Aparajita zeeworld update Monday 24 July 2023

Aparajita 24 July 3023: Dadi tells Aparajita that its already evening and Akshay didn’t do anything so it means he won’t plan anything now. Akshay knocks on the door and says someone closed it. She tells Dadi that this is 20 years old Akshay, he will do something special for me. Disha unlocks the door so Akshay comes out and tells Aparajita that they have to go out to celebrate their anniversary.Mohini tells Manish that now I want Akshay to make Aparajita wear the ring, she shows the chemical and says just bring the ring from Akshay for some time and I will do the rest.

Akshay tells Aparajita that I have asked Manish to book a table at the dinner place so let’s go and celebrate the anniversary. Aparajita looks at him and recalls him cheating on her. She says I don’t want to go. Akshay says fine, I will go to Manish’s house then. Aparajita is surprised and thinks I have to keep Akshay away from Mohini and Manish. Akshay says I will go and meet him. Aparajita says you shouldn’t go there on our anniversary. Akshay says then lets go for dinner? Aparajita looks away. Disha says can we all come with you both? Akshay whispers to Aparajita that they won’t give us privacy, he tells Disha that you all can come with us, he leaves. Disha says we are going so that Akshay won’t make Aparajita wear the ring.

Aparajita is getting ready but is stressed. She throws her jewelry away and says I don’t want to get ready, people are already taunting me that I am changing my heart but I am doing all this for his health. He will make me wear the ring then what will I do?
Manish and Mohini come to Akshay. Manish keeps him busy while Mohini locks the door. Manish asks Akshay to show the ring, he shows him. Mohini pushes it from his hand and says I am sorry, I will pick it up. She puts chemical on the ring and gives it back to Akshay. He is about to touch it but hears Aparajita.

Asha comes to Aparajita and says I saw Manish and Mohini in Akshay’s room, she has locked the room. Aparajita says what does she want? she starts going there. She enters the room and asks what’s going on here? he says they were asking about the dinner preparations. He takes her from there.Akshay makes everyone sit in the car. Aparajita tells Akshay that I can’t go out, I have a headache. Akshay thinks this is a good idea. He tells Disha to take everyone there and I will bring Aparajita there if she feels okay. They drive away.Aparajita comees back home and thinks to call Disha to come back. She is shocked to see the house decorated with flowers, candles and lights. She says I am running away from my worst night so I can’t celebrate it. This night makes me feel repulsed.

Disha tells Asha that I think it was Akshay’s plan to have time with Aparajita. We should go back. Chhavi says its not wrong if he wants to spend time with her. Disha says didn’t you hear that she doesn’t to celebrate it with him and don’t want to wear this ring. Chhavi takes the box and says what is this ring doing with you? Disha says I changed the original ring with a replica because I don’t want Maa to wear it if she doesn’t want to. Chhavi says I am seeing the positive side of all this, what was left in the middle 20 years ago can be completed today and this ring is important for that. Disha says I don’t want Maa to be broken again. She tries to throw the ring out of the car, they both fight over it so Asha shouts to stop it. She says you both won’t have this ring, I will keep it with me.

I don’t know what to do with it yet but I will wear it till then. She wears it. She starts feeling dizzy so Chhavi asks the driver to take them back home but the driver says the car’s brakes failed. All are shocked.Akshay comes to his room and is frantically searching around for the ring. Aparajita comes there and thinks to call Disha till he is busy. Mohini sees that and tells Manish that I wanted Aparajita to cry in pain but he lost the ring?Aparajita calls Disha so she tells her that the brakes failed. Aparajita says tell him to slow it down. Akshay comes to Aparajita so she asks where did you send the girls? Akshay says I am worried about the ring. Aparajita shouts that I don’t care about the ring, just tell me where did you send them?. Akshay grabs her and says what is your problem? you keep running away when I talk about the anniversary? are you hiding something? you know our anniversary is important for us but you keep ignoring me. I did all this for you and you are behaving like this. He starts getting dizzy and says I lost my ring.. Aparajita gets worried as he falls down. She asks what happened? I am not going anywhere, she takes him to the room. She tucks him in the bed and runs from there.

Chhavi cries and tells Disha that if the car doesn’t stop then we will die. Disha says nothing will happen. Asha is fainting. Aparajita calls Disha but there is no network. She says I can’t leave Akshay but my kids are in trouble. She calls the doctor and says Akshay is not well, can you come and check him? The doctor says I am out of town and ends the call. Aparajita is worried about her kids. She calls Disha and hears them screaming.Disha calls Aparajita and says the car got stopped so we are all fine. The driver smirks and thinks the journey hasn’t ended. Disha asks the driver to take them home. Asha is dizzy. The driver says I can’t start the car so you all should take a taxi. Disha nods and they all get down from the car. They start walking on the road. The driver calls Mohini and says I dropped them where you asked.

Disha, Chhavi and Asha are waiting on the road and its a shady area. Some bikers roam around them. Chhavi says this place doesn’t seem safe. Disha sees some girls standing there and trying to deal with guys. A police van arrives there. They start raiding the place. Disha tries to run with her sisters but the inspector arrests them. Disha tells the inspectors that our car broke down, we are not here for anything else. Chhavi cries and says please don’t arrest us. The inspector asks them to shut up. Disha, Chhavi and Asha are brought to the police station.

Aparajita comes to Akshay’s room and asks if he is okay? do you need anything? Akshay says are you hiding something? I lost the ring that I brought for you but you don’t care at all. Did something change? did you change or me? Aparajita sadly looks at him.

Disha tells the inspector that arresting women after evening is against the law. The inspector tells Disha that you want proof against yourself? Disha says we were not doing anything there, our car broke down so we were there to get a taxi only. The inspector says we will teach you a lesson. Chhavi asks Disha to let her talk. Chhavi tells the inspector that we are from good family so please let us go. The inspector says then call your family and ask them to come here.

Aparajita tells Akshay that its not like that, I am also worried about the ring. Her phone rings so she goes to check.TTheinspector puts Disha, Chhavi and Asha in the jail with others. Some criminals are harrassing them.Aparajita rushes to take the call. The inspector asks if she is Aparajita? she says yes. He asks if Chhavi, Disha and Asha are her daughters? she says yes. He says we arrested them in doubt of s*x trafficking. Aparajita is shocked and says what are you saying? they are my daughters and they go to the college. The inspector asks her to come to the police station with their IDs. She says I am coming. She goes from there.

Mohini tells Manish that her daughters will be punished because of Aparajita, I just wanted to see Aparajita in pain. Manish says how did you know the police would go there? Mohini says I gave a tip to the police. I had to destroy Akshay’s plan, Aparajita will be busy in the police station now on her anniversary.

Aparajita takes her daughters’ IDs. Akshay calls her so she thinks I can’t tell him about this situation. She runs from there. Akshay is looking around for Aparajita, she says I am in the washroom. He says okay, I will wait for you to celebrate. Aparajita says I am not feeling well. Akshay says let me come inside then. Aparajita says no, just give me some time, you go and rest. Akshay says okay and leaves. Aparajita jumps from the window and starts leaving but Mohini stops her. Mohini says where are you leaving Akshay? She takes her car keys and throws them away. Aparajita looksd around and finds it. Mohini says don’t you care about Akshay? you are leaving him on his special day? Aparajita says don’t do anything stupid, she leaves from there. Mohini says I will go to Akshay now and make him mine again.

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