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Once there was a king 9 june: Bari Rani Maa plays her turns to get a six and Naina must have been finished.Raja recalls the riddle and thinks shadow leaves only in darkness, he wonders where is it so dark in the whole palace. He runs towards the basement. Naina’s half face had been turned to stone, Raja comes calling her name and was shocked to see her in form of a stone. Raja calls Rani saying she can’t snatch Naina from him, she had promised to save Naina’s life. Bari Rani Maa says it’s not the time for rubbish talk, Rani had promised to give him a chance to save Naina. She tells Raja, if Naina turns to stone his love would be dead as well. Raja can only save Naina by killing her.

Bari Rani Maa vanishes. Raaj Mata reads the basement. Raja tells her about the riddle, Raaj Mata says she heard the riddle. She says he needs to break Naina’s idol before it is completed, she says until the idol is complete it is nothing and can be reshaped. He must break her before Naina turns completely to a stone. Raja looks towards Naina and goes to get the tools. He confirms Raaj mata what if something goes wrong. Raaj Mata says nothing goes wrong if love is true in heart. Raja asks Naina if she trusts him, she assures with the movement of her eyes. Raja begin to break the stone with a scalpel. There are breaks in the stone, Raja gets careful near the neck. The stone cover finally breaks, Naina hugs Raja. Mummy and Rekha come to hug Naina as well.

Raja comes to the hall and calls Rani to appear. He says he won’t back up from fulfilling his promise now. Naina comes to ask Raja what is it about, Raja tells her not to interfere. Naina asks Raja if she is coming between them, and asks about the promise. Raaj Mata says Raja promised Rani to accept to any of her condition for her life. Naina wasn’t ready to let Raja do anything, she forbids anyone to interfere and asks Raja who gave him the right to make this promise. She has a right over Raja’s life, he can’t promise anyone without her consent. She says her life would be worse than death for what Raja has accepted. A reel of negatives fell over Naina from the roof.

Raja calls Rani to stop this all, Rani says he was appreciating this filmy duplicate. She appreciates Naina’s acting skills, and minds Naina she will remain a duplicate. Rani stares at Naina who slaps herself from both sides. Raaj Mata asks Naina what she is doing, Rani says she can take anyone’s life if she can give her life for Raja. Raja asks Rani to stop it, he is ready to accept any of her conditions. Rani says she did this only to mind everyone here that he has accepted this condition by his will, no one must dare to stop her after this. She tells Naina only she is Raja’s Rani, she loves Raja and is leaving her live. Naina says Rani fought death, but she won’t be able to win over life; she will no more be afraid of her deterrence.

Her love for Raja won’t die even if she dies, Rani asks if she is done?Rani says she has been with him all these years, every moment he missed her. Each of that moment she wanted to touch him. Now she wants Naina to suffer that pain, from today they will live as spouses together and Naina will watch them only from a distance. Her soul didn’t get the peace for many years, and now his second wife would burn in the same way. That is her condition. Naina wasn’t ready to let it happen. Rani holds Raja’s hand and takes him along. Raja turns to look at Naina, Raja apologizes Naina before going with her. Naina calls Raja but was stuck in the reel, her feet doesn’t move.

In the room, Raja wonders why is it so dark. The lights flash to show Raj and Rani’s photos hanging off the roof with strings. Rani narrates their love story. Raja moves forward. Rani comes to him saying love stories end when Raja and Rani marry and they live happily ever after. Their story was different. She tells Raja not to waste this chance, and fill her head line with this sindoor. Naina watches this tearfully.Mummy and Rekha come to take Naina. Naina sat on the floor in corridor stubborn that she won’t leave, she isn’t afraid of that ghost and Rani has no right over her husband. She is ready to wait until she believes Raja if fine.

Rani asks Raja to fill her head partition with sindoor and turn her into his bride once again. Raja recalls marrying Naina. Raja takes the sindoor.Naina watches Vikrant walking as if in sleep. She wonders Vikrant never sleep walks then where is he going. She follows him.Raja throws the sindoor away saying she had a right over him until she lived but she isn’t a reality anymore. The truth is, Rani is dead and only Naina is the reality. He only loves Naina. Rani was enraged, she pushes Raja to the wall.
Naina comes to the hall behind Vikrant, the doors behind her were shut. She hears Bari Rani Maa laughing, her shadow visible on the chair however the chair was empty. Bari Rani maa finally appears to her.
Rani cries blood as she sat over Raja.


He tries to sit up but Rani kept on sitting over her, she assures she is here. She was concerned that Raja is hurt because of her. Rani asks why he teases her, she didn’t want to hurt her. They have got this time after much difficulty, and he brought that Naina in between. She tells Raja that their story is different because he is Raja and she is Rani.Vikrant disappears from Naina’s side. Naina was concerned about what happened with Vikrant. Bari Rani Maa laughs, while Naina keeps on calling Vikrant.Rani says Raja always promised their love even after death, then how can he hate his Rani.

Bari Rani Maa tells Naina she loved taking swings in childhood, but now she is already dead.Raja tells Rani to get over him calling her as Chipkali. She hurries down him confirming what he called her. He says the same, Chipkali. He holds her hand.
Naina wonders where Vikrant is, Bari Rani Maa says the game would end if she tells her about it. Naina says Vikrant is a child. Bari rani Maa says its her childhood in the next birth. She tells Naina Vikrant is in the same room.Raja holds Rani’s hand and says he can never hate her, she is a part of him and hating her means hating himself.

When he thought she betrayed him even then he was unable to forget her. Then, how can he hate her when she loves him so much, but… Rani asks what Raja?
Naina looks for Vikrant. Vikrant was suffocating in the dark. Bari Rani maa laughs, her voice piercing through Naina’s ear drums so much that her ears bleed.
Raja says he has been unable to understand this new Rani. She is Rani, but not his Chipkali. Chipkali didn’t let him hurt Jeev Jantu, then how can she take a girl’s life out of rage only.Bari Rani Maa points a finger to bold the trunk Vikrant was locked in. Vikrant knocks the trunk.

Raja asks if Rani lost the control over herself so easily, his love was like an angel, a fairy or a devi but this Rani… Rani qualifies a shadow of devil.Bari Rani Maa unveils her hair and reads a riddle. Her braid elongating towards Naina and clutches her feet tightly.Raja says he wished when years later anyone would narrate their story, they would say Ek tha Raja Ek thi Rani. He says he has nothing to do with Naina who is only her duplicate, but he only wants his Rani back. He can’t love this black Rani. She must turn to the Rani he loved.

Naina calls Vikrant about reaching him soon. Bari Rani Maa laughs again.
Rani assures Raja that she can do anything for him. She will change. But Raja must promise he won’t go to Naina, else she will hurt her as much as to kill her. Raja holds Rani’s face, both hug each other. Raja promises not to even think about her, they will begin a new life together; there was determination over his face.
Naina asks Bari Rani Maa why she is bringing this innocent between them. Bari Rani Maa says she wants to hurt Raja, he would only be hurt when his loved ones are in trouble. Naina asks why she has an enemity with Raja. Bari Rani Maa says she loved Raja once, but he turned to be the son of Raaj Mata only.

Now, her heart would be soothed only when Raja would watch the dead body of this child. Naina cries calling Vikrant not to panic.Rani watches Raja in the bed. She says she fall in love with Raja while he was asleep, now she would watch him sleep each night. She sits up at once intrigued by some noises. Raja was concerned. Rani hushes him up.In the truck, Vikrant ceases to breathe. Naina calls his name. Rani thinks she must prove to Raja about her love. She tells Raja she would be the same Rani who could do anything for good.

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