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Radha Mohan 10 July 2023: Radha thinks she first must stop this wedding to understand the true picture, she is however worried how she would enter the hospital, Radha notices the pipe running across the hospital.Dulari explains she is sure there is a ghost in this house because whenever no one was present in this house even then the television turned on and things were falling by themselves, Ketki starts panicking so assures Dulari to not be worried since Gungun would be scared, Dulari replies but she seems more scared, they both are stunned hearing the knocking sound, but it is Rahul calling Ketki from the room.

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Ketki questions where the ghost is, Dulari explains it always depends on the mood since if the ghost wants to watch the television, then it is in the room but they are talking about the ghost so it might be near them, Ketki runs away after being scared.Kadambari also asks Shekar for his phone, she gives the phone to Damini who in turn hands it to Kaveri explaining it is her responsibility to make sure no one can contact Radha and neither does she talk with anyone. Radha reaching the pipe thinks she has found her way into the hospital and so she prays Bhagwan give her the strength to stop this wedding.

Rahul is calling Ketki to open the door, Gungun wonders who has locked Rahul so goes to open the door, she asks Rahul who locked her in the room, Ketki replies she just did not open the room but Rahul is not convinced saying if she did not open then did a ghost come to their house, Gungun is really worried thinking Damini and Mohan are about to get married, Rahul tries to walk away saying no one can stop the wedding of Damini and Mohan. Gungun throws water on the clothes, Tulsi praises her however Rahul is really angered so is about to slap Gungun but Ketki stops him, questioning what is he doing because even if Mohan is unconscious, her aunt is still beside her.

Radha is trying her best to climb the pipe, she is using all her strength but hurts herself while clinging, she tries her best to climb the pipe without being scared of the height. Radha slips from the support and is hanging from the pipe; she prays to Bihari jee for help as she must reach Mohan jee under any circumstance.Rahul questions what Ketki is saying because she thinks he would try to hit Gungun, Rahul says Radha has also ruined his relation with Ketki but she replies their relation was spoiled because of Damini,

Rahul exclaims Damini knows the plan of that Radha.Gungun tries to call Radha who is hanging from the pipe, she sees the guard coming to her but he just keeps looking around. Radha thinks if he sees her then would once again throw her out of the hospital, the shoe of Radha drops to the floor but the guard is called away so he leaves, Radha is relieved but the she once again gets the call so thinks it has been a lot of time since she talked with Gungun, they both try to talk but the phone is not able to connect, Radha accidentally drops it while trying to put it in her pocket, Radha prays that she should not call her otherwise someone might come to know about her,

a person walking picks up the phone and even starts searching for the owner. Gungun explains Radha did not answer the p[hone and she also did not reply so Radha might be in some sort of trouble, Gungun exclaims she has to stop this marriage as Damini cannot be her mother, Ketki agrees to go with her to the hospital.The person looks up to the pipe but Radha has managed to climb the pipe and reach the roof of the hospital.

Damini informs Rahul how no one should come to the hospital as there are already so many [problems, Ajeet coming asks what the problem is, Damini says Gungun has spilled juice on the clothes of Mohan, Ajeet with a smile on his face questions if this means there would not be any wedding, Damini informs Rahul she would talk to him after a while, she says she is marrying Mohan and not his clothes so she is surely going get married today, Damini informs the trustee of this hospital have also agreed to give them a place, she suggests the Pandit jee should start preparations for the wedding.

Damini is worried if Mohan doesnot wake up, she notices Parthap standing in the corner in front of her, she signals him to come with her to the corner.Radha manages to open the window, but she is stunned to see. Parthap is standing over Mohan with the doctor, Damini entering asks if he brought the medicine, Parthap hands the doctor he medicines who assures it is the correct one when Damini asks if they should end the problem of Mohan, she instructs Parthap to administer the injection. Mohan suddenly takes the name of Radha when the doctor suggests he might be waking up but Damini instructs them to hurry up however doctor advises it is not right because there might be some problem,

Damini says she wants to get married today because after that she would take care of him as his wife.Radha jumps into the morgue and is stunned to see so many dead bodies, Radha wonders where has she come and she even starts panicking, she tries her best to open the doors but is not able to succeed, Radha is really worried wondering what might happen, she prays to Bihari jee exclaiming she must do it even if she is scared as Mohan jee has always protected her so it is also her responsibility to take care of him. Radha rushes to the window but she sees the guard standing in front of it so is scared.

Radha notices Kadambari walking outside in the hall so yells her name, but she recalls how Kadambari also refused to believe her, she thinks she cannot tell her because she might have her thrown out of the city, Radha thinks she has to herself stop the marriage of Damini and Mohan jee.Damini exclaims no one can stop their wedding today, he would only after waking up find out she is his wife. She instructs the doctor to prepare the dosage but the doctor replies it is wrong so he would not do it but Damini says she cannot back out after coming so close,

the doctor agrees but asks if he has brought the rest of the things which stuns both Damini and Parthap who ask what does he mean, Doctor says they should have brought the syringe to inject this medicine, Parthap in anger takes the doctor by his collar asking why did he not tell them about it before, Damini stops them both mentioning he can bring the syringe from the hospital, the doctor agrees to go and take it from the medical cart but just as he opens the door, Kadambari comes with Ajeet questioning what are they all doing with Mohan in the room, Damini gets worried.

Damini exclaims even Mohan cannot stop their marriage since he will find out about it once he wakes up, she instructs the doctor to prepare the dose but he informs they require a syringe, he rushes to bring it from the medical cart when Kadambari comes with Ajeet questioning what are they all doing with Mohan, she turns to see Parthap however he manages to hide behind the door, Damini mentions the doctor was just performing a routine checkup, Kadambari mentions the Pandit jee has made all the arrangements so can they go to the Mandap, the doctor notices that he might wake up at any moment.

Damini is staring at Parthap who is hiding behind the door, she doesnot even respond to Kadambari when she calls her which worries her, Damini once again stares at the door where Parthap is hiding so Kadambari also looks back but Damini explains she is worried for Mohan but is sure he would get better really soon, Kadambari instructs Ajeet to come, he starts walking with the ward boy while Mohan is still on the wheel chair.

Damini instructs the doctor to keep the dose ready and inject Mohan as soon as possible.Radha is in the morgue wondering how she would leave here without being noticed as the family will not let him get near Mohan jee. Radha hears the ward boys talking about opening the morgue and they also explain how for the first time there is going to be a wedding in a hospital, they both after opening the door feel as if there was someone inside and even think about ghosts however they both leave with the body.

Gungun is in the house crying exclaiming it is better that she runs away if damini marries Mohan, she informs that Damini si not the right person and if she gets married to Mohan then would surely send her away while she wants to live with Mohan. Gungun explains they must stop this wedding however Ketki replies she is going to bring her phone from the room. Rahul thinks he must inform Damini about the plans of Ketki and Gungun.

Ajeet leaves informing Kadambari that he is going to check the preparations of the Pandit jee, the ward boy and Damini notice the hand of Mohan moving which falls from the handle of wheelchair, Damini at once says she will correct it, she covers the hand of Mohan with her dupatta while Rahul calls her informing how Gungun found out about her plan and she is coming to stop the wedding.

Damini threatens if he is not able to control the little girl then should forget it, he is really tensed when Damini suggests if he is not able to do anything in the house then should do it outside, Rahul gets worried when Damini thinks how she can tell him there is Tulsi inside the house, Damini is informing Rahul about the plan when the ward boy starts walking ahead with Mohan. Radha is also coming from the other side disguised as a dead person, both of their hands touch each other, and she notices he is Mohan jee. The ward boys try their best to dislodge the wheelchair, Rahul assures Damini he would do something, Tulsi thinks she did not think he will join hands with Damini but she is sure he would only go to the darkness but if he is against Gungun then she would stand beside her as only Radha will get married to Mohan.

Damini seeing how the wheelchair is stuck questions what the hell as they are going for a wedding while they have placed a dead body, Kadambari questions what has gotten into her as this would just be a dead body for her while someone would have lost their family member, she exclaims it is not fair, Damini apologizes.Kadambari requests them to take the stretcher, Mohan holds the hand of Radha as it touches once again, she starts smiling thinking he caught her hand recalling all the beautiful memories they both had with each other and even when they were together during her kidnapping. Mohan jee said she is her Bhagwan if it means to always be with each other, he even refused to leave her during the bus.

Radha thinks if Mohan jee has held her hand then it means he is regaining consciousness or is she just dreaming, Radha think no matter the case she has to make sure that this wedding doesnot happen.Ketki asks Gungun to come since the taxi has arrived, Rahul however stops them both which angers Ketki who instructs him to get out of their way but Rahul replies they both would only go inside the house, Ketki is really angry questioning what has gotten into him as they have to leave, Tulsi also exclaims it is enough because if he doesnot let go of Ketki then she would be forced to do something,

Ketki falls when Rahul pushes her, he once again starts forcing her to go inside the house while Ketki is trying to get away however Tulsi gets furious so slaps Rahul.Rahul asks if she slapped him even when he is her brother, Tulsi replies she slapped him and if he misbehaves then she would give him another beating, even if it means breaking the vow which she made to Mohan.Mohan starts moving his other hand seeing which Damini gets worried thinking what would happen if anyone else sees him, Kadambari asks what has happened when she notices Damini is staring at Mohan however Damini asks if all the preparations have been made, Kadambari assures everything would be fine as Ajeet has gone to check the preparations.

The ward boys manage to dislodge the wheelchair and stretcher, so they walk away while Radha gets worried thinking what might happen, Damini notices the clothes on the stretcher, she does not give them any thought however after thinking for a moment, Damini gets worried and turns in shock thinking she saw Radha on the wheelchair.

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