Radha Mohan Zee world update 29 January 2024

Radha Mohan 29 January 2024: Damini says anyone who comes in her way would suffer the same fate, she explains yesterday Radha lost the keys and today the respect while very soon, she tries to remove the Mangal Sutur, Radha stops Damini explaining he has not the right to remove it because of whom she is wearing it so Damini must not even think of touching it. Damini asks what is the purpose of it when Mohan comes to her room, Radha replies he still does not sleep with her on the same bed, Damini is shocked to know that Radha knows the truth, Damini says but he considers her as his wife, Radha replies he just says it but does not consider it, Damini replies he does not think of her as his wife, Radha replies that he will do it today,

Damini exclaims she is mistaken but Radha replies he would call her as his wife and even perform the pooja with her, Damini questions if she is seeing a dream, Radha replies it would surely become the truth, Damini turns to walk away, Radha is really tensed, she prays to Bihari jee that she said it to Damini but how would Mohan do it, Tulsi also wonders how will it happen when Radha thinks she will have to do it.

Mohan is walking in the hall, he is shocked seeing Gungun standing in front of him when she asks if he is making a fool of her, Mohan says that he is not that smart, Gungun explains he claimed he has become her friends but even today he was talking of some six months and was scolding Radha, so she feels there is something wrong, Gungun demands the truth,

Mohan exclaims he was forced to do it because otherwise his mother would say he just defends his wife, Mohan accepts he loves them both a lot so cannot always take the side of one of them, Mohan asks whenever she would be married, and her husband makes a mistake then would she do the same, Gungun leaves after smiling, Mohan wonders why did she smile and is there really someone who is friends with her, he leaves calling Gungun.

Radha in the room wonders how she can be so wrong and why did they not find any proof against Kaveri and Damini in the safe, she is sure there is some proof.

Damini informs Kaveri she is relieved they both remained safe today, Kaveri asks how long would it happen when Radha has really become intelligent and today recorded their plans but they do not know what she would do tomorrow, Damini exclaims they both have to find the proof and destroy them otherwise it will ruin their entire plan.

Radha in the room apologizes to Tulsi as she was not able to find the proof, Tulsi exclaims it is nothing to be worried about as she tried and so they would surely get to the truth one day.

The person in the black dress is packing a gift, and even places a map on top of it.

The entire Trivedi family is standing for the pooja, Radha smiles staring at Mohan who is furious. Mr Trivedi also helps Gungun get ready for the pooja. The pandit jee asks for the newlywed couple to come and perform the ritual, Kaveri signals Damini when Mohan asks the Pandit jee if it is necessary, Kadambari exclaims it is necessary since this is the first Shivratri after his wedding.

Pandit jee explains when the couple performs this ritual then they get the blessings of Mata Rani, Mohan replies he has already been married once before so ahs the blessings of all the Bhagwan, Kadambari once again signals him so Mohan agrees and pick the gold pot, Kaveri signal Damini who walks to Mohan asking if they both should perform the ritual together. Radha whispers to Tulsi that she feels Damini would not understand it like this and she would have to teach her a lesson, Damini raises her hand but Mohan refuses to perform the ritual with her, he staring at Gungun asks if Damini heard what the Pandit jee said, as he would have to do this pooja with only Radha.

Mohan asks Gungun who also starts smiling, he then calls Radha to come who with a smile on her face pushes Damini away while standing with Mohan, Damini is furious. Radha requests Mohan to inform Damini once and for all why he can only do this pooja with her and no one else can be a part of it. Mohan asks who else would perform it other then her, Radha with a smile says that he should once and for all say why he can perform this ritual with her and not Damini, she forces Mohan who replies he tends to make him do all these things because she is his wife, Mohan with a smile calls him as his wife, Damini is really furious and irritated by it, Radha replies she felt happy hearing it so asks if Damini found out the truth.

Kadambari says it is time for the ritual, Mohan and Radha both walk in the front to go and perform the ritual, Damini walks back to stand with her mother. Radha raises her hand and stares at Mohan who is really furious, but is forced to perform the ritual with her.

Kaveri seeing the keys gets tensed as they are with Kadambari, she thinks it is the right time to steal them but is not able to do it.

Radha whispers that she never thought this year she would perform this ritual being the wife of Mohan jee so he should also bless her so she can find the truth about the death of Tulsi.

Damini is constantly whispering that Kaveri should secretly remove the keys, Kaveri slowly tries to remove the keys but then suddenly Kadambari turns back exclaiming she will come back in a moment, Damini gets furious with her mother.

Rahul also walks away after getting a call.

Radha is staring at Mohan who asks why she is staring at him because this is all a drama, as she has made his own daughter as a watchman.

The person in the black dress is walking towards the house with the present in his hands.

Radha signal Mohan to complete the ritual, he agrees and so they both start performing it, Radha replies they are still performing it even when he is acting, Radha mentions she kept the Varth four months ago and got her husband before the second Varth. Mohan stares at Radha and is really shocked while she is smiling, Mohan and Radha both complete the ritual after picking the petal from the Thali, they are fulfilling all of them while Mohan is still angry and frustrated and he keeps staring at Radha.

The person in the black dress, places the present outside the Trivedi Mansion thinking that with this present Radha would surely get the help she needs to reach the secret of the safe, Radha is still performing the pooja.

Radha and Mohan both are fulfilling the ritual, he is angrily staring at her while Radha is smiling, the person in the black dress secretly places the present outside the Trivedi house, thinking with this present she would get all the help she needs to reach to the secret of the safe, the guests also come to the Pooja and they are all glad to see that Radha and Mohan are performing the pooja together, the entire family is shocked however they informs they are very delighted to see it.

Kaveri asks them to come, one of them explains this is the first time they are seeing such preparations of Shivratri after the death of Tulsi and they thought they would go as Radha invited them, Mr Trivedi replies they also felt delighted they all came, Mohan exclaims she has called the entire neighborhood, he says she should also contest the elections. Radha requests Mohan to come and meet them as they are guests, he at first declines but noticing Gungun thinks he would act good in front of her otherwise she will think he is rude to Radha, Mohan agrees so Radha says that he should come at once.

The person in the black dress hits Dulari with a rock, she wonders who might have done it and so goes to check at the door however she does not find anyone there but just the present which is placed on the bench. The neighbors reveal they are glad he accepted Radha as his wife, they all talk that a husband is forced to accept his wife when she is nice and humble, she mentions he is very fortunate otherwise would have to marry Damini.

Dulari picking the gift thinks that it came for Radha, she walks back into the house with it, the person in the black dress is seeing through the window. Damini is shocked wondering what is Dulari holding in her hands, she tries to leave however is stopped by the neighbors who question where is she leaving, they explain Radha has married Mohan so now she should also get married otherwise her age would end and who knows if she would even get married. Kaveri angrily asks if they really care for her daughter,

Damini stops her explaining that Kadambari would get angry, Radha thinks she is feeling really bad they all are talking with them in such a manner but this are all because of her actions, they ask where is Kadambari, Radha informs that she might be in the kitchen, the neighbors ask what is the plan for today, they think they should celebrate it just when Tulsi was alive, Radha agrees mentioning they would surely celebrate Shivratri together, the neighbors ask is there going to be a dance or just dinner,

Radha does not understand when they suggest there should be a competition between Radha and Damini. Radha is confused however Damini thinking for a while agrees to it, she has a smile on her face thinking at that time the entire family would be busy here while her mother would get the chance to steal the keys. Radha refuses for any competition; Mohan also agrees with her.

Gungun turning asks why they cannot do it, she mentions her mother can do everything and therefor she accepts the challenge on behalf of Radha, Gungun signals her but Radha is hesitant however she finally agrees because this is what Gungun desires. Damini is frustrated. Radha says if Damini is ready then she will also participate in the challenge.

Damini is smiling. The neighbors warn Damini to be careful as Radha has already won the heart of Mohan so she might even win the competition and if it happens then Damini would not be able to show her face, they all start laughing hearing which Kaveri gets furious asking if they all are really enjoying.

Damini replies only time will tell who would hide their face, Mohan is the only one who laughs, he exclaims that it seems there is a drama going on in their house rathe then pooja, Mohan leaves angrily.

Damini stares at Radha wo is also smiling, she is really irritated.

Damini goes to Dulari asking what is it, Dulari informs that it is for Radha, the person in the black dress thinks that it should not go into the hands of Damini otherwise Radha would never be able to find out about the secret in the safe, Damini is about to take it but Radha stops her hand and informs that Dulari should take care of the kitchen.

Radha coming in front of Damini says she has the habit of calling things owned by other people as her own be it the present or husband of someone else, Radha says she won the challenge as Mohan jee called her as his wife in front of everyone and even performed the pooja, she explains there is even some time so Damini should take a step back as she has the support of both Bihari jee and Bholaynat jee.

Radha walks away, Damini wonders from where the box came and what is actually in it.

Radha locks the door of the room, wondering who might have sent this present, she thinks it would not be her father or Dadi since they both are angry with her. Radha thinks she would open it but is scared after seeing the person in the black dress standing at the window, she wonders what does the person want with their family, she thinks she would tell Mohan but wonders who would believe her. Radha thinks she would first herself find out the truth about him.

Radha turns back realizing the box, she feels it is not right to leave something like this in the open as Damini would surely try to steal it, she thinks of placing it in the wardrobe. Radha locks it and leaves from the room, Damini is with Kaveri standing in the window, Damini says she informed Kaveri that Radha has started using her brain, she thinks what is in that box.

Radha is following the person in the black dress with a metal rod, he turns thinking there is someone following him but doesnot see anyone, he however is shocked seeing Radha standing in front of him, who explains that only cowards attack from behind, she is a brave woman therefor is standing in front of him. The person in the black dress throws dirt on her face, he runs away while she si wiping off her face, Radha tries to search for him but is not able to find him anywhere, she thinks she cannot et him get out of her sight, Radha notices the pattern on the floor, she thinks that today even Bihari jee is on her side, she starts following them and so reaches to the door of the store which is located outside the house, Radha starts praying requesting the support of Bihari jee.

Radha after entering the store locks the door, she is still holding the rod and exclaims she has finally caught him and vows to not let him leave until her work is done. Radha goes to turn on the lights, but they do not work, she gets scared thinking he might run away if she leaves to call anyone for help. Radha calls out mentioning she knows he is still here and she ahs locked all the exiting points, therefor he should surrender himself however the person does not respond, Radha is also very worried while trying to search for the person but is not able to find him, the person in the black dress wonders how can she get away from her when she is eagerly waiting to reveal the truth, he accidentally causes the metal container to fall, Radha is shocked.

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