Rebel in love Eva: Full story, plot summary, casts, teasers


Rebel in Love full story: After years without returning, Laura Muñoz  a beautiful and young front, goes through the Fundo Santa Piedad where her mother Carmen works, and her brother León. There she meets the Vicente Correa, owner of the estate and recently widowed. After he saves her from being drowned in the river when drugged by his mother Adriana del solar.  she will immediately antagonize him and will stand out for his depressive state after having lost his wife.

Over time, Laura and Vicente will begin a very unstable relationship of love and heartbreak, a union that many oppose. Laura will have to fight for the love of her life, but also to survive the poisonous environment that Gracia, Piedad’s twin sister, and her mother will expose her. They will do everything to make Laura disappear from the Fund and from Vicente’s life .

As the months go by, Laura will discover a truth that marks the appearance of people like Gastón, Laura’s father, who was never her real father. This is how she discovers that she is the daughter of Adriana’s husband . Adriana is the millionaire mother of Piedad y Gracia , after Vicente’s depression she will use this bad depression to earn money, which is provided by her partner Juan Cristóbal Cañas. Adriana tries to kill Laura but it doesn’t work, and ends up killing Rebecca.


Rebel in Love Casts:



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