Imlie starlife update Friday 24 February 2023

Imlie 24 February 2023: Imlie in lockup worries for Aditya. Aditya challenges Aatank to do whatever he wants to as he is not afraid of him. Aatank blasts a bomb in village. Aryan thinks Aditya is a fool who is risking innocent lives due to his ego and rules, administration will not fulfill Aatank’s demand, only Imlie can help, but she is in jail. Reporters throng police station and question inspector how will he protect PGD villagers after Aatank blasted a bomb there. Imlie hearing that pleads inspector to let her visit PGD as she is from PGD and can help. Inspector ignores her and walks away. She feels helpless and cries remembering Satyakam Dadda. A 1 rs coin falls in front of her.

She remembers Dadda giving shagun 1 rs coin to her and saying she is priceless like 1 rs. She notices Satyakam/SK in opposite cell and asks what is he doing here. He says fate brought him here, he is shifted from 1 station to another till he gets a court hearing date. She describe the issue at PGD. He says jail bars cannot stop her until her dadda is with her.Anu notices Malini tensed and asks if servant Imlie escaped from jail. Malini says Imlie is in jail and Aditya is still with terrorist, family will not take Anu’s help and is ready to risk Aditya’s life, so they need to talk to dad and seek higher authorities’ help.

Anu calls Dev who informs that he already sought higher authority help.Aryan hires a lawyer to bail out Imlie who says he will try his best. Aryan says he didn’t pay in 2 months’ salary to just try, Imlie should get a bail within 1 hour. Lawyer agrees. Aryan hears interns discussing that Aditya is doing so much to save Imlie, but didn’t do anything to save Aditya. Another says he is the world’s first CEO who is bothered about a part time junior employee than his star reporter. Other one says there is definitely something cooking between then and hence Aditya divorced Imlie, this is how interns become featured writer and village women are manipulators. Aryan orders them to come to his cabin right now. Aryan tongue lashes interns for gossiping at work and says they are calm after hearing about PGD news, but Imlie would have broken the cabin and would have escaped from here to reach PGD, so she is special; he respects Imlie as she is focused and knows to fall down and handle herself and maybe even fly; anyways he is going out to work, but they can sit here and gossip.

Satyakam informs Imlie that he will divert constable’s attention and help her escape from lockup. He throws stones hidden in roti towards Imlie. Constable notices and fights with him. Imlie generates fire by rubbing stones and acts as panicking and collapsing to gain constable’s attention. Consable gets her out of lockup and goes to get help. Imlie asks SK to accompany her. He says he can’t as he has shackles of sin around his legs, gives his towel to cover her face, reach PGD, and save her people. Imlie covers her face with towel and escapes easily.

Narmada informs Aparna that Malini filed a case against Imlie and she is in jail now. Aparna cries hearing that and fears for Imlie and Aditya’s lives. Narmada assures that Aryan will rescue them both and has already hired a lawyer to bail out Imlie. Malini asks if they are serious. Aryan with lawyer reaches police station and clashes with mask wearing Imlie, but doesn’t identity her. Inspector scolds constable for letting Imlie escape. Aryan hears that and shouts at inspector for being careless. Inspector says Imlie set a fire in lockup, acted as unconscious and then escaped. Aryan realized that he clashed with Imlie and runs out searching her, but doesn’t find her and thinks she will go to PGD and jump in fire, but he will not let her do that.

Arpita informs Arpita that Aryan has hired a lawyer to bail out Imlie and convinced police force to visit PGD. Malini says Aryan will not, in fact he sent Aditya to a place from where may not return safely. Pankaj says she cannot misbehave with Narmada. Malini asks why not, Aryan replaced Aditya’s article with Imlie’s first, then promoted Imlie in his place and demoted him to obituary department, then he openly flaunted his affair in front of Aditya and when Aditya divorced Imlie and married her, Aryan sent Aditya to a dangerous mission and is trying to impress Imlie by showing how powerful her new boyfriend is. Arpita warns her to stop insulting her brother and mother, her brother was humiliated whenever he visited T house, there is no affair between her brother and Imlie, so she should think well before speaking; they all love Imlie except her and will do their best to help her.

Malini says she will as she got recently married and is pregnant and her baby’s father is in danger, she wouldn’t understand her condition. Arpita remembers Arvind’s death in a fire accident. Malini continues that their ego is not letting them take her mom’s help, but she will and rescue Aditya. She gets Anu’s call who informs that Imlie escaped from jail.Imlie escapes from lockup and thinks she is not afraid of anyone now and should reach Pagdandiya/PGD to save its people. She hides seeing a police man showing her photo and questioning a shopkeeper. Shopkeeper notices her eyes and compares it with pic. Aparna thanks Narmada and Arpita for supporting Imlie and says now she is sure that Imlie will rescue Aditya. Nishant says Imlie escaped from jail. Aparna says she is sure Imlie will stop only after reaching PGD.

Aryan searches Imlie thinking where will he find her now. Imlie hides from shopkeeper. Aparna continues that she trusts Imlie and is sure that she will not only save Aditya but whole PGD as her Seeta maiya is with her. Imlie reaches main road and drinks water from a fallen water bottle nearby. Anu’s goon notices her and informs her that girl is found. Anu orders him to end Imlie’s story today. Imlie gets tensed seeing a speeding car towards her. Dev enters and rescues her in his car and drives away. He assures her that he promised himself to protect her, so she need not worry.

Aatank warns Aditya that if his demands are not met, his next target would be Aditya’s family. Imlie reaches bus station and climbs on PGD bus roof. She slips. Aryan holds her. A romantic.. song plays in the background. They both sit on roof. Imlie’s jokergiri starts. She says she knows he thinks she is not intelligent, he is super intelligent, she makes mistake, he doesn’t, she shouldn’t have esdcaped from lockup, etc.; he is 50% right, PGD is her birth place and its her duty to save it, etc. He stuffs water bottle in her mouth to stop her. She continues. He offers her chocolate.

She says she thought he would burst out on her insanely, but he is so calm and offering her a protein bar instead; if he is having fever or got head injury, etc. He says he is fine, but not fine as she escaped from lockup and heading towards PGD risking her life, he is worried for his newspaper staff and is going there to rescue her. She says he is not her boss but a partner who will help her tackle the terrorist. He agrees and says the would have traveled in his car if she had waited a bit, its uncomfortable traveling in bus. She says it is. He says his back will break till they reach PGD. She asks him to turn around and supports his back with her back.

A romantic song continues playing again. He remembers their growing bonding. Imlie says they will reach PGD in 1 hour. Bus breaks down.

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