If you were not there update Wednesday 2 August 2023

If you were not there 2 August 2023: Niyati tells Manorama that today the latter’s one truth is out and it will continue. Amma asks Manorama to stop Abhimanyu from killing Govind. Niyati tells Abhimanyu that Manorama may forgive Govind but they should not forgive him for trying to ruin Manorama’s image. Manorama asks Abhimanyu to leave Govind but the latter refuses. Niyati murmurs to Manorama that today Abhimanyu listened her not the latter. Police comes there and arrests Govind. Niyati tells Manorama that Abhimanyu loves the latter so much so he will forgive her easily.

Manorama asks her to not get happy for the first win and if she did then she won’t be able to play next game. Niyati tells her that she don’t want to win against her but want to expose her in front of everyone. She acts like apologizing to her for suspecting her. She says that she deserves punishment and hits her head on the pillar. Abhimanyu stops her and says that it’s not her mistake and Manorama will forgive her too. Manorama tells him that her children happiness matters for her.

Anand comes there with Dr Verma. Niyati tells Abhimanyu that she called Dr Verma to treat Gajendra. She says that Dr Verma works only if they followed his conditions and no one can enter Gajendra’s room without Dr Verma’s permission. Manorama is about to oppose but Niyati doesn’t let her do that. Abhimanyu says that he feels like third person is involved because Shagun is inside the jail and Govind can’t alone do all this. Niyati tells her that he is right.

Later, Manorama sees a child’s picture. Her son Angad calls her and asks her that why she didn’t kill Abhimanyu yet and it looks like she loves him more than her own son. She tells him that it’s not like that. He tells her that Niyati ruined his plan again. He asks her to kill Abhimanyu by herself. She tells him that she could not do that. He tells her that if she failed to kill Abhimanyu by tonight then he won’t meet her too and disconnects the call.

Abhimanyu tells Niyati that he is a bad husband. She scolds him for blaming himself and asks him to fulfill his responsibility. He goes to Manorama and tells her that she is his mother and nothing else matters. She tells him that she could tolerate all the suffering in his childhood because she had him and if he left her then she don’t have anyone. He asks her to trust her upbringing and no one can separate them.

She decides to leave the house and packs her luggage. He tells her that he won’t let her go anywhere. She tells him that she just wants his happiness and for that she can do anything. He gets attack and becomes a child and hugs her saying that he won’t let her leave. She tells him that she won’t go anywhere. She mixes some powder in the milk. She sings a lullaby for him.

Niyati wonders that what Manorama did to trigger Abhimanyu’s personality. She runs towards Manorama’s room and she asks Abhimanyu to not drink the milk because Manorama mixed poison in the milk.

Niyati tries to stop Abhimanyu but he insists that she leave it, Niyati reveals that his mother has mixed poison in it when Manaroma questions how can he mother be like it as she cannot harm her own son, Abhimanyu while suffering from an attack pushes her away exclaiming she is a liar as a mother can never harm him and brought milk for him, Niyati rushes to push it questioning what has he done, Abhimanyu exclaims that he drank the milk which his brother brought for him since she loves him a lot and would even sing a song for him, Niyati tries to disagree requesting Manaroma to tell the truth to him but he pushes her away exclaiming his mother really loves him a lot, he starts coughing blood, Abhimanyu is not able to understand what is happening so turns to Manaroma calling her Maa, Niyati in distress calls the entire family including Kinkar and Amma jee, she exclaims that it is really important for Abhimanyu to vomit but he is just calling his mother, she insists Abhimanyu should vomit however he walks to his mother.

Kinkar and Amma je question what has happened to Abhimanyu and why was Niyati yelling, they all are shocked to see him coming with blood flowing from his mouth, Niyati tries to stop him but he standing in front of Manaroma questions if he made a mistake then why did she try to poison him since he is her Munna and every time he would perform the punishment, he requests her to tell her but Niyati insists she will not answer as she doesnot care if he lives or dies but Abhimanyu insists that she reply if she loves him and will save his life. Niyati replies he is telling the truth that Manaroma never really loved Abhimanyu and he was just a tool to complete her revenge, Kinkar questions what is Niyati saying.

Amma jee goes to take her mobile when she receives a call, Amma je is shocked to hear the person asking if her son has died and he hopes that she has not made a mistake in poisoning him this time, Mami jee exclaims she has turned to show that she is not his real mother. Abhimanyu is constantly requesting they let him talk with his mother, Manaroma is crying.

In the night Kinkar explains he has sent Bitto to bring the medicine and she should say if there is anything else, Niyati explains she just prays that he vomit it otherwise everything would be ruined, Manaroma comes to the room when Mami jee tuning questions why has she come now, Amma je exclaims that she would not even let her see Abhimanyu now, she pushes Manaroma while they all stand in front of her, Kinkar exclaims he even forgot his own sister and called her as sister but now how can he say her as his own sister, Mami jee also questions how can she act so good with them all, but in her heart she held a grudge against them all when in reality she hated them all, Diya also exclaims she thought Manaroma was washing the stains which are said on a step mother but in reality she is not even worthy to be called a mother, Amma jee also says she first ruined the health of her son and now Abhimanyu, she questions if Manaroma is a Diyan. Mami jee rushes after hearing Mr Panday ringing the bell, she hugs him exclaiming everything has ruined.

Kinkar rushes to the room handing Niyati the medicine, he asks if Abhimanyu vomit when she replies he has but they need to pray for the better, Kinkar prays how can a women call herself as a mother even when Abhimanyu gave her each and every right.

Mami brings Mr Panday in front of Manaroma, he is in a wheelchair and looks to Manaroma, she asks how Abhimanyu is when Kinkar reveals Niyati has taken out the poison after forcing him to vomit but his Bahubali is lying there like a dead person. Amma jee in anger throws Manaroma out of the house exclaiming that she would not even see her face in this house anymore and closes the door.
Niyati is with Abhimanyu in the room when she sees his finger moving so gets excited and rushes to inform the entire family that her husband has been saved.

Manaroma is walking on the road thinking how Abhimanyu exclaimed he will not accept the truth as she is his mother and does, she does not trust her son, she vowed to not let her leave but then she herself gave him the poison, Manaroma sits down on the road crying.
In the morning Niyati is sleeping on the sofa beside the bed of Abhimanyu when he suddenly wakes up and calls Maa, Niyati thinks that he might not remember anything that happened last night and would have forgotten it so how can she tell the truth, Niyati tries to explain when he says that she might be trying to say Manaroma tried to poison him, he leaves the room when Niyati think that Aanad said he would forget everything because of his split personality but because he saw the truth of Manaroma so might have accepted it all.Abhimanyu rushes to the hall questioning everyone where is maa, Kinkar exclaims he might have forgotten it all and so how can they tell the truth to him, Amma jee explains that she has left the house, Abhimanyu questions how she can leave them all and why did they allow her to go, he rushes out of the house when they request Niyati to stop him however she rushes into the kitchen.

Niyati brings the sweets insisting they all need to take it, she informs them that he has been cured when Kinkar questions what she is saying as how he can be healthy after all that has happened, Niyati informs that the split personality was because of his trauma and then after knowing her truth, he has gotten healthy.

Amma jee exclaims that if he has not forgotten anything that happened last night and knows the truth about Manaroma then why he rushed to find her, Niyati is shocked.Abhimanyu while searching for Manaroma sees her sitting, he calls her Maa questioning why did she leave him when she promised to always stay by his side, Manaroma requests him to not insult the title of Maa, she informs he might have forgotten what she did last night, Abhimanyu informs that she tried to poison him but he will drink the poison hundred times if she is the one to give him since even the poison is like sweet if she gives it to him, she starts crying.

Abhimanyu enters the house along with Niyati and Manaroma by his side, Amma je along with the entire Panday family is shocked to see that he has once again brought her into the house.


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