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Radha is anxiously waiting while Kadambari is also worried wondering why did Mohan not come back till now, she thinks even if Mohan has been able to talk and explain anything to Damini as she is also not in any state to either listen to believe anything.

Mohan comes out of the room when Radha asks if he is fine, he replies no he is not fine hearing which everyone gets shocked. Mohan mentions today he has lost his oldest and closest friend, Kadambari asks what has happened when Mohan reveals Damini has decided to leave this house hearing this everyone is shocked, Gungun however gets really excited along with Ketki and they both start celebrating, Gungun exclaims finally their problem has ended, Ketki mentions now they will find get some peace in the house but seeing the reaction of Mohan they both are really overwhelmed.

Radha thinks Damini would not leave this house so easily and she prays whatever Mohan jee is saying should be the truth. Mohan says he has done two very important things today, first he has closed his past and is ready to move on in his life. Tulsi exclaims Mohan must express his feelings to Radha.

Mohan says that Radha wanted the answer so she is surely going to get her answer hearing which everyone is waiting for his reply, Mohan says tomorrow is Tej and it is when their relation started, Radha recalls how the old lady wrote the name of Mohan on her hand, after which he said that she is not a thief and they both even had the dinner together. He asks her to wait until tomorrow promising she will get all the answers tomorrow. Kadambari thinks she wanted to tell Mohan that she suspects Damini is the one behind the death of Tulsi but now after seeing his happiness she cannot say anything. Mohan asks Kadambari to start the preparations as they are going to celebrate in a way that the entire city of Varandhwan would remember it for the years to come, hearing this everyone starts smiling.

Mohan leaves mentioning he is going to come after a while, Ketki rushes to Radha mentioning that tomorrow Mohan is going to give his answer in which he will express his feelings of love for him, Radha gets a bit nervous so leaves even when Ketki tries to stop her, she follows Radha asking her what preparations do they have to make for the Tej. Kadambari asks Ajeet and Rahul t come as they have to make a lot of preparations for Tej.

Radha rushes to kitchen and is smiling while even being nervous at the same time since Mohan has finally assured she will get the answer to her questions, she starts recalling all those moments when Mohan stood for her and how he revealed in front of all the employees that she is his wife and they both complete each other, she starts circling in happiness and thinks she never thought this day would come when Mohan jee would say in her eyes and express that he loves her, she thinks she has waited for a lot of months and days for this moments, as Mohan jee was that star in her life which she was not able to reach and could only smile looking at him from fa away, she thinks that she can never thank him enough for this happiness so wonders what if she dies due to happiness.

Gungun sees the box so thinks that Ramaa forgot to read the letters so she thinks of reading them alone right now while vowing to also read them with Ramaa afterwards, Tulsi thinks she can also not wait to read the letters she sees Gungun is opening the letters so asks her to stop. Gungun is about to read them when Radha suddenly snatches the letters from her, saying it is very bad as she promised to read them with her, Gungun mentioned she thought Radha would have forgotten her because of her father, Radha says Gungun is the most important person in her life, she asks now an they read it when Radha refuses mentioning that they will read it only after Gungun eats something so must go eat with Dulari, tulsi is glad so thinks that she will first read what is written in the letters but then she hears Mohan calling her so leaves.

Radha thinks she should at least check what is written in the letters but she stops thinking how can she do what she stopped Gungun from doing.

Mohan asks how is Tulsi and exclaims that they both would never fight again, he exclaims it was ever easy for him since when she left him he has only been furious with her and blamed her for everything wrong that happened in his life but Radha told him to only think about the good things and it is true that she taught him how to love, Tulsi starts crying as Mohan says that she taught him how to love each other and even do his work, Tulsi exclaims he still remembers it when she thought he forgot everything. Mohan accepts he hates her but still remembers it all however has to move on in his life without Tulsi and her memories along with these bad thoughts whenever he cannot do it without Tulsi since she is an important part of his life however he has not come here to end anything but just come to ask for her permission before starting a new phase of life.

Mohan mentions that the truth is there was a hole inside him which he never thought could fill again but he has once again fallen in love, he finally accepts that he loves Radha and even she really loves hi a lot, she really loves Gungun a lot, she has brought a new purpose into his life so he wants to live the 1rest of his life with Radha and fulfill all the dreams which he once saw with her. Mohan says tomorrow is Tej and he is going to express his feelings to Radha but has come here to ask for her permission.

Damini is sitting thinking how Mohan said that he does not love her and would never marry her, kaveri exclaims all of their desires have been ruined as they planned everything for so many years, she mentions she saw a dram that Damini is going to be the princess of this house while she would be her mother, Kaveri says that Radha is going to get a new life while theirs would turn into a black abyss. Kaveri exclaims Radha is going to start her new life tomorrow but Damini says that from tomorrow there is only going to be one color in the life of Radha which is white, as she will snatch all the colors from her life. Damini says tomorrow is Tej the function of husbands but tomorrow Radha is going to lose her Mohan, kaveri asks what is she planning to do, Damini is adamant.

Mohan tells Tulsi that tomorrow is Tej and he is going to talk about his feelings with Radha but before doing that he has come here to ask for her permission since he is going to give her place to someone else, he desires that wherever she is would not have any problem with this step. Tulsi says no wife would desire that her husband should love someone else and express his feelings of love and that women would be mental who would leave someone like him, she says had it been her will she would never have left him but she is not by his side anymore, she exclaims Radha is by his side and loves him like she used to, she would never have agreed if she was alive but she is glad since he could not find a better wife other then Radha, and there also cannot be anyone else who is better for Radha. Tulsi asks Mohan to forget the pains of his past life and that sorrow, he must forget her and start a new life filled with love, she frees him from all of the bonds that existed between them both.

Mohan desires how there could have been a way by which he would know her answer, Tulsi feels worried, but then sees the Tulsi plant from the window, she slowly picks single petal from the flower which she drops on the hand of Mohan while he is praying with is eyes closed. Mohan is shocked seeing the Tulsi petal in his hand, he stares at the portrait, he keeps remember the moment when he proposed to Tulsi and how they both got married to each other, vowing to spend the rest of their lives together. he starts thinking about the beautiful moments pent with her due to which he even gets emotional, he then thanks Tulsi for giving him this sign.

Kaveri exclaims he has broken the relation with her today while is going to express his feelings in front of Radha, Damini exclaims he would not be able to say anything to Radha, Kaveri asks what is she going to do when Damini mentions Tulsi is by her side, kaveri asks why is she saying this because Tulsi has just a few moments ago given Mohan the permission to get married with Radha, so asks Damini to not twist the words and explain what is written in those letters. Damini says she has to explain the entire plan so informs how she called Kans instructing him to complete the work after which Narmada gave Gungun the box of letters. Kaveri asks how is it a nice plan because Gungun might tell Radha, Damini exclaims nothing would happen and Gungun would surely do what she must since it relates to her real mother and they both would not be able to ruin anything. Damini thinks she will find out what is going on there, so calls Kans who informs he has gotten the invitation from the Trivedi, Damini asks if his mother is also going to come when kans replies that she has considered Radha as her daughter so is packing the gifts, Damini says she does not know how they both are going to give the gift to Radha.

Radha is feeding Gungun who says that she does not want to eat anymore but Radha prepares the last bite for her, Gungun asks if they both should read the letters of her mother. Tulsi also comes and is glad that they both have not read the letters otherwise she would have never found what is written in them. Mohan suddenly comes mentioning that he wants to talk about something important with her, Radha thinks if this is how he will express his feelings so informs that she is busy at the moment so they both can talk later, Mohan says that it does not always relate to her as he wants to talk with Gungun,

Mohan whispers the entire plan in the ear of Gungun, Radha makes her sit down asking what did her father say, she says it was nothing but that Radha must leave with her father right now, Radha gets shocked asking what about the letters as Gungun was so eager to read them, she replies it is nothing as they both can read them in the morning. Radha akss what did Mohan say to her due to which she is ready to read the letters tomorrow, Mohan pulls Radha mentioning that it is between a father and daughter, Radha says she does not want Gungun to do any sort of cheating. Gungun says she just wants a cute young brother, hearing this both Radha and Mohan are shocked so she pushes them both out of the room.

Radha entering the room keeps blaming Mohan for saying something so Gungun after which she was talking about such things, she after a while blames that Mohan indeed says such things to Gungun as there is no one else in this house. Radha warns Mohan for the last time explaining that Gungun is very young and should grow with the passage of time and he must not talk about such things with her, she says she has seen him with her own eyes how he keeps saying anything and has no control over his tongue so she is sure he has ruined her daughter, Mohan keeps fighting with Radha blaming her for being the one to spoil Gungun, Mohan asks what would be the condition of Gungun when the child comes as she will run away when he cries, Radha makes fun of Mohan for mimicking the cy of an infant, he asks her to come as he did not bring Radha here to tell the joke.

Mohan asks if she thought how they both have become parents to Gungun before even getting married, Radha says what happened as they both have been in this relation because of Gungun, Mohan says that Gungun has fulfilled the right of being a daughter so exclaims he has to fulfill the right of being a husband, Mohan turns to Radha and tries to say something, he finally mentions he is requesting her to sleep and even let him, she is shocked when he asks tomorrow is Tej and she would have to get up early and perform the pooja which would not have happened if she was with Gungun.

Radha getting furious hits him with the cushion, so he starts fighting with her but she keeps smiling, he manages to catch both the cushions and they keep enjoying the fighting, she says he has been cheating, Mohan corrects her saying he thought she would learn but it did not work, Radha asks if he learned Hindi as she tired a lot, he assures he would learn, Mohan mentions she will get punish for it and would sleep without the blanket, he asks her to apologize in a loving manner, she exclaims now she will sleep with the blanket, Mohan exclaims she must just wait till tomorrow as he will say everything to her, Radha thinks she can wait her entire life to hear what he is about to say, Radha keeps smiling.

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