Our perfect place update Tuesday 19 May 2020

Our perfect place 19 May 2020: Tanu sits on Rahul’s seat and emotionally feels his chair, looks at a dry rose in his book and reminisces their older days. She reminisces Rita telling about Rahul and his love for his ex-girlfriend, Sameer telling about it, her driver getting love special coffee,

Falak and Bejal showing love band, etc. and gets happy that he still remembers her. She then reminisces Rahul telling that he is with his girlfriend and thinks he has moved on. She then sees Sam and Hetal entering and their nok jhok and love and thinks Sameer is Rahul’s brother and what if his family rejects Hetal like they did to her.

Sam returns home and with Uday goes to Rahul’s room to wake him up to get ready for Prachi’s birthday party. Uday says Rahul chachu is heavily inebriated and will not wake up. Sam warns him to mind his tongue. Uday says he is not a kid now. They both shake Rahul, but he does not wake up.

Hetal reaches outside Sam’s house and asks him to come out and meet her right now. Sam throws water on Rahul and he wakes up. Sam asks what had happened to him. Rahul reminisces getting drunk and getting stomach ache and collapsing. He lies that he fell asleep. Uday asks if he does not want to attend Prachi’s birthday party. Rahul says he will celebrate her birthday party in cafeteria tomorrow. Uday excitedly says if he will invite even him. Rahul says Rocky is between him and Prachi and he has very less chance. Sam warns him if Parimal will know, he will trash Uday nicely. Uday leaves and Sam asks him to tell Hetal that he got some important work and did not come and will greet Prachi tomorrow.

Once Uday leaves, Sam meets Tanu who asks him to break up with Hetal. He asks what did he do. She says she does not want Hetal to go through what she went through. Sam stands shocked.

Shree asks Sam to leave Hetal. He asks what did he do. She says she made a mistake by telling him about Hetal’s feelings, she does not want him to repeat with Hetal what Rahul did with Tanu.

He asks how does she know. She gets nervous and says Ila aunty informed her. He is also from same family and she is worried about Hetal. Sam says whatever happened that time was because bapuji was very strict and rejected Rahul’s girlfriend. She says even now his bapuji will reject Hetal. Sam says Bapuji is in ashram now and maa has kept whole family united. Now they take their own decisions and live happily together.

She says even then, she does not want Hetal to go through what Tanu went through. He takes her to home temple and promises that he will not leave Hetal for ever and takes even his mother’s oath. She stands silently. He asks even now if she does not trust him. She says she trusts him, but hearing what Rahul did to his girlfriend. Sam asks what she knows about Rahul. Rahul backed off as bapuji got a heart attack and took promise that he will not marry Tanu. Whole house knows that Rahul will not marry anyone in life and just cries holding Tanu’s photo. He is suffering each day and gets heavily inebriated, but Tanu married someone within 4 months and left forever. Tanu stands dumb struck. Sam opens home door and says she can see Rahul’s suffering. He leaves.

Tanu cries in front of devi maa that her Rahul is suffering each day and remembering her, she cannot even go in front of him for Sam and Hetal’s sake. She loudly calls Rahul, which surprisingly nobody in family hears except Rahul. Rahul sipping alcohol hears Tanu’s voice. He sees water mug empty and walks down limping murmuring Tanu. He reaches kitchen limping and picks water from fridge repeating Tanu. Tanu watches him hiding and cries.

Tanu cries seeing heavily inebriated Rahul remembering her. Kuch kuch hota hai…song…plays in the background. Rahul picks water and walks limping and slips. Tanu calls Rahul. Rahul hears her and asks who is it, starts searching. She hides.

Uday is at Prachi’s house ad sees her fighting with her boyfriend Ricky over phone for not attending her birthday party. Hetal eagerly waits for Sam. Door bell rings. Hetal and Uday rush to open door. Sam enters distressed. Hetal hugs him followed by Uday. Hetal asks him what happened. He says nothing and asks how is the party going on. Uday says Prachi is fighting with Ricky and looks like they will breakup and extends hands for hifi. Hetal and Sam look at him angrily. He says sorry. They both laugh. Hetal says Ricky is very mean and not fit for Prachi, so he should be happy. Someone informs that Prachi broke up with Ricky and is crying. They all 3 rush to Prachi and see her normal. Hetal asks if she is not crying. Prachi says why should she for mean Ricky, he went for a bike ride with his friends instead of attending her birthday. Uday says he like this nature of her. Prachi laughs. They all laugh along.

Rahul continues reminiscing Tanu and limping. Tanu continues crying. Rahul feels Tanu’s presence. He slips and Tanu gets concerned but does not come out. Rahul continues calling her name and crying. He sees someone standing behind curtain and pulls curtain and is surprised to see her. He gets very happy and seeing her crying pleads not to cry, he made her cry always and is very bad. He wipes her tears and continues pouring his heart out. A sad song plays in the background.

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