magda told Adriana about the video. Carmen warns Rebecca to stay away from her daughter. Vicente is upset when Laura receives a job offer.

Thursday 23 April 2020:

After speaking to Vicente and overhearing a conversation between Agustin an Carito, Laura makes a decision about her job offer. Magda contemplates an important decision.

Friday 24 April 2020:

After witnessing something shocking, a heartbroken Laura looks for comfort. Roberta has some news for Orlando. Adriana finds Gracia’s behaviour suspicious.

Monday 27 April 2020:

Agustin visits Laura in the hospital with some surprising news. Luciana makes a harsh accusation against Juan Cristobel. Roberta tries to make Orlando jealous.

Tuesday 28 April 2020:

Vicente contacts the authorities about the toxic pesticide problem at the ranch. Laura talks to Carmen about her feelings. Adriana and Gracia have another confrontation.

Wednesday 29 April 2020:

Agustin tries to get the workers to support his lawsuit. Vicente and Gracia make a shocking announcement. Rogelia warns Carmen to tell Laura the truth – or she will.

Thursday 30 April 2020:

Vicente tells Laura about his relationship. After Leon and Rebecca argue, he makes a shocking accusation. Juan Cristobal and Luciana discuss the impact of the lawsuit.


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