If you were not there update Sunday 30 July 2023

If you were not there 30 July 2023: Abhimanyu enters the room sitting on the sofa, he is thinking how Aanad was holding the hand of Niyati, she walks through the door seeking permission to come inside, he asks if she even needs permission to come inside as he will make her remember that she is his wife and this room also belongs to her, Niyati sees Manaroma walking towards the room so hurriedly closes the door on her face, Niyati exclaims it is good she made him realize, she mentions she needs to talk about something important with him, she explains she met Aanad at the hospital, Abhimanyu asks why did he not leave when Niyati replies that he is waiting for their apology, she says he is her childhood friend and she believes he really did not change the medicines, Abhimanyu questions then where is he, Niyati replies he is standing outside, she asks if he saw them both at the hospital then why did he not come to meet them, Abhimanyu questions if she saw him so Niyati replies she saw him leaving, she requests him to make sure there is no chance of any misconception between them both, Niyati assures that she and her love is just for him so he must never think wrong of her love for him, he says sorry when she says that the Britishers have left but left sorry, he must try to mend his wrong doings.

Manaroma assures Amma je that Abhimanyu is fine, but they must not try to make him remember the attack, Kinkar says that he is coming when Abhimanyu calls Dr Aanad, Kinkar questions what is he doing here and who called him, Abhimanyu stops them and goes to hug Dr Aanad, he requests the entire Panday family to forgive him but Gajender is not ready however he is forced to accept when Abhimanyu asks him to forgive Aanad for his sake, Niyati assures he might have made a lot of mistakes but did not change the medicines and it was someone else, Gajender questions who was it, Niyati walking to him mentions it was the mistake of the chemist since he switched the medicines because of the similar names, Mr Panday agrees to forgive Aanad, Abhimanyu mentions now he has gotten the apology so must go back to Mumbai without any worry and understand that the life is for living and not to seek revenge, Aanad exclaims he will surely go back but first needs to talk with the family about the attacks of Abhimanyu, he says Niyati told him about the attacks of Niyati, Manaroma mentions this is their family matter when Abhimanyu stops Manaroma asking about the attacks when Dr Aanad explains the reason for these attacks is the split personality disorder since he got them two times in the past two days, there is an identity of a child which takes control of him at the time of the attack and if this prolongs then this would be most harmful for Abhimanyu himself, he is not ready to accept that he suffered two attacks and asks for confirmation, Niyati requests Manaroma to reveal the truth, she informs him about both the incidents and how he tried to kill his father the second time, Abhimanyu gets really sad wondering how can he try to kill his own father so starts trembling, Niyati and Dr Aanad help him, when he asks Aanad if he would get healthy when he assures Abhimanyu that he would get fine.

Aanad explains he would have to go away from his family and loved ones for some time, Niyati explains Aanad has revealed her some ways by which they would be able to make sure he gets healthy but for this they need to do it in isolation, Manaroma questions what sort of a doctor is he since a patient needs to be with his family but he is saying they need to start the treatment in isolation, Niyati informs that Abhimanyu attacked papa since he was right infront of him but when he is alone then would not attack anyone, Manaroma questions how would she be able to take care of him alone, Niyati replies just like Manaroma has done all these years and she would use what she taught her, Niyati informs at her Gouna she vowed to make sure her husband gets healthy and today she is going to make the same promise to them that she is going to make sure he gets healthy no matter what happens, Niyati requests for ten days from them, so she can figure out the true cause, Niyati explains that Aanad consulted the best doctor and she can have him talk with him, she dials the contact when Mr Panday leaves while Niyati looks to Manaroma who is smiling. Mr Panday comes back and asks Niyati where are they going to go so Manaroma suggests they can go to the Farm house as it will be near the house while giving them the privacy, Abhimanyu mentions he wants to live a long life with Niyati and his family but he requests her, she says there is no need for him to request her and he is himself going to get healthy, he just needs to listen to her and complete the treatment, he vows to listen to everything that she is going to say, he even stands with Dr Aanad, Niyati looks to Manaroma who is still smiling.

Kinkar questions who is going to drive the car when Abhimanyu mentions he is going to however Kinkar warns him to not drive it fast, he informs Niyati. Abhimanyu drives the car really fast on an empty road when he asks Kinkar why he is saying it to Niyati, Kinkar mentions he is worried about her.

Abhimanyu hugs Manaroma mentioning that he will miss her a lot but needs to go so he can get healthy, he mentions there is nothing to be worried about since Niyati is with her when Manaroma mentions she believes Niyati would be able to take good care of him, she hugs Manaroma assuring she will take good care of him. Amma jee prays that Niyati be able to find the truth about the incident that happened in the past. Mr Panday is also worried.

Manaroma walking in the hall thinks Niyati has made a good plan of keeping her away from her son but would not succeed, she tries calling him however the phone rings in the bed and she thinks Niyati left them both on purpose.Abhimanyu checking his pocket exclaims he forgot his phone when Niyati mentions even she forgot her phone since she placed them on charging but forgot to take them out, Abhimanyu says he can go back but she insists they keep on going ahead since if they are alone then would spend time together with ease, she forces him to agree when he asks what will happen if they want to talk to their family when Niyati says they can buy new mobiles, but would call those whom they desire.

Manaroma asks Govind to go to the farmhouse and check if they arrived, she explains Niyati doesnot know that the game which is playing is of Manaroma.

Niyati informs Abhimanyu that she doesnot feel they should go to the farm house since everyone would know that they would be there, she doesnot want anyone to come especially Maa when Abhimanyu says it is better if she comes however Niyati explains he has gotten two attacks in the past two days so what if he suffers another attack and Maa is standing in front of him then what would he do to her, Abhimanyu stopping the car exclaims that he surely doesnot want to hurt his mother if any case, he asks what can they do now so does she have another plan, Niyati mentions she has already made a plan, they reach the guest house when she explains she found it online and this place would be their house for the next few days, the worker comes informing the preparations for their stay have been made, Abhimanyu

mentions that this place is really quite and peaceful without any hurdle of the world, Abhimanyu taking Niyati sits on the swing, he then places her hand on his heart before placing his head on her lap, they both start to enjoy the privacy which they have, by dancing on the lawn when he asks her to always stay with him like this and she also mentions okay, he asks what does she mean when Niyati demands that she needs her fees, he asks what does she mean when he explains that she surely deserves a fees so what does she desire, he pulling her close mentions he belongs to her, she can take anything which she desires so Niyati mentions that she is feeling the need to sleep since she gets tired hearing him talk rubbish all day when she is tired, he exclaims he will make her sleep go away, they both start plying.

Manaroma is shocked while on the call with Govind questioning how they did not reach the farmhouse when Gajender Panday comes from behind, she gets shocked but when he asks what has happened since she seems tensed, Manaroma leaves assuring that everything is fine. Manaroma standing with Govind in the lawn questions where they could have both gone to, he informs they might have made some other plan, she explains this is the plan of Niyati, she orders him to go and find them within an hour, Mr Panday seeing them both wonders why Manaroma is jee so angry with Govind as she seems to be tensed today.

Niyati and Abhimanyu are running, she says he would not be able to catch her since she always got first in her school running competition, Shukla jee brings the lunch for them both, they both get really tensed, when Abhimanyu mentions they have to run for ten thousand steps in order to burn the five hundred calories, Mr Shukla leaves when Niyati says they should learn how to make excuses from him, he replies she got really scared seeing him so he had to make an excuse, Abhimanyu asks her to come and have lunch since he is really hungry, she offers to serve when he questions if she is first in every task, he brings the plate so they both start eating, he asks if she remembers how they also used to share the plate in their childhood in one plate, she mentions she recalls it a little when she insists on knowing everything from his childhood since it is the biggest thing which can help them, he informs that this illness has ruined his every dream when he mentions that he wants to open an adventure sports company but Niyati is really excited when Abhimanyu informs that this illness has caused him to be away from his family, which he cannot bear anymore when she questions what memory of his childhood is hurting him to the extent that he is not getting healthy.

Mr Panday walking in the house wonders why is Manaroma jee so tensed, when he meets Devi who says that Manaroma did has asked them to clean the store so she is over looking it, when Mr Panday sees the gifts when a worker drops the box, he sees that all the gifts are still packed and when some time ago he asked Manaroma jee if he can himself give the gifts to Abhimanyu, she refused saying that he remains angry with him so does he want to create another trauma in his life and when he asked why does he not play with the gifts, she mentioned it was because he doesnot look at it.

Niyati makes Abhimanyu vow on the life of his mother, he asks her to take back the vow since he cannot inform about his past without asking Manaroma, he told her that he cannot hear anything against his mother when what happens if something happens to her because of him. Niyati explains how she can not talk about her when she is always standing in front of them.

Manaroma questions why did Govind not find them both because if Niyati manages to find the truth about the past then it would create a problem which they would not be able to control, and she wants to make sure that she will cause so much pain to Abhimanyu that Niyati will think of her life as a hell, she is going to ruin them both, Manaroma drops the phone after turning when Mr Panday is standing in front of her, he in anger walks towards her, Mr Panday slaps Manaroma so she falls on the sofa, he exclaims she is the one who made his son a mental patient and purposefully kept him away from his son, he never gave the gifts which he brought for him, she came in between the relation of a father and son, with the excuse of taking care of him she has been creating differences and is now even trying to stop Niyati who is the last hope to make sure Abhimanyu gets well, he demands an answer when Mr Panday threatens saying she would not be able to harm them both till he is alive. Manaroma asks what if he doesnot stay alive then she can cause harm to him, he asks if she is going to kill him when Manaroma questions why do they always talk about killing, first Niyati now him, since she doesnot want to kill anyone neither him nor Abhimanyu because if she desired then would have killed them both in a single day with poison but she doesnot want to kill them and desires that Abhimanyu gets even her life.

Abhimanyu asks Niyati to take back the vow when she requests him to take the medicine as he is getting hyper however he is not ready to listen to anything against his mother, Niyati insists he take the medicine since she can prove what she is saying, he asks how can he remain in the same mental state since whenever they come close she tends to go away with them, she said she took the name of Maa just for the sake of treatment, Niyati replies that she has put everything on the line and came with him even when he was unconscious but now they are standing in front of each other, she promises if she is not able to prove herself then will leave him by herself.

Manaroma informs she wanted to make him suffer, he is the father of Abhimanyu and she had only one way and it was the only way to make him suffer in pain, so she caused his son to be in pain, Mr Panday questions what have they both done to her, he demands an answer when she pushes a medicine in his mouth covering it with her hand, he questions what is she doing but she doesnot leave it while he struggles.

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