Destined by fate starlife 28 January 2024

Kanha is shocked to read medical report. Sayuri and others ask Kanha what is written in this report. Kanha says Saroj without informing anyone got his and Mithu’s DNA test done. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Sayuri shattered and says Saroj can’t do this after giving answers to her questions.

Kanha confronts Saroj that she was lecturing on not touching anyone’s stuff uninformed, then why did she get his and Mithu’s DNA test without informing him. He says he knows that Mithu is his biological daughter whether Saroj accepts it or not. He introduces Sayuri, Mithu, and Kuku as his family and says he doesn’t have to prove it to anyone. Indu tells Saroj that her behavior shows that she is not feeling sorry for her heinous act.

Kanha tells Saroj that if she doesn’t accept his children and Sayuri wholeheartedly, he will leave from this house. Dhanraj supports his decision and asks Saroj to burn the report and prove that she loves her son. Saroj stands silently. Chaman Bahar takes letter from her and burns it. Kanha asks why did she do this. Chaman apologizes him and says she couldn’t see whatever was happening her, he should value his mother as she lost her mother and misses her. She says a mother loves her children and will forget whatever happened. Kanha asks Saroj if she will bring the report again or accept his daughter unconditionally.

Daadi Mausi supports Saroj and says it was her mistake and she will not repeat it, she will accept Mithu wholeheartedly. Kanha insists Saroj to speak. Saroj promises to never raise this topic again. Kanha warns that if this topic arises again, he will leave home with his family. In the evening, back in room, Sayuri feels disheartened with Saroj’s behavior and asks Kanha why don’t Saroj love her daughters unconditionally. Kanha says one has ton compromise in life and their daughter has many other relatives who love her.

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