Radha Mohan Zee world update Monday 26 February 2024

Radha Mohan 26 February 2024: Radha is really scared sitting in the corner, she runs to the desk from where she picks up the phone so she can call and inform Mohan.

Mohan while trying to understand asks gungun what is the difference between the two words, Gungun starts smiling mentioning she warned that he will not be able to do it, Mohan replies it is a challenge that he will surely teach her, Mr Trivedi exclaims that Mohan himself failed two or three times in Hindi. Rahul also mentions Mohan would write the answers in English, he says but even then, they all were correct. Mohan instructs Gungun to write it, the phone keeps ringing on the desk however no one pays any attention to it, Radha notices the person trying to open the window, so she runs away, meanwhile Damini is smiling while looking at the CCTV camera.

Gungun asks Mohan to stop revealing Radha will help her, he questions then where is she when Gungun replies she indeed called her and Radha said she is just coming out, Mohan questions then where is she as she should have come back, Mohan asks ketki if she knows where is his mobile, he picking it tries to call the landline of the office however but before Radha can pick it up the phone disconnects, Gungun thinks she will call her mobile while Mr Trivedi thinks of calling the other number, Radha still runs to the next phone however it also disconnects when she gets shocked, Parthap informs he has disconnected all of the power lines so if she lets him inside then he would give her an easy death otherwise he is going to make her suffer. Parthap along with his men both plan to enter through the window.

Radha remembering that her phone dropped outside the office thinks she has to do whatever she can to pick up her phone. Radha slowly starts walking to the door while Damini is still looking at her. Radha slowly removes the wooden stick with which she has blocked the door, she slowly opens the door and is really scared.

Mohan exclaims that the landline might not be working, Radha sees that Gungun is calling her on the mobile, she therefor open the door and is about to pick up her mobile when Parthap sees that she has opened the door, Radha once again quickly closes it, Parthap hen keels to pick her mobile and he turns it off, Radha manages to once again lock herself in the office.

Damini exclaims no one is going to protect Radha today, neither Mohan nor Tulsi and even her Bihari jee, exclaiming after today she will forever stay away from her.

Mohan asks if anyone was able to talk with her, Gungun reveals Radha first disconnected her phone and it is now switched off, Mohan once again tries calling her and wonders how the landline can not work when she herself called her from the office. Mohan explains he is not getting a good feeling and even Gungun explains she feels something is wrong. Kadambari enters the house asking what has happened as they all seem very tensed, she questions if Damini is fine when Mohan reveals that Radha has not come back till now, he thinks of calling the driver when Kadambari reveals that Radha said she will come back so send the driver with her. Kadambari exclaims she will ask Gayatri, she calls her asking if she knows where is Radha and ends the call informing Gayatri has reached back to her house and said that Radha was still in the office.

Gungun explains if Radha is in some sort of problem, Mohan replies he assured he is here to protect her so will bring Radha home. Kaveri thinks if Mohan leaves then the plan of her daughter would be ruined, she asks Mohan to wait for a moment saying what was the need to care so much when he had to go back and bring Radha back, Damini also coming questions what has happened, he says he is worried because Radha has still not come back, Damini replies that she has gotten used to it so he can leave. Kaveri questions what did Damini say, she whispers that now when Mohan leaves Tulsi is also going to go with him after which they can do whatever they desire to Gungun.

Mohan sees Gungun worried so assures her he will bring back Radha, Tulsi wonders what are they both planning to do with Gungun, now that both Radha and Mohan are also not with her, she thinks of staying back and prays that both Radha and Mohan remain safe.

Parthap exclaims they now have to break the door, so they all start banging it together. Radha gets really scared so runs to hide in the office, Parthap along with his men start searching for her, Radha slowly stands up to go to the door but is shocked when Parthap opens the door, she immediately sits back down and hides behind the wardrobe, Parthap instructs his men to go and check all of the rooms.

Damini quickly comes to her room and after checking the camera, sees Radha hiding in the room, she gets frustrated so calls Parthap informing him about the location of Radha, she explains that he just has fifteen minutes.

Parthap angrily starts walking towards the room, hearing someone coming she gets really scared so hides once again. Parthap enters the room however is not able to find her, he gets really frustrated thinking he is not going to let her go like this. Parthap stands up from behind the shelf, she pushes it over Parthap so he is trapped under it, Damini gets frustrated seeing that Radha has managed to run away.

Radha once again hides in another room, Parthap is yet again searching for her and he turns on all of the lights to the office, before instructing his men to check all the room. Parthap warns if she comes out then he will give her an easy death but if he has to come inside then will cut her in pieces, so it is up to her to decide if she wants an easy or difficult death.

Radha is still hiding in the rom, she tries her best to remain quiet as one of them is searching for her and even looks inside through the door. Radha remembers how Parthap was the same person whom she tricked into accepting his crimes, she realizes that Damini has sent him. Damini, after checking the camera once again gets frustrated, she informs Parthap that Radha is hiding in the pantry. Radha once again gets really scared, Parthap signals his men to wait in the corridor, Radha wonders how he knew that she is hiding here, Radha quickly goes to find something which she can use as a weapon, she starts searching for it and finally finds a knife, Radha notices the camera’s that are in the office. Damini thinks Radha might have understood it, Radha realizes that Damini is seeing her through the camera which is why they know where she is hiding.

Parthap enters the pantry with his men, Radha warns them to not come ahead, Parthap demands she should throw the knife as she is about to die but Radha keeps instructing them to stay away and even tries to hit Parthap which angers him. Radha is really scared.

Parthap warns Radha to throw the knife as she is surely about to die, so there is no point in resisting. Radha tries hitting Parthap so he stay away from her, Parthap gets really furious, and keeps asking her to throw the knife. Radha notices the fuse box behind her so slowly walks to stand in front of it, Damini instructs them to catch her questioning why are they scared. Radha keeps instructing them to stay away from her, she once again tries to hit them which scares Parthap, seeing the opportunity Radha hits him on the feet and then runs away after removing the fuse. Parthap start searching for Radha using the light of their mobile, they all wonder where did she run away. Damini instructs them to make sure she does not manage to run away. Parthap leaves with his men to find Radha.

Kaveri enters the room questioning if Damini has gotten mad asking why did she let Mohan go to office and what are they going to do with Gungun, Damini informs she just said it so Tulsi does not go and try to save Radha. Damini exclaims that now even that Radha has also turned off the lights, Damini is staring through the camera when suddenly Radha climbs in front of it so Damini gets stunned, Radha then breaks the camera with a metal rod, seeing which Damini is scared as Radha keeps breaking the camera’s one by one, Parthap wonders what is she breaking. Damini informs Kaveri how Radha has broken all the cameras and even her men would not be able to catch Radha now, while even Mohan will reach the office very soon, she leaves angrily when Kaveri follows her saying she cannot do any work properly.

Mohan while driving towards the office wonders where is Radha, he thinks of checking the camera but is stunned to realize how they all are turned off, he is now sure tat the feeling which he had was true.

Damini angrily exclaims that Radha manages to out smart her each and every time when this time her plan was also full proof. Gungun standing at the door questions what plan was she talking about seeing which Damini and Kaveri both are stunned, Damini replies she meant the dinner plan when Gungun demands the truth. Damini tries to calm her down explaining she does not know where is Radha, Gungun yells at Damini explaining she knows Radha did not come back because of Damini. Kadambari entering the room questions Gungun what has happened, she even asks Damini who explains Gungun is blaming that she has done something because of which Radha ahs not come back, Ajeet exclaims it can happen but when kaveri questions, he says he meant how can it happen. Gungun says Damini never wanted Radha to go to the office but now that she has gone, Damini is trying to take revenge from her. Tulsi also mentions that Damini is lying and she knows the truth.

Gungun turning to Kaveri informs that Damini knows the truth so she must question her, Damini asks why are they all staring at her because she was sleeping since the morning and did not even know if Radha had even gone to the office. Damini exclaims she feels she should die. Kaveri replies she knows that Damini is pure and she curses all those who are against her to die themselves, she informs Kadambari that her daughter is really ill. Gungun warns her to stop the drama questioning where is Radha, Damini accepts she never wanted Gungun to go to the office but would never think of harming her, she informs she does not have that free time to plot like her Radha. Damini exclaims that Mohan first promised to not let Radha go to office and now they all are also blaming her, Damini starts breathing heavily seeing which everyone gets worried, so Ajeet brings water for her.

Gungun turning to kadambari requests her to make sure Radha comes back, kadambari explains that everything would be fine since Mohan has gone to bring Radha back. Tulsi prays that what Maa is saying should be the truth. She exclaims she cannot leave Gungun alone so prays to Bihari jee that Radha should come back safe and sound. Ketki notices Damini signaling Kaveri so wonders what has she done this time.

Radha is hiding behind the shelf when she hears Parthap saying that they must go outside to look for her, she sees Parthap so is relieved but then causes a noise from the shelf, she notices that Parthap has stopped and signaled his men to remain quiet, Radha gets really scared so she gets even more close to the shelf, but her hair is still hanging. Parthap explains she is still here, he takes out his knife vowing to kill Radha, he signals his men to follow him.

Radha is hiding when someone holds her hair, she thinks she has run till now but it is enough as she is not scared, Radha seeing the box throws it over the person covering his face, she then keeps hitting him explaining did he think she would get scared of him. Mohan mentions he knows she Radha the daughter of Pandit jee from Barsana while the wife of Mohan Trivedi, Radha questions how does he know so much about her, Mohan tears the box revealing himself, Radha gets really scared when Mohan questions why is she holding her stomach as she kept hitting him while she still considers him as her Bhagwan. Radha gets shocked asking if he really came, he replies what does she mean by it. Radha hugs Mohan tightly so he is stunned, she informs she got really scared.

Gungun while yelling questions why did Mohan not bring Radha till now and wonders what has happened to her Radha, kadambari making Gungun sit beside her explains that Mohan has gone to bring Radha so nothing is going to happen to her, Damini brings a glass of water for Gungun requesting her to not be sad and have some water as Mohan will surely come back with Radha very soon. Gungun after standing in front of Damini, pushes her hand which causes the water to fall, Kadambari is shocked with the behavior of Gungun.

Gungun warns Damini to end this behavior as she knows Damini always does something bad with her, Damini questions why would she do anything of the sort, Gungun replies because she hates Radha so questions where is her Radha. Damini exclaims if she can even give her life for this family they all would not be satisfied even then, Gungun demands Damini to say it clearly where is Radha mentioning she just knows to show her drama and act in front of everyone.

Kadambari warns Gungun that it is enough questioning if this is what they have taught her, Kadambari explains she can see how Damini is ill from the morning and she has not done anything to Radha who is fine, Gungun once again says that Damini hates her and even Radha. Damini questions what would she get from hating her as Mohan is her father while Radha her mother but she did not get anything and will not even get it in the future. Damini leaves.

Radha is still hugging Mohan who pushing her away exclaims he came to save her but is the one who needs saving, he questions why was she sitting beside the shelf informing that her hair were like the tail of a buffalo so he picked them. He questions how can she beat her own husband, Radha even performs the exercise as an apology to Mohan, asking where did he get hurt so Mohan shows his finger, she helps him correct it and then starts blowing on his injury. Mohan keeps looking at Radha remembering how she has always been there to protect him, Radha notices he is staring at her so she also recalls when she stopped him from saying anything bad about himself. Radha and Mohan keep staring at eachother remembering the memories of their past while Radha gets nervous.

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