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Anupama 28 January 2024: Adhik walks to his room fuming. Pakhi tells him that problem won’t be solved by getting angry and threatening Romil. Adhik shouts at her to stay way. Pakhi says even he shouldn’t interfere between his sister and BIL and let them solve their own problem.

Anupama tells Anuj that she can’t understand how all this happened. Anuj says around 17-18 years ago, Ankush used to visit Delhi from USA, there were problems between Barkha and Ankush and Barkha in fact was living separately and told she just needs Ankush’s name and nothing else from him, that is when Ankush met a woman and started an affair.

Anupama asks if that woman knew that Ankush is married. Anuj says she knew and told she needs his companionship and not name. Anupama asks what happened now then. Anuj says her preferences must have changed and she would have thought that can’t handle a son’s responsibility as a single mother and hence dumped her son’s responsibility on Ankush and left abroad. Anupama says what kind of people are they, they don’t value marriage, society, family, etc.

Pakhi offers water to Adhik, and he refuses. Pakhi asks why he is getting so angry of late, he physically abused her and she can get him arrested in domestic violence case. Adhik asks why don’t she do that. Pakhi says because she was in a same situation he was in. Anupama tells Anuj that she has poblam/problem with such relationships and if they can’t be loyal, they should break the relationship; she felt pity for Barkha hearing Ankush’s justification, would Ankush have accepted Barkha if she had done this, whole family is affected with it and innocent Romil is also bearing the burnt.

Pakhi tells Adhik that she is ready to give their marriage another chance even after being a domestic violence victim as she also made many mistakes in life earlier. Anupama tells Anuj that when trust breaks, it can’t be regained in life and the fear stays forever.

Anuj says he feels she wants to tell something more than she is speaking. Anupama recalls Kavya’s infidelity and thinks she can’t tell him about it as she can’t break Kavya’s trust. Kavya tells Adhik that she still loves him and joined office not to degrade him but to stay with him and revive their relationship. She requests him that even he should try to revive their relationship. Adhik walks away from there. Anupama feels sad for Romil who was watching all the drama silently and says Ankush is really wrong. Anuj says he agrees Ankush is wrong, but they can’t interfere in other’s lives. Anupama nods yes and says she will go and check on Bebli. Anuj asks her to relax and goes to check CA.

Anupama calls Kavya. Kavya says she was about to call her; she spoke to V, but he left home angrily without saying anything; she fears he will do anything wrong. Anupama asks her not to bother Vanraj as he will not harm himself and try to speak to Vanraj once he returns without any delay. Kavya repeatedly calls Vanraj, and he disconnects call while driving. Kavya thinks where is he, she can’t trouble Anupama anymore.

Vanraj reaches Kapadia Mansion/KM and calls Anupama. Anupama worried asks if children are fine. Vanraj says children are fine, but he is not; Kavya wants to talk to her, but he can’t; he is in great dilemma and wants to talk to her. Anupama asks where is he. Vanraj says he is outside her house. Anupama walks out to him.

Vanraj apologizes for visiting her at night and says he knows there are problems even at her house. Anupama says it’s okay as one needs someone to talk in this situation, asks why don’t she speak to his life partner instead. Vanraj says he doesn’t want to hear Kavya’s name as his blood boils. Anupama says whenever he is in good terms with his wife, he doesn’t want anyone interfering between them and when he has problem, he wants others to involve. Vanraj asks if she said same to Kinjal.

Anupama says there is a difference between him and Kinjal. Vanaj asks because of his past mistakes? He asks how did she tolerate his betrayal and describes how he is feeling with Kavya’s betrayal. Anupama says she doesn’t want to remember the event again. Vanraj says he is reaping what he sow and now realized what she must have felt and continues. Anupama says she can understand his pain, Kavya is wrong, but he can’t punish the baby. Vanraj says it’s not his baby. Anupama says baby needs care. Vanraj says he can’t take care of someone’s baby, he is not so great; he asks not to inform Anuj or anyone about it or else he become a live joke, etc. He continues to express his fears.

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