I do update Friday 10 June 2022

I do 10 June 2022: The nurse tells sanam that dilshad needs blood, and sanam finds that her blood group is the same. She asks sanam to get ready. sanam hastily leaves. the nurse moves ahead, and collides into seher, who she confuses to be sanam, and asks her to come to donate blood. sehere starts asking if she has gone mad. The nurse is baffled how could she be so trivial at such a delicate condition. Seher, in a bid to evade the guards decides to donate blood. As fate would have it, dilshad is donated blood by both the sisters, while sanam is tensed, and seher casually donates blood, oblivious that she is doing so for her own grandmother.

Tanveer is happy to hear, the doctor tell someone on the phone, that the patient is very critical, thinking that its dilshad. The doctor says that it was very poisonous gas, but dilshad is out of danegr, and due to the blood loss, she has been given blood. rehaan gets tensed, when the doctor says that ahil’s condition is very critical and they are unsure whether they shall be able to save her. tanveer is frustrated. the doctor says that he cant say anything right now. Sanam comes from having donated blood. She asks rehaan what the doctor was saying. Sanam is relieved to know that dilshad is out of danger, but is stunned to know that ahil is critical.

tanveer thinks that if anything happens to ahil, she would be destroyed, and he cant die before signing the property papers. She says that dilshad has to die. she decides to sends off sanam first. She tells sanam to go home and rest, as dilshad is out of danger. sanam asks about ahil. tanveer says that she is here for ahil, and says that they are pretending very nice to be a husband and a wife, but they dont need to here. sanam says thsat she cant go, and is concerned for ahil. tanveer is frustrated with both dilshad and sanam. both the nurses come out cribbing that they each collected blood from dilshad’s granddaughter, confusing between sanam and seher.

sanam comes and when she gets to know the matter, she says that they cant waste time in arguing, and asks them to give blood to dilshad first. she looks at ahil, and says that she cant go and leave him alone. She sees around, and stealthily goes inside. Seher comes out relieved that she evaded the guards, but is drawn to sanam’s cries, from across the glass, as she watches her from behind. Seher finds sanam from the back, seated by ahil’s bed. Ahil’s hand is held by sanam, who says that he cant have his way all the time, and do what he wants to, as she owns him now, being his wife. She remembers their fights, and asks desperately for a chance to apologise for the bad way that she behaved, and asks him not to go.

She asks him to get well soon, as he cant leave her here, and that noone can steal him from her. seeing this, seher starts crying, and wonders why is she crying seeing the girl cry, not knowing that its the siamese twin effect. Finally sanam turns around, her face blocked by the hand on her face, and sehere is curious to look at her, as past memories of both the sisters flash before. Seher is about to turn when she is shocked. As sanam turns around, both the sisters look at each other through the glass window in between them. Seher is shocked, while sanam is tensed. seher wonders how is this possible, and asks whats all this, as this is the exact same face like her. sanam is unable to see sehere, due to the one sided glass, but seher sees sanam clearly.

later, as sanam and tanveer wait impatiently, sanam is shocked to find ahil being taken out urgently and into the emergency room, as his heart rate continues to drop. The doctors begin to take drastic measures. Sanam is apallled to see this and starts rushing through the corridor. sanam distraughtedly breaks down into tears, as she remembers ahil’s past moments with her, and how he risked his life to save her dilshad, and how he had saved her too on numerous occassions, and even take a stand for her against tanveer. As sanam desperately prays, the doctors try to revive ahil, with elctrical impulses to be able to get a heartbeat, and revive him back. Sanam is very shattered to remember their last fight.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
haya remembers again the confusion, as sits dazed and crying next to the swing, that has their last memories, of her with rahat, as she relives them. faiz comes and misunderstands the tears to be her concern for dilshad. He comes to her and calls her. she soon composes herself. Faiz tells her that dilshad is out of danger, and she is relieved. She asks about ahil, if he is okay and and is out of unconsciousness. Faiz is unable to understand first what she tries to convey, but when he does, he says that he shall get better soon. Haya is tensed, while faiz looks upset. He takes haya by her hand, and takes her to their room, which is all decked and decorated for their wedding night. haya is apalled to see this, and she lets go of her hand from his clutches. faiz looks at her.

Scene 3:
Location: In the hospital
sanam says that she knos that their relation has no existence, and that she knows he hates her, and is with her only for the wold, but she cant see him like this, as he always helped her and her family. She apologises for anything that she said wrong about him, as he isnt bad from the heart, and that she should be punished if anyone has to, she used bad words, and also insulted him. Sanam prays to the lord, to be given one chance, so that she can apologise to ahil for her behaviour, and begs for ahil’s life from the Lord. She breaks down inconsolably. She says that his life is invaluable, and asks for it to be spared. The screen freezes on both their faces.

seher is still unable to believe that she actually saw her exact lookalike, but doesnt really consider it very seriously. she eyes her idol of ganesha, and says that she felt that she knows this person who she saw at the hospital. Seher has tears in her eyes, and is surprised again as sanam is tearfully praying to the lord. Seher questions why does she get senti all of a sudden, and feels for someone who she hasnt met yet, and doesnt even know, but feels who needs her, and wants her to come near to that person.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
As sanam runs apalled to Rehaan, and asks him about ahil, he relieves her by saying that ahil is out of danger. She says that she got very scared. rehaan says that she prayed with much devotion. Sanam says that she never saw tanveer with such tension, as she is the mother to ahil after all, but rehaan is disturbed remembering the real truth. tanveer is very happy to think that ahil is safe, as had he died, her efforts would have gone in vain.In his ward, ahil gets impatient and wants to be discharged, asking where’s rehaan. tanveer asks him to rest as its needed. Sanam comes in and asks if he is okay and if its paining a lot.

Ahil misunderstands again between rehaan and sanam coming together. he gets frustrated and jerks her hand away and tries to get up groggily, shocking sanam. sanam asks where is he trying to go. he gets up somehow and begins to leave with tanveer’s insistence. sanam follows as they both come out. The doctor comes and asks him to rest which is much needed. ahil says that he feels restless here, and wants to leave as he feels suffocated here. the doctor agrees, and ahil thanks him. As ahil is being discharged, and taken by tanveer, with sanam in tow, the doctor tells ahil that his condition was very critical, but maybe the medicines were way less effective in curing him, that someone’s desperate prayers. Sanam stands tensed, while ahil turns around and looks at her. But he then asks about dilshad.

sanam says that she is out of danger too. hil asks her to be taken care of, and call if anything is needed. ahil begins to go, and tanveer says that she thinks that she should stay back, and sanam go with him. But ahil says that she can stay, while tanveer herself comes with ahil. He doesnt comply to tanveer’s demands, and she gets frustrated. he takes tanveer by her hand and walks out, as sanam stands dazed.

Scene 3:
Location: Faiz’s residence
faiz asks haya to relax, as he knows that this isnt the ideal time for their wedding night, and he just wanted her to have dinner together, pointing out to the dinner spread that he has laid out in one corner of the room. haya is shocked and in a daze. she sits and faiz sits beside him too, but she is unable to take her mind off rahat’s memories. faiz finds her upset and drwas her attention back again, asking whats she thinking. She gets up hastily and rushes from there, but is shocked, when she finds that has has caught her hand. he surprisingly asks what happened. she frees her hand with a jerk, and runs away while he stands shocked.

In her room, haya cries profusely, remembering rahat’s departure. she hears the room knock, and pretends to be sleep. faiz finds her lying on her back, and sits by her side, caressing her on the head, while she bears with much discomfort, but not moving still. He draws the blanket over her, and then says that he loves her. As she finds him gone, she again starts crying.

Scene 4:
Location: Restaurant
The next morning, while rehaan discusses business with a client, seher comes disguised as a good natured girl, dressed in traditional attire, as she eyes her next victim, the top business couple of Bhopal, who are issueless, and hence keep donating charity. she tries to get into a sob sympathetic story, in loud tones, talking on the phoen, pretending to be terribly distraught, and finds that its actually affecting the couple. She starts threatening to commit suicide, and the couple gets the notice. But just then, rehaan’s meeting gets over and he gets up. Rehaan finds seher, at a restaurant, in a diferent attire, and demeanour, and confusing her to be sanam, he is surprised. he is tensed. seher is tensed too to look to rehaan. He refers to her as sanam.

Scene 5:
Location: Ahil’s residence
sanam comes in and finds that ahil is having trouble wearing his shirt, while one of his hand is wounded. She tries to help, but he continues to jerk her off. he hollers for tanveer and latif, and sanam retorts if he is a child. Despite him thwarting her off, she gives that one extra support, and it gets over his arm. Ahil refuses to take sanam’s help, while wearing the shirt, and even refuses to acknowledge her help, when she does. She is amused to see him like that. she amusingly waits for him to try and fail at buttoning his shirt all by himself. finally she orders him to stand still, and let her do it, and she is stunned into silence. Finding that he is unable to button up his shirt, he does so for him, while he romantically eyes her overwhelmingly. An awkward romantic glance follows.

Finally she begins to leave, but then stops, nervous and then finally turns around, and finds that her dupatta is stuck in his shirt, while she was thinking that he had held her back. he eyes her teasingly, as she is embarassed. then he remembers seeing her with rehaan at the hospital, and takes it off with a jerk, and lets it off. He leaves hastily, while she is surprised. the screen freezes on her face.Sehere is frustrated to find her attentiopn being diverted by the victim, business couple, when rehaan steps in finding him confusing her to be sanam. She plays along, and finding that her victims are beginning to leave, assuring her that everything would work out, shge rushes after them, while rehaan is confused.

Seher runs to find her victim gone. rehaan runs out looking for her, and she ducks just is time, to get rid of him. rehaan wonders where she went. He gets in the same car behind which she is hiding. He drives off, and she thinks that he was an equally good victim looking at the car that he rides. She eyes wallet kept in another car and deftly steals it. But she hears something, and is shocked to find out who’s talking and doesnt find anyone as she turns around. She gets an almighty voiuce, beckoning her not to steal and render someone helpless. He gets her into an emotional descision, and puts the wallet back, frustrated at herself for doing so.

Scene 2:
Location: Faiz’s residence
faiz is excited to see his aunt along with her daughter. She starts reprimanding him for marrying secretly. faiz apologises for her not being at his wedding. she starts reprimanding him for marrying so hastily that he couldnt wait for her relatives. haya comes out and is tensed. His aunt notices the tension between them, and that haya came out from a different room, and is determined to find out.While haya lays out the table, his aunt, accidentally drops the cup, and starts calling haya to clear it up, but when she doesnt respond, the aunt is shocked.

His aunt complains about it with faiz. he tells her that haya is deaf and dumb. his aunt is shocked to find that she is deaf and dumb, and then goes on to ask faiz, if there was such a dearth of girls, that he had to marry a deaf and dumb one.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
As ahil sits working, sipping coffee, sanam comes in saying that he should eat instead of coffee. he asks her not to think that she can tell him what to do, as he is the master of his own will, and he wont listen to her orders. she says that he too has forgotten that he needs meds, and needs food for that. he says that he is working and wont eat right now. But she stops him. He asks her to leave. sanam tries to get him to eat, while ahil continues to say that he doesnt want to, and asks whats her problem, that she is insisting and asks who is she to him after all. she is shocked.

In his fit, he accidentally topples the plate of food, and is shocked, as sanam is scared too. She asks whats wrong with him, and he asks the same question, and she frustratedly says that if he doesnt take meds, he wont recover, and how he had a close shave at life, and asks him to hate her as much as he want, but dont hate himself, and that due to her he is in such a state, and hence she wants him to get better soon, and orders him that he cant have his way all the time. she tells him sternly that she is going to get another plate of food, and she would see to it, that he eats even if forcefully. She leaves, while ahil is stunned to see such fervour.

Sanam comes back with another plate of food, while ahil turns his head away, saying that the way she talked to him, noone has ever dared to. sanam is unfazed and it irritates him all the more. He asks her to look at him, and remember that noone behaves the way she does. she starts feeding him, and asks whats she trying to prove, as she wont be able to feed him forcefull. She lays out two spoon fulls, and coaxes him to eat with her eyes, but he doesnt comply and thrown them off. But sanam is unfazed and continues to give him one spoonful after another. As ahil is about to say something and throw it again, sanam stops him by placing her hand over his mouth, silencing him, and an awkward romantic gaze follows. He finally starts complying, and she feeds him. he gets a call, and begins to attend to it, while she smiles to herself, at her latest interaction with him. the screen freezes on her face.

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