Rajjo Starlife update Saturday 5 August 2023

Rajjo 5 August 2023: The Episode starts with Kalindi scolding Rajjo. Pandit says this girl is pregnant, sorry, I can’t get this marriage done. He goes. Madhu says I knew it, Rajjo is playing some game. Rajjo says Niharika is playing a game, don’t you want to know who is Amit, why did Niharika and Pushkar try to kill him. Madhu says I will see him. Arjun says Rajjo is my wife, we both love each other. Kalindi asks will you cheat my sister. Rajjo says she is cheating and you are supporting her. Kalindi says your drama won’t work here, why would my dad and Niharika try to kill this person. Rajjo says ask them about it. Kalindi asks Pushkar what is all this, does he know this man. She asks Niharika did she try to kill him. Arjun says she was in love with him. Rajjo says she is carrying his child, she was putting the blame on Arjun.

Kalindi asks is he your BF. Arjun says yes, he is her BF and this child’s baby, you know this baby isn’t mine, you blamed me and sent me to jail, what will you do now, truth came out. Niharika says it’s a lie. Arjun scolds her.He says I will not tolerate it now. Rajjo says nothing happened between Arjun and Niharika, she did this to give father’s name to her baby and to free her dad from jail, she spiked Arjun’s drink, when he was losing senses, she tried to take an advantage, but he fainted, so her plan failed, she tried to make me believe that something wrong happened between Arjun and her, I believed her, Arjun didn’t remember anything and thought it’s the truth, the day when I was leaving the house, I got pregnancy kit in bathroom, I thought it belongs to Swara and Kalindi, but it wasn’t, I saw Niharika vomiting, I understood she is pregnant, it can’t be Arjun’s baby, miracle doesn’t happen in a night, before I could tell Arjun, Kalindi called the police, Kalindi and Niharika kept a condition in front of me and asked me to free their dad by taking back the case if I want to free Arjun, when Pushkar came back, he kept another condition and asked me to leave from Arjun’s life so that Niharika marries Arjun and her baby gets Arjun’s name, I had to listen to him. Pushkar says don’t lie else… Arjun scolds him.

Jhilmil asks why did you sign the papers. Arjun says Niharika did this. Rajjo says Niharika thought I m not educated, right, I m from a village, but I know writing my name, Niharika thought I can’t sign and applied the thumb impression. Niharika says I didn’t do anything. Swarna says we will check it. She asks Niharika to apply the thumb impression. Niharika refuses. Rajjo makes Niharika apply the thumb impression. She says you can’t get saved now. Swara says both the impressions are same. Rajjo says keep the papers safe, we may need it for court case. Niharika gets angry and scolds her.

Rajjo says you hate me so much that you got ready to separate your child from his dad. Niharika says yes. Kalindi says but you said your BF doesn’t want this baby and left you. Rajjo says Amit is here for his baby. Kalindi asks why did you lie. Chirag says you also lied, you blamed Arjun and sent him to jail. Kalindi says I know, I have no enmity with Arjun, I was scared seeing Niharika in this condition. Chirag says so you thought its right to break Rajjo and Arjun’s marriage, I m ashamed of you. Kalindi says I m sorry. Madhu scolds her.

Pushkar says enough, I won’t hear a word against my daughter, its Arjun’s baby if Niharika is saying. Rajjo asks how much will you ruin them, you should be ashamed of yourself and your upbringing, when Niharika told you the truth, you thought its right to support her, you got ready to kill an innocent man, who loved your daughter truly. She scolds him.

Amit says I got saved, Niharika had hit on my head and thought I died, I fainted, she left from there. Arjun says Rajjo is smart, she had stolen Amit’s phone and messaged Niharika, Niharika sent Pushkar, when Amit was attacked, we were there, we saved Amit’s life. Rajjo says Arjun made Amit wear the bullet proof jacket. They recall. Rajjo says Pushkar got fooled, we got Amit downstairs and then the truth is here. Pushkar says wow, what a story. Rajjo says you made a story, I have told the truth. He says I won’t believe you.

Arjun says we have proof. He shows the video of Pushkar scolding Amit and shooting him. Madhu asks Niharika how dare you spoil Arjun’s life, you were raised here with my kids, I feel I couldn’t know you. Jhilmil says I didn’t know my brother is a murderer, a big fraud, I thought Rajjo and Mannu are framing you, I m ashamed to call you my brother, you have made Niharika a murderer like you, how did you do this. Arjun says its easy for them to do this. Kalindi cries and says you made me do this sin, Niharika. She asks Pushkar why did he try to kill an innocent man.

Pushkar asks did I have any other way, I can’t get my daughter married to this poor guy, no way, Rajjo ruined everything by getting Amit here. Madhu asks him to shut up. She scolds him. He says you had tried many things to make her out of the house, you hated her. Madhu says everyone knows it. Arjun says we have forgiven Madhu. Pushkar asks really, did you forgive her for supporting me in killing Mannu. Rajjo and everyone are shocked. Rajjo asks what are you saying. Pushkar says Madhu didn’t tell you anything, fine, I will say, when I was killing Mannu, Madhu was proving Rajjo mentally ill, Madhu isn’t different from me. Rajjo recalls everything and cries. Arjun says Maa, you have done all this, Rajjo stopped me from leaving this house, she explained me the imp of family, she could have eloped with me and have a good life, she chose to stay back for your sake, she chose this hatred, you have supported this disgusting man. He says my life would have got ruined if Rajjo didn’t support me.

Chirag scolding Madhu. He defends Rajjo. Swara says yes, Rajjo respects you a lot, any other bahu would have left this house and taken your son along. Madhu says enough. She apologizes to Rajjo. She says this is happening with me so that I know Rajjo and Mannu’s truth. Arjun scolds her and counts her crimes. Rajjo says I could have taken Arjun and left your family, how would you feel, you were separating me from Mannu. Madhu says no, I didn’t know Pushkar’s plan, everything was done when I got to know, I was tensed, I know I should have told you everything, I thought you should leave from Arjun’s life. Arjun says you fell so low. Rajjo says let it be. Arjun asks Madhu to see Rajjo.

Madhu says I got to know that Arjun is taking you abroad, so I had joined hands with Niharika,I had sent those passport papers, I m sorry, I have done wrong, you should take Arjun with you and go away, where you both can live happy. Rajjo wipes her tears and consoles her. She says you are ready to send your son away, but I m not ready to take Arjun along and go away, I can’t break your relation. She asks Arjun to forgive Madhu.

Arjun says I will never go away from this house. Madhu hugs Arjun and Rajjo. Pushkar and Niharika try to run. Chirag says stop, someone call the police. Arjun says I called the police. The police comes. Niharika asks Pushkar to save her. Madhu asks where is your mum. Rajjo says she was here. Arjun and Rajjo ask about Mannu. Pushkar says I don’t know. Chirag says police will do the work. Pushkar says I don’t know about her. Arjun asks inspector to take her. Niharika and Pushkar ask Kalindi to save them. Mannu comes. Rajjo goes and hugs her. Pushkar says she is here, you were blaming me. Inspector says the proof is enough to put them in jail.

Pushkar tries to run away. Some women stop him and beat him. They scold Pushkar and remind his crimes. Everyone comes and looks on. Mannu says I got them here, we will punish you today. Pushkar points gun at her. Rajjo says don’t dare. He threatens them. Inspector says you can’t get saved now. Pushkar scolds the women. They all throw soil at his face. Rajjo says I m ashamed to be your daughter. Madhu says shame on you, you are a devil. Kalindi cries and says I hate myself for being your daughter, our relation is over now. Jhilmil also scolds him.

Arjun asks inspector to arrest Pushkar. Mannu slaps Pushkar and says punish him in a way that when he sees women, he should see them with respect. Madhu says forgive me for my mistakes. Kalindi also apologizes to Rajjo and Mannu. Mannu says I have no complains, just keep Rajjo happy. Madhu promises. Rajjo says Kalindi, we are sisters, I want to keep this relation if you… Kalindi hugs her. Everyone smiles.

Arjun says I want to do something before making a new start. He goes. Mannu asks Rajjo to keep patience. Rajjo gets worried. Mannu says I couldn’t give you anything, you got me my freedom, you gave me a new life, I m very happy, no one can stop you from running now. They hug and smile.


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