Razia Sultan update Friday 24 February 2023

Razia Sultan 24 February 2023: episode starts with Ruknuddni telling his pr*stitute mom turkan that Sultan has insulted him and is becoming dearer to kingdom people. Turkan says this way, people will become traitors and will get him down from sultan’s position. They will have to find out someone who can easily defeat sultan. He asks if he should call professional killers from outside. She says by the time they come, sultan would ruin his dysnasty, so they have to find out someone from here.vMirza sadly reminsices Razia’s words that she cannot help herself and is going to marry oldman yaldos in a few days. Yasir comes and asks him to teach archery.

He says he is not a good teacher. Yasir says he is and insists. Mirza teaches him archery. Yaldos’s soldiers come and tell they came to arrest him on yaldos’ order. Mirza sends Yasir from there and starts fighting with them. Razia is busy discussing with Fathima her helplessness for Mirza. Yasir comes running and informs that Yasir yaldos’ soldiers have come to arrest Mirza. Razia runs to rescue him.

Mirza fights with soldiers and kills a few, but they capture him with net and make him unconscious by hitting him on his head. They produce him in front of yaldos and turkan/ruknuddin. Turkan provokes yaldos that razia has crossed a limit by loving a servant and insulted Yaldos. Ruknuddin starts next and says he was flying in air as Razia was backing him and was fighting with everyone, but he defeated him easily once. Yaldos orders soldiers to put him under fire and burn him. Razia comes running and asks him to spare Mirza.

He asks what relationship she has with this traitor. He remembers she coming to Ghazni with him and he roaming around her room often, if she thinks he will forgive their sin, he will not. Turkan starts her ugly dialogues and tells that Razia made a big sin by betraying sultan Yaldos. Razia asks her to stop her ugly drama as it is her and yaldos’ issue. Yaldos says razia is right, it is between him and his would be fine and turkan should not interfere. Razia says there is nothing between mirza and her and he is a stranger for her. He should spaer mirza for her sake. Mirza resists, but unsuccessfully. Yaldos says he will spare Mirza, but she should accept his demand.

She says she accepts all his demands. He says there are 20 mourning days left and she should marry him within 10 days. Razia is shocked and turkan/ruknuddin smirk. Razia agreeing to marry old goose Yaldos in exchange of Mirza Althunia’s life. Sultan says she should marry her in 10 days and asks turkan to send mishievous lover outside Delhi. She signals puppet soldiers and they take him out of palace.

Yasir cries seeing Mirza confined. Mirza murmurs in his ears that they cannot keep him out of delhi for a long time. He sees fathima and asks if Razia really wants to separate from him and marry old goose Yaldos. She says she does not have answer for his question. He shouts. Soldiers drag from there. He thinks if Razia really wants to separate. He sees Razia coming running and watching him with sad face from balcony. He smiles looking at her and she turns her face and cries. Soldiers drag him out of palace.

Mirza asks Ruknuddin’s puppet soldier to let him meet Turkan. Puppet asks why. Mirza says he has made her his guru from today. Fathima informs Razia that yaldos has sent tailors to take her bridal dress’s measurement. She says she saved Mriza but gave him a punishment of living without her his whole life. Razia says more than Mirza, she has one more motto in life and that is sultan, she has to free her kingdom from turkan and ruknuddins clutch. Shamshad informs comatosed Altamash about Razia’s marriage with Yaldos in 10 days.

Soldiers take Mirza to Turkan’s room. She starts questioning him and says she is sultan’s mother and knows to only snatch things. He says her son is a waste body. She gets angry. He reminds her of Delhi’s subedari competition and says he had won it. She asks why did not he claim subedari then. He says a shayari and says he is king of his own thoughts. She asks what can he do for him. He says he can get her savior sultan.

Razia gives money as reward to tailor and he refuses saying Ruknuddin will kill him. She angrily tells Fathima that people are so afraid of Ruknuddin. Fathima says kingdom and power is in his hands. Razia says shew will break his power as a savior sultan. Mirza on the other side tells Turkan that people will start misbehaving with her and ruknuddin if sultan comes into power, so he will destroy sultan for them.

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