Aparajita Zeeworld update Tuesday 11 July 2023

Aparajita 11 July 2023: Aparajita tells Disha that I am thinking about that woman in the veil, why did she come here? Was she related to Veer? Dadi comes to Chhavi and asks why does she look worried? Chhavi says Aparajita’s saree caught fire, is that a bad omen? Dadi says don’t worry about all that, God makes the couples. Chhavi says Maa and Papa were made a couple by God but they are not together anymore. Dadi says they are for each other, Mohini might have separated them for sometime but they will reunite again as they are made for each other.

Aparajita 10 July 2023

Chhavi says I prayed 15 years for this but can it really happen? Dadi says it will. Chhavi says I am scared what if Veer leaves me like papa did with Maa? I am not as strong as Maa. Dadi says if you love him then don’t doubt anything.Dadi comes to Mohini and says stop being angry. Mohini says Akshay shouldn’t have made her wear the chunri. Dadi says everyone knows the truth but you can’t. If you can’t trust your husband then its your issue.

Niya asks them to stop fighting, its Chhavi’s roka day. Asha tells Mohini that you wanted Chhavi to have a good roka so please don’t fight. Mohini nods and leaves.The roka ceremony starts again, Aparajita comes there so Akshay stares at her. She brings her wedding chunri, it is about to fall from her hands but Akshay holds it. They both stare at each other. Mohini glares at them. Aparajita says my marriage couldn’t survive so I don’t need this anymore. She gives it to Sunil’s wife says your marriage couldn’t survive so is it good to use this chunri?

it might be bad for Chhavi. Dadi says don’t say that, it has her mother’s blessings so just use this. Sunil’s wife makes Chhavi wear the chunri, all clap for them. Chhavi smiles at Veer.Mohini goes to Aparajita and says the roka is done but you couldn’t do anything. Veer will take your daughter away and you won’t be able to do anything. Aparajita glares at her. Mohini tells the guests that lets prepare for the next function. Aparajita says it will happen after an year, I want them to get married after a year as Veer is going to London and Chhavi needs to complete her studies.

Veer glares at her. Mohini says I meant the cocktail party I kept at my house, you all are invited.Asha hears Bappi and others talking about Akshay making Aparajita wear the chunri. Asha asks her to stop gossiping, Maa and papa can be friends.Mohini is going to her house but Sunil comes to her and says you couldn’t stop Aparajita from postponing the marriage for one year. Mohini says Aparajita will have to bow down to me, I have all the right cards, you really think I will be silent for one year?

I didn’t keep this party for Chhavi’s happiness. I kept it here as Aparajita won’t come to this house and I will be able to manipulate Chhavi, this marriage will happen in one week.Niya comes to Chhavi and says Mohini has got a dress for your party. She asks Aparajita to come to the party as well. Disha says no, she won’t go that house. Aparajita gets a message that if she wants to find out about Ritika then she should call this number. Aparajita tries talking to Disha but she is busy with Chhavi.

Aparajita is going to call the number but Akshay comes there and says you look worried. Aparajita says nothing. Akshay says you are hiding something, is there an issue? She says no. Akshay says you are angry that I made you wear that chunri? I didn’t do it deliberately. Aparajita says I would have done the same, I know the situation was not in your control. Niya comes there and says lets go for the party. Aparajita says I have some work with Disha so you all can leave. She asks Asha to take care of Chhavi. Akshay says don’t worry,1

she is going to her home only. They all leave. Aparajita shows the message to Disha and calls the number. Aparajita asks who is that and how do they know about Ritika? The veiled girl says I am Deepika, I am Ritika’s sister and I will tell you everything about Ritika and Veer. I am sending you the address so come there. She ends the call and sends her an address.

Aparajita tells Disha that I will go and meet Deepika, you can go to the party and keep your sisters safe. Disha says no, I am coming with you. Chhavi comes to the party. Mohini thinks I will convince her to marry Veer in a week. She tells Chhavi that I will get you ready today. She asks Niya to take Asha and get her ready. Niya takes Asha away. Mohini tells Chhavi that will you be able to wait for 1 year? you know men have needs and they get attracted so when you are not with him for one year then he can slip.

Chhavi looks on and says he wouldn’t do that, he loves me. Mohini says your father loved your mother too right?Aparajita and Disha comes to an abandoned house. They don’t find anyone and try to leave but Deepika comes there. Aparajita says you were the one who came to my house? She says yes, I came to your house and heard you and Disha talking. I wanted to tell you about Veer’s truth but then I saw Veer’s roka with Chhavi, I wanted to kill him. Aparajita asks what did he do with your sister? Deepika says he used to beat her constantly,

initially Ritika didn’t tell anyone about his behavior and kept defending him. He made her spineless, she would get beaten but she wouldn’t go against him. One time he crossed the line by breaking her bones because he saw her talking a guy. Then we got to know about him, he tried to complain about Veer to the police then Ritika got kidnapped. She cries and says we never found her. Disha says he is a monster. Deepika says I didn’t lose hope, I know he can be punished.

Disha says we sill don’t have proof. Deepika says there, I have a video of Ritika in which she confessed about his acts. She shows them the video of Ritika in which she says that Veer beats her constantly and shows her wounds.Mohini tells Chhavi that people fall in and out of love. Like your father fell in love with me even after being married. Once you are out love then you can’t win them back. Chhavi gets worried. Mohini says I am just worried that if he leaves you and finds someone else then how will you live?

what happened with your mom, I don’t the same to happen with you also. Chhavi says no, I am his love. She goes to change. Mohini messages Sunil.Deepika tells Aparajita that this proof is important. Aparajita says I promise to protect my daughter and get justice for your sister, I will expose this Veer now.Veer comes to the party, Mohini pats his shoulder. Chhavi arrives there wearing a fancy off-shoulder dress. Veer smiles at her. Akshay asks Mohini to dance with him. She romantically dances with him. Veer romantically dances with Chhavi.

Then Veer dances with another girl. Chhavi feels insecure. She recalls about Mohini’s words that he can find another love. Mohini dances with her and says they are just friends right? Chhavi looks on. Aparajita and Disha are going back home. Aparajita says we have to expose Veer now. Chhavi goes to Akshay in the party and says I wanted to talk about the wedding, I don’t want to wait an year for the marriage.

Akshay sees Veer dancing with another girl and takes Chhavi from there. Disha tells Aparajita that Chhavi would be devastated to know the truth. Aparajita says we have to hurt her like this to protect her from Veer, we don’t have a choice.

Aparajita tells Disha that we will show Ritika’s video to Akshay. Chhavi and Veer exchange rings in the party. Asha calls Disha and shows Chhavi’s video. Aparajita says lets go there and see what’s happening. They are on the video call. Akshay says I was thinking since they like each other so much so why wait for an year? We have decided that Veer and Chhavi will get married in a week. Aparajita hears that and is shocked. She says enough of their lies, its time to bring out the truth.

She comes outside Akshay’s house and thinks that I will end what Mohini started in this house. All turn to see Aparajita entering the house. Mohini is surprised. Aparajita goes to Akshay and says how dare you take such a big decision without asking me about my daughter? Chhavi says I requested him for an early marriage. Aparajita says you didn’t think to discuss with me? Chhavi says Veer will go to London and I can continue my studies from there. Aparajita says we had a discussion but how come you changed your decision? who filled your ears? Akshay says enough, she is being independent, what’s your issue? Aparajita says someone is fooling her and making her choose this path.

she asks who made you take this discussion? Chhavi says I got scared that I will lose Veer like I lost my father, I was scared that Veer will be away from me for 1 year and he might find another girl like papa, he would leave me then. I had to go through this pain when I lost my father but I can’t lose Veer and go through it again. All people start to gossip. Aparajita tells Akshay that I want to talk to you alone, she holds his hand but Mohini comes in front of them. Aparajita says Chhavi’s mother wants to talk with Chhavi’s father, move away. She pushes her aside and takes Akshay from there.

Aparajita brings Akshay to a room and says I am doing this for Chhavi. Akshay says Veer and Chhavi will get married after one week only. Aparajita says you wanted proof against Veer and now I have it. Mohini is going to the room but Disha stops her. Mohini says your mother is inside the room with my husband. Disha says you are that insecure even after snatching that man? my mom has no interest in that man. Mohini tries to go and says what is going on?

Disha says we won’t let Veer marry Chhavi now.Aparajita tells Akshay that I have a video of Ritika in which she confessed that Veer used to beat her up badly. Mohini is worried that Aparajita might have something. She pushes Disha away and enters the room. Aparajita is about to show the video to Akshay but Mohini asks what’s happening? she says proof against Veer? Aparajita says you are talking like you don’t know anything? Akshay is about to show the video but her phone dies. Mohini says you think you can bring any video and lie to us?

Akshay says I will charge the phone and watch it to end this drama. Mohini is scared. Akshay says I am sure this is you bring stubborn again. Aparajita says I wouldn’t be here without any proof.

Dadi gets a call from the priest and says I saw Akshay’s kundli and it seems like there is danger in his future. I will come to your house in some days but don’t let Akshay leave the house till then.Akshay is drinking water but Mohini slips and the water falls on the mobile. Aparajita shouts that you did this deliberately. Mohini says I will get it repaired, she tries to take it but Aparajita snatches it from her. Akshay shouts at Aparajita to stop misbehaving, you are crossing your limits. Aparajita says she deliberately did this so Veer’s truth won’t come out. Mohini says what are you talking about? Aparajita tells Akshay that she knows about Veer but she wants Chhavi to marry him.

Akshay says enough, you think everyone is bad. She slipped but you think bad about her only. Mohini says she has lost it. Akshay says enough. He tells Aparajita that I know you hate Mohini but don’t do this drama. Aparajita says I don’t care about her and I can’t play any games, I just care about Chhavi. Mohini says you have no proof against Veer or me. Aparajita says she destroyed this phone because she knew that I would show you Veer’s video and also hers, in which she confessed to her crimes. Mohini gets worried. Aparajita says I will get this phone repaired. Akshay takes the phone and says if this is true then I will dig this truth out. He takes the phone and leaves. Aparajita tells Mohini that the truth will come out now. Mohini thinks I have to stop Akshay.

Asha tells Chhavi that she could have talked to Aparajita before making this decision. Chhavi says I said too much and hurt her, I shouldn’t have said all this. Asha says let it be, don’t worry. Niya says everything will be okay. Akshay comes back in the party. Mohini says I will go with you, Akshay says you take care of the guests and I will find out what’s in this phone. If Aparajita is wrong then I will take care of everything about this wedding. Aparajita looks on. Mohini says all she does is lie. Disha tries to attack her but Aparajita says its okay, everything will be clear after the phone works. Akshay says I will go now. Dadi comes there and says you can’t go out, the priest called and said your life is in danger.

Akshay says I don’t believe in all this. His hand mistakenly burns with a diya so Mohini rushes to him. Dadi cries and says I told you its not safe. Akshay says nothing will happen to me, I am thinking about Chhavi only, I care about her. He leaves from there. Aparajita looks on. Mohini leaves. Dadi cries and tells Aparajita that I am worried about Akshay, the priest is never wrong. Aparajita says nothing will happen to him. She asks Disha to go to Chhavi and stay with her, she leaves. Dadi asks why did he leave? Aparajita says let him come back and we will see.Akshay is leaving the house. He drives away. He comes to a shop and asks him to repair the phone, we need to retrieve the videos.

He goes to his car to get his phone. Mohini is worried and thinks how did Aparajita find Veer’s ex video? Akshay can’t repair the phone as my confession is there too. She gets an idea. Akshay goes back to his car and takes his phone. A man comes behind him and attacks him on the head. Akshay falls down and faints. He is bleeding.Aparajita asks Dadi to rest and not worry. Dadi says I am worried about Akshay, his life might be in danger. She prays for him. Aparajita says nothing will happen to him, he will come back soon. Dadi goes to her room and starts praying. Aparajita asks Asha where is the mobile market? Asha says nearby, she asks her to call Akshay.

She calls him but there is no network. Asha asks what’s happening? Aparajita says nothing. Asha leaves. Aparajita takes Dadi’s call and tries calling him. She sees diya blowing off so she saves it. Dadi says the priest warned me about him, please call him. Aparajita says sure. Dadi sees diya blowing off.Akshay wakes up and sees himself tied in a back of the truck. He winces in pain. Aparajita is waiting for Akshay to come back, she looks around the house and thinks there are bad memories attached with this house and I am back here for my daughter. I hope Akshay is okay. Chhavi comes there and hugs her. Aparajita asks what happened? Chhavi says I am sorry for talking to you like that and taking a decision without talking to you. Aparajita says its okay.

Chhavi says I didn’t like that girl dancing with Veer, what if Mohini was right.. Aparajita asks what did she tell you? Chhavi tells her everything and cries. Aparajita says if you trust your love then you shouldn’t worry where he lives. Chhavi says you are right but I couldn’t stop thinking about Mohini’s words, a lot can change in a year and Veer’s heart too. Aparajita looks on but doesn’t say anything.Dadi comes to the party and shouts at them to leave as Akshay is not here. Sunil says where did he go? Chhavi asks why does she look worried? Dadi shouts at them all to leave. Aparajita asks her to calm down. Dadi says I am worried about Akshay, she asks Aparajita to call him, why did he leave the engagement ceremony?Aparajita says I tried calling him but he is not picking up. Dadi says the priest told me he might be in danger. Aparajita asks her to calm down. Dadi says why? were you calm when your daughters were in danger? how can I be calm? Aparajita prays for Akshay to come back.

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