Rajjo Starlife update Sunday 30 July 2023

Rajjo 30 July 2023: The Episode starts with Arjun seeing his bed. He gets angry and feels guilty. He ruins the things. He lights a matchstick to burn the bed. Mannu comes and stops him. She asks him to use the efforts to apologize to Rajjo. He says no, I just deserve her hatred, she is doing right, I have done wrong. Mannu says you both are doing wrong by making fun of marriage, you both are at loss, try to solve things and move ahead in the same direction, you made the mistake so you have to repent, go and talk to Rajjo, you won’t get a chance to save the relation. Rajjo cries and wipes her sindoor. She recalls Swara’s words. She checks the pregnancy kit. She says maybe Swara didn’t check this well, I will go and give this good news to her. She goes and collides with Arjun.

Tu safar mera…plays.. He says please give me a chance for this relation, forgive me, please. Rajjo says you signed the divorce papers, what do you want now. He thinks you want to get separated from me. She thinks I didn’t touch the papers, but you signed it. She gets away. She goes to Swara. She says I got this kit in the bin, see, it has two lines. Swara says this isn’t mine. Rajjo asks what. Swara says I don’t know. Rajjo says its not mine either. Swara says Kalindi. Rajjo and Swara get glad. Swara says its good, Kalindi is becoming a mum again. Rajjo says you will also get twin babies. Rajjo goes to Kalindi. She asks can I help you. Kalindi says I was just taking a glass. Rajjo says I know, you maybe feeling thirsty in this condition. Kalindi dislikes the chutney smell. Rajjo laughs. Kalindi thinks did she get mad. Chirag asks Rajjo what are you doing here, your relation is breaking, I will talk to Arjun, divorcing Arjun isn’t the solution. Rajjo says I m tired, you go and tell Arjun that I don’t want this relation, when I have lost, why are you fighting for our relation. Chirag asks what happened. She says ask Arjun. He asks her to rest. He says I have to remind you old Rajjo, you are a fighter, I have seen you fighting for your rights, why are you losing. She says I don’t want to fight, Arjun and I have lost.

She says I m happy that everything got fine between Kalindi and you, celebrate, what happened, is everything fine. He says I won’t talk about it. She asks him to say. He says old wounds don’t heal so soon, we are trying to become good parents for Sia, but not able to become good husband and wife, I m not able to go to Kalindi, I can’t even talk to her, I can’t go close to her. Rajjo thinks Chirag and Kalindi are distant, Kalindi isn’t pregnant, then who is pregnant. Kalindi and Niharika have drinks. Niharika refuses to drink. She gets angry when Kalindi insists. She says I m pregnant. Kalindi asks what nonsense. Niharika says I got to know this one week ago, Rajjo did wrong with dad, I couldn’t say, when I was planning to take revenge on Rajjo, I thought to use it against Rajjo, this baby will get a father like Arjun. Kalindi asks who is the baby’s father. Niharika says my ex-Bf, we have no relation now. Kalindi asks why, when I told him that I m pregnant, he refused to take the baby’s responsibility, he went to Australia.

She says I know Arjun, he doesn’t love me but he will not step back from this responsibilty, he will marry me for this baby’s sake. Rajjo stays sad. Arjun says no need to go anywhere. He apologizes to her. He says I won’t let you complain again, we are made for each other, don’t leave me, I love you. She imagines him. She cries.

Mannu asking Rajjo to get the bags, she will go and hire a taxi. She thinks Arjun isn’t here, was his love so weak. Madhu asks Rajjo to go out. Chirag asks Rajjo to pack some food. Rajjo says no, we will see, its not needed. He says come, I will pack the food. Madhu says Chirag loves her a lot. Jhilmil says let her take anything she wants, we will get rid of her. Madhu says yes, it’s a good day. Arjun imagines Rajjo everywhere. Niharika asks Chirag about her protein shake sipper. He says I didn’t see. He packs the food. Niharika feels nausea. Rajjo worries. Niharika goes to vomit and gets angry on her pregnancy. Rajjo hears this. She gets shocked. Mannu asks what, Niharika is pregnant. Rajjo says yes, Arjun and she…

Mannu says its yesterday’s matter, she can’t get pregnant soon, is Arjun with her since before. Rajjo says no, it can’t happen, Arjun ill never lie, if he said he made a mistake in drunken state that night, then maybe. She recalls Arjun’s words. She says maybe nothing happened between them and this is just a conspiracy. Mannu says yes, maybe. Arjun comes there. Madhu asks Rajjo to leave. Rajjo says I understood the game, I thought Arjun is cheating me, but he got cheated, just support me. Madhu asks Rajjo to end this drama. Rajjo asks Mannu to tell the taxi driver that they aren’t going anywhere. Mannu goes. Chirag and Arjun smile. Rajjo goes and takes Niharika with her. She asks Kalindi not to come between. She asks Niharika are you pregnant. Niharika asks what nonsense. Rajjo scolds her. She says I know nothing happened between Arjun and you. Niharika lies. Rajjo says don’t lie, you were pregnant, so you did this to give Arjun’s name to your child. Niharika asks will I do this with Arjun. She starts laughing.

She asks what will you do now. Rajjo says I will tell everything about you, you think of yourself, what will you tell them when I show this proof, no one will believe that this is Arjun’s baby. Niharika asks why, I met Arjun yesterday, and I got to know of pregnancy today, I will tell them that Arjun and I had that relation many times. Rajjo says you are disgusting, you are my sister. Niharika says I m not your sister. Rajjo says right, you are your dad’s daughter, I m my Maai’s daughter, there is a big difference between our blood and upbringing, your dad ruined my mum’s life, I won’t let you play with Arjun’s life, I will save him from this cheat. Niharika says your dad did this, its my turn to ruin you now, I will see how you save Arjun. Rajjo says I will fight anyone to save my husband.

Arjun says I m happy that Rajjo isn’t going anywhere, but what’s happening, where did she take Niharika. Rajjo comes and hugs him. She says sorry, I had become stupid like you. She cries. He says I m glad that you are in my arms. She says wait a min. She shuts the door. He asks why did you shut the door, what’s happening. She says it’s a big conspiracy. He asks what conspiracy, did you stay back here for this reason. She says yes. He says I will also do some conspiracy. Rajjo says Niharika told me that… Chirag comes and says police came to ask for Arjun. Madhu says Arjun can’t do wrong. Inspector says we have arrest warrant for Arjun, he is charged to cheat a girl. Rajjo says it’s a lie. She holds Arjun’s hand. Kalindi says I have filed this FIR. Chirag asks did you go mad. She says he did wrong with Niharika. Madhu asks what nonsense, Arjun can never do this, I dislike Rajjo but he is loyal towards her, he loves her a lot.

Kalindi asks Chirag to see Madhu’s blind love for Arjun. She says truth will be truth, Arjun did wrong, when he has divorced Rajjo, why is she staying here. Arjun says I will never leave Rajjo, I didn’t cheat Niharika. Rajjo says Niharika isn’t innocent as you think, you don’t know her truth, I will tell you. Kalindi says shut up Rajjo. Rajjo says I know the truth, Arjun doesn’t know it. Kalindi asks doesn’t he know. Rajjo says your sister is disgusting, teach the limits to her. Madhu asks Arjun to say the truth, what is Kalindi saying. Arjun says I won’t lie, I will say the truth, was drunk, it was a mistake, sorry, I don’t remember anything. Everyone is shocked. Niharika smiles. Rajjo says you don’t know the truth, its not your mistake. Inspector says he is accepting, you are justifying him, we have to arrest him. Madhu says stop them. Arjun gets arrested. Chirag says you are doing wrong, stop them Kalindi. Arjun says it’s a lie, I didn’t tell anything to Rajjo. She says I know, don’t worry, I will fix everything. Chahe mai rahun….plays… He leaves.

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