Rajjo Starlife you Thursday 3 August 2023

Rajjo 3 August 2023: The Episode starts with Rajjo hiding behind Arjun. Niharika comes and asks him to tie the blouse string. He closes eyes and ties the string. Rajjo takes Niharika’s phone. Niharika and Arjun argue. She gets upset and goes. Rajjo asks why are these stupid girls after you. Arjun goes. She shows Niharika’s phone. He says wow, how, you are the best. She says we have to meet Amit. He asks why would he come to meet us. She says he will come to meet Niharika. She messages Amit. He says we will go. She says be at home. Niharika says my phone, where did it go. Arjun comes and gives her phone. She sees Rajjo leaving and thinks who is this woman, coming out of Arjun’s room. She sees Swara and asks how are you now. Swara asks what do you want. Niharika says follow that red dupatta woman, and record everything.

Swara goes and follows Rajjo. Rajjo turns to see. Swara hides. She sees Rajjo’s face. Amit comes to meet Rajjo. Rajjo confronts him about Niharika’s pregnancy.
He says I had worked hard to become capable in Pushkar’s eyes, I was happy knowing Niharika is pregnant, I was ready to take the child’s responsibility, she wasn’t serious, she broke up, she threatened me, I can’t take risk, she said she will marry a rich man. She says you have a right on that baby, do you have courage. He says I m from a poor family, we can’t win over Niharika. Niharika says Swara is useless, I know that red dupatta woman is doing something. She gets a video. Amit says no, I can’t do this, my parents’ life can be in danger, and yours also, forget this. She asks can you forget your baby, I understand your fear. She asks him to fight for his baby. Niharika sees the video. Amit says they are dangerous people. Rajjo says I know, I m still fighting for my love, what will you say, that you got courage. Niharika doesn’t see anything clear in the video. She calls Swara and scolds her for sending blur video. Swara says I had recorded secretly, else she would have seen me. Niharika scolds her. Swara smiles.

She thinks Rajjo deserves my loyalty. Niharika says there is some secret, that red dupatta woman is connected to Rajjo. She scolds the guards. Rajjo and Amit come home. Rajjo says Niharika got the guards, its marriage today. Amit asks does she doubt us, if we get caught then. She says she may doubt, but she won’t know that I have reached you. He asks how will we go inside. They see some van coming. The servants get the costumes stand. Rajjo says we have got a way to go inside. She takes the stand. Kalindi asks Niharika to stop getting after the red dupatta girl, Rajjo is gone now. Amit asks will this work. Rajjo says don’t worry, I m here. Niharika says finally, the clothes have come, I have selected it. She asks Kalindi to come and see her lahenga. Rajjo prays. They hear some sound and stop. Rajjo stops them and says I think Kalindi is drunk. Kalindi says what nonsense. Rajjo says its okay. Amit sneezes. Kalindi turns. Arjun comes and says go and get ready, Niharika get ready. Niharika says keep all this inside.

Rajjo nods. Amit falls down. Swara comes in front and covers him up. Arjun and Rajjo worry. Swara asks Niharika to go and start makeup. She says I will get the clothes. Kalindi and Niharika go. Swara says I m with both of you, Rajjo. Rajjo thanks her. She says I know a place where you can hide Amit. Arjun looks on surprised. They take Amit to the storeroom. Arjun says this is Chirag and my room. Swara says its locked since 10 years. Arjun asks Amit to go at the time of marriage, bring out Niharika’s truth. He says its tough for us, but the truth has to come out, no one will get anything from this marriage. Amit says I know, I hope it happens as we thought. Rajjo says it will be fine. She thanks Swara. Swara says we will expose Kalindi and Niharika’s truth. Rajjo says it’s a decision night today, our truth will defeat Pushkar and his daughters.

Arjun getting ready. He says just 15 mins and my life’s decision will be taken. Rajjo says you can’t get rid of me. She compliments him. She applies black dot to him. He says everyone is ready, I m worried. She says don’t worry, Amit is with us, he will expose Niharika, I will never leave you alone, wear this pagdi and come downstairs. He says make me wear this. She says I have work. He says fine, go, I will call Niharika. She scolds him. They have a moment.

Arjun goes downstairs. Madhu says Arjun got the right life partner now. Pankhudi says we are waiting for the bride. Arjun asks Swara about his belonging. She says its safe. He says its time to get Amit downstairs. Rajjo nods and goes. Madhu stops her and asks why are you going upstairs, when all the guests are here.

Jhilmil says Bhabhi and Bunty don’t want to come in Niharika’s marriage. Pushkar asks what shall I do. Niharika says forget this. Kalindi asks her to see her groom and smile. She gives some work to Rajjo. Swara goes upstairs. Niharika thinks where is she going. Madhu asks Arjun to come for tilak. Swara asks Amit to come downstairs with her. Niharika sees him and gets shocked. The power goes off. Niharika switches off the power line. She says Rajjo, you can’t win. Swara asks Amit to say something, why is he silent. Rajjo says Swara didn’t come downstairs with Amit till now. Kalindi says dad, Niharika isn’t here. Pushkar goes to see. Rajjo goes to see. Niharika comes back and asks someone to check fuse. Rajjo looks for Swara. She sees Swara with blood on her hands. Swara cries. Rajjo asks about Amit. She says I don’t know, who did this, I came here to get Amit, power went and then he isn’t here. Rajjo says I trust you, don’t cry, calm down, we will see Niharika, go and wash your hands, come for the function. She worries. Kalindi asks where were you. Niharika says I was there. Kalindi says you can’t fool me, tell me what is it. Niharika hides the blood on her hand.

Kalindi says I have always supported you. Niharika says there is nothing. Kalindi says then swear on me. Swara comes and hides from them. Niharika says there is an hour time for the rasam, I m going to sleep. She goes. Kalindi worries. Arjun asks what are you saying, we will go to police. She asks him to calm down. She says we have no proof, who will trust you if you say Amit is Niharika’s baby’s dad. He asks what shall I do now.

He says Amit’s life is in danger, he came here for our sake. She says I will go and find him. He says no, we will take police help. Niharika thinks what to do, how shall I get rid of Amit. She recalls attacking Amit. She thinks of calling Pushkar. Kalindi and Pankhudi ask Niharika to call him later. Kalindi sends Pankhudi. She asks why are you scared. Niharika says something wrong will happen. Kalindi says relax, you will get married to Arjun in sometime. Niharika says just go and see Arjun once, please. Kalindi says okay, you get ready. Rajjo says we can’t do anything without a proof. Arjun asks what shall I do, where did Niharika keep Amit. Rajjo says she reached Amit, power went for 5 mins, she didn’t get time to take him out of the house, if she has hurt Amit, we have to reach him and save him. He says we will find him, I won’t let you take the risk alone. He asks her do you trust me and love me. She says yes. He lifts her and takes her with him. They both run. She asks what are you doing. He says we will go away from this house and city.

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